New Cellulose Products and Process Technologies, Anna Suurnäkki


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FIBIC Seminar 20.11.2013

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New Cellulose Products and Process Technologies, Anna Suurnäkki

  1. 1. New Cellulose Products and Process Technologies FIBIC annual seminar 20.11.2013 Anna Suurnäkki, VTT, FuBio Cellulose program manager      Kristiina Poppius-Levlin, VTT Marja Rissanen, TUT Jaakko Hiltunen, VTT Jonni Ahlgren, Kemira Katja Salmenkivi, Pöyry FuBio Cellulose Anna Suurnäkki
  2. 2. Forest industry searches for new products ? € €? ? € €? FuBio Cellulose Anna Suurnäkki
  3. 3. FuBio Products from Dissolving Cellulose Main objective To develop novel, sustainable, and feasible processes for production of  regenerated cellulose staple fibres  novel functional materials based on cellulose beads, nonwovens or thermoformable structures  water soluble cellulose chemicals FuBio Cellulose Anna Suurnäkki
  4. 4. FuBio Products from Dissolved Cellulose Target: value chains novel to forest industry Technical textiles Garments Water management chemicals Hygienic products Plastic like packaging FuBio Cellulose Anna Suurnäkki
  5. 5. FuBio Products from Dissolving Cellulose Approach drying collecting washing Fibre spinning Cellulose absorbents for hygiene products Water soluble cellulose chemicals Chemical synthesis Regenerated cellulose fibres for textiles and nonwovens Beads manufacturing FuBio Cellulose Anna Suurnäkki Cellulose beads to e.g.medical tableting Thermoplastic cellulose to fibres 5
  6. 6. FuBio Products from Dissolving Cellulose Foreseen impacts  Finnish knowledge platform fortified with world class research and inventions in focus areas  Business and economy  Existing value chains equipped with breakthrough technical tools  Potential new value chains based on wood cellulose introduced  Novel business opportunities for value chain players: pulp and paper companies, chemical suppliers, engineering and machinery suppliers, and material converting companies  Environment, sustainability and safety  From oil based polymers and unsustainable cellulose sources to wood cellulose in focus areas  Future process sustainability and workers safety by replacing harmful process chemicals (e.g. in staple fibre production) o FuBio Cellulose Anna Suurnäkki
  7. 7. FuBio Cellulose – Result examples FuBio Cellulose Anna Suurnäkki
  8. 8. Result example Synthesis routes for cationic cellulose chemicals Motivation: Cationic water soluble polymers is a growing market with key application areas in water treatment, pulp & paper, oil, mining, cosmetics and textile industries Target: A feasible synthesis route for cationic, water-soluble, cellulose-based flocculant for paper and water treatment applications Effect of charge on polymer solubility Results: Extensive cationization chemistry mapping carried out Techno-economic modelling of process concept carried out Process concept Qualitative and quantitative opportunities evaluated Cellulose Effect of polymer charge on performance Activation Cationization Neutralization Separation & Purification Drying Cationic cellulose FuBio Cellulose Anna Suurnäkki
  9. 9. Result example Cellulose beads for medical applications Results  New method for producing cellulose beads developed to kg scale  Beads can enable precise, accurate and individualized dosing of pharmaceuticals Drugs were immersed in wet beads and dried FuBio Cellulose Anna Suurnäkki
  10. 10. Result example Water based regenerated fibre production process Finnish invention Biocelsol process as a basis Dissolving grade pulp MERCERISATION, 18wt% naoh Combined mechanical and enzymatic treatment Sulphurisation  Process more lean and less polluting than viscose  Machinery the same as in viscose process - enhance industrial take up of the technology  Process challenge: Pretreatment time and up-scaling Aging Before project Results Dissolving, NaOH Alkaline slurry is frozen and thawed Ripeni ng  Feasible, up-scalable pretreatment process Mechanical shredding Pulp consistency Batch size Filtration, degas  Fibres with excellent water absorption No emissions Pulp consistency Batch size Regeneration FuBio Cellulose Enzymatic treatment Enzyme dosage, relative Anna Suurnäkki After project 5h 20% 0.5 kg 3h combined treatment for 45min at 30% consistency, up-scalable 5% 0.5-5kg 1 0.25
  11. 11. Result example Novel solvent based regenerated fibre production process  Novel fibre spinning process based on ionic liquid dissolution of wood cellulose  Example of the material demonstration FuBio Cellulose Anna Suurnäkki