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Obj 1.6 FIRE: Paradiso2 Roger Torrenti


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Obj 1.6 FIRE: Paradiso2 Roger Torrenti

Panel discussion with representatives from European Future Internet Socio-Economic Initiatives in Challenge 1

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Obj 1.6 FIRE: Paradiso2 Roger Torrenti

  1. 1. “Information as an Economic Good”Roger TorrentiCEO Sigma OrionisCoordinator of the PARADISO2 FP7 FIRE projectFuture Internet AssemblyGhentDecember 2010
  2. 2. PARADISO objectives A forward-looking approach (2030-2050) with the Internet (ICT) as the main focus Exploring the interactions between Internet and societal developments particularly in the perspective of possible societal paradigm shifts PARADISO complements traditional socio-economic approaches - from short to longer term and from socio-economic to societal - from enabler to transformational, from incremental to radical Socio-economic impact of FI (ICT) How will FI/ICT impact societies in the long term? Longer term societal impacts The future Today Societal Needs How can FI/ICT be adapted to probable paradigm shits?
  3. 3. PARADISO remarks and questions on the issue“Information as an Economic Good” “Information” could be usefully considered in the “Internet” broader framework and “Economic good” in the “Societal good” broader framework Beyond business models, societal and social models may be usefully taken too into consideration Isn’t the international dimension of the raised question a key issue? Would it make sense to have a more forward-looking approach envisioning disruptive situations allowing to better implement short term solutions? Would it be useful to include aspects such as crowdsourcing and co-innovation, ethics and responsible innovation?
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