Jacques Magen - Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE): Successful Experiments Overview


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Jacques Magen - Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE): Successful Experiments Overview

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Jacques Magen - Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE): Successful Experiments Overview

  1. 1. Future Internet Research and Experimentation – FIRE Successful Experiments Overview FIA Ghent, 17 December 2010 Jacques Magen FIRESTATION [email_address] www.ict-fire.eu
  2. 2. FIRE has two interrelated dimensions: Experimentally-driven long-term, visionary research on new paradigms and networking concepts and architectures for the future internet FIRE Research FIRE Experimental Facility www.ict-fire.eu Building large-scale experimentation facilities to support both medium- and long- term research on networks and services by gradually federating existing and new testbeds for emerging or future internet technologies FIRE: Future Internet Research and Experimentation Requirements Validation Research Large Scale Experiments
  3. 3. FIRE Projects PlanetLab (OneLab2) Cognitive radio (CREW) Open Flow (OFELIA) IMS (PII) Services on Clouds/Grids (BonFIRE, TEFIS) Internet of Things (WISEBED, SmartSantander) Core network (FEDERICA) FIRE experimental Facilities: ECODE PERIMETER N4C Smart - Net Self-Net Vital ++ Resume-Net Nanodatacenters OPNEX DTN Smart Antennas Self Mngt . P2P / IMS Network Resilience Edge Infrastructure User centric Cognitive routing Multi-hop wireless LAWA CONECT CONVERGENCE EULER HOBNET NOVI SCAMPI SPITFIRE Large-scale data Flexible radio Content centric Routing Smart buildings Virtual infra . Services on opport. networks Internet of things
  4. 4. FEDERICA has been used for experimenting with a multi-domain, multivendor network resource brokering system (called “Harmony”) Use Cases of existing FIRE facilities (1) OneLab2 has been used for experimenting with a distributed (over 50 sites) overlay routing system for a wide variety of network applications ranging from routing to peer-to-peer file sharing (called “Egoist”)
  5. 5. WISEBED has been used for experimenting with two physically distant sensor networks that were combined into one single virtual network Use Cases of existing FIRE facilities (2) Panlab – PII has been used for experimenting with end-to-end self-management in a wireless Internet environment, adaptive admission control and resource allocation algorithms, and enhanced Web TV services over mobile phones
  6. 6. BonFIRE is open for experiments that pose state-of-the-art research challenges in Cloud Computing. For example: Dynamic Service Landscape Orchestration for an Internet of Services QoS-Oriented Service Engineering for Federated Clouds Elasticity Requirement for Cloud Based Applications CREW has 4 wireless testbeds across Europe, with advanced spectrum sensing solutions. These can be combined to allow industry and academia to evaluate wireless protocols and/or hardware in a controlled environment OFELIA has 5 testbeds across Europe that create a distributed OpenFlow infrastructure of multi-layer and multi-technology. The experimental facility will offer access to diverse technologies, including Ethernet, optical and wireless domains. The islands are connected by multiple 1GE links to the GEANT network Use Cases of new FIRE facilities (2a)
  7. 7. SmartSantander has a unique city-scale experimental research facility that supports typical sensor (IoT) applications and services for a smart city TEFIS has a Web portal that provides a single access point to different testing and experimental facilities. Initially, the TEFIS platform integrates 7 complementary experimental facilities, including network and software testing facilities An example of a typical Use Case is a large scale SOA application for a huge travel-business eCommerce platform accessible both from Websites and Web Services “ Use Cases” of new FIRE facilities (2b)
  8. 8. Example of testbeds (1) Experiment 1: Dynamic Composition of Network Functions Function Chain @A  Network situation @C  @D Application Constraints Algorithm under test: On-demand composition of functions in the network (e.g. transcoding, caching, encryption, ..) based on application constraints and network situation PT A PT B PT C PT D
  9. 9. Experiment 2: Multipath Routing (Project MultiNext ) Example of testbeds (2) S R Multipath application Multipath application Multipath Routing Research Model for Buffer-Adjustment at Receiver Experiment Goal: Model verification in real environment Requirements similar to Experiment 1 Routing Infrastructure Heterogeneity: Paths with very different delays Delay information for the different paths
  10. 10. Example of testbeds (1)
  11. 11. GGSN SGSN Cosmote Mobile Network vpn WEB TV Application Server IMS … WEB TV Client Application Web TV#1 Web TV#2 Web TV#n Cosmote Lab Technicolor / Media-Network Applications Video Data stream Adaptor WebTV to mobiles Web C3 C2 C1 C4
  12. 12. The FIRE facilities available today: OneLab testbeds http://www.onelab.eu/index.php/testbeds/onelab-testbeds.html PlanetLab  PLE/OneLab http://www.planet-lab.eu/ Wireless  NITOS/OneLab http://nitlab.inf.uth.gr/NITlab/index.php/testbed Measurements OneLab federated test beds DIMES  http://www.netdimes.org/new/ ETOMIC http://www.etomic.org/ WISEBED http://www.wisebed.eu/ FEDERICA http://www.fp7-federica.eu/ The FIRE “Offerings” Examples of Use Cases that have been performed on the first wave of IP testbeds (from Call 2) can be found at: http://www.ict-fire.eu/home/use-cases.html. One single access via www.ict-fire.eu Open Calls planned for all new projects -1 st info day on 9 Feb. 2011 (tbc)
  13. 13. The FIRESTATION Support Action FIRE Architecture Board Federation between facility projects Chairman + Moderator + 1 representative per running IP project + representatives from other relevant projects External Relations Other test beds (outside FIRE EC projects) External Experts Advisory Group MyFIRE Support Action (BRIC, Standards, Business Models) FIRE STREP Projects Other initiatives (incl. GEANT, NRENs, G-Lab, GENI, Asia FI, FIA, FI-PPP, FIF, ETPs, etc.) FIRE STATION Project Mgt FIRE Office Entry point from the outside FIREBALL Support Action (Living Labs in the context of Smart Cities) PARADISO2 Support Action (The socio-economics of the future Internet)
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention www.ict-fire.eu
  15. 15. Back-up slides FIRE Experimental Facilities
  16. 16. An open federated laboratory supporting network research for the future Internet Objectives: OneLab2 partners operate PlanetLab Europe (PLE), extend the PlanetLab service across Europe, and federate with other PlanetLab infrastructures worldwide. Their federation model enables PLE to be the basis for a future highly heterogeneous communications environment The project provides an open, general-purpose, shared experimental facility, which is both large-scale and sustainable . It allows European industry and academia to innovate and assess the performance of their solutions The project also integrates new features and technologies into the system. In particular, a network monitoring service that supports experiments www.onelab.eu OneLab
  17. 17. Pan-European Laboratory Infrastructure Implementation Objectives: PanLab - PII manages the interconnection of different distributed testbeds to provide services to customers for various kind of testing PanLab - PII has a repository that stores testbed descriptions and testing results PanLab - PII has a search and composition engine “Teagle” for mapping user requests to testbed resources and is being enhanced to automatically configure network resources in accordance with user requests www.panlab.net PanLab
  18. 18. WISEBED Objectives: WISEBED enables the evaluation and testing of Wireless Sensor Network systems and applications at large scale with great flexibility 9 individual testbeds are interconnected via the Internet WISEBED offers interactive, secure, remote access to on-demand “ virtual testbed ” per-user instances. Each virtual testbed can combine (portions of) physical testbeds with virtual connectivity/topology, and also simulation environments The project has a library of useful algorithms, mechanisms and protocols, and a software development kit that supports heterogeneity and dynamic reconfigurability www.wisebed.eu Wireless Sensor network test Beds
  19. 19. FEDERICA Objectives: FEDERICA provides a versatile technology-agnostic network infrastructure that runs over GÉANT and National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) FEDERICA is comprised of Gigabit Ethernet circuits, Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching, and servers (V-Nodes) supporting virtualization Virtual "slices" of FEDERICA's infrastructure (virtual circuits (up to 1Gb/s) and V-Nodes ) are allocated to researchers to conduct potentially disruptive experiments within a large production-quality substrate. These "slices" can include: Layer2 circuits or Layer3 IP configured circuits (IPv4, IPv6 unicast and multicast) and/or virtual system(s) and/or virtual routers www.fp7-federica.eu Federated E-infrastructure Dedicated to European Researchers Innovating in Computing network Architectures
  20. 20. OpenFlow in Europe - Linking Infrastructure and Applications Objectives: To create a unique experimental facility that allows researchers to not only experiment on a test network but to control the network itself precisely and dynamically The OFELIA facility is based on OpenFlow , a currently emerging networking technology that allows to virtualize and control the network environment through secure and standardized interfaces www.fp7-ofelia.eu OFELIA
  21. 21. Building service testbeds for Future Internet Research and Experimentation Objectives: To build a multi site cloud facility to support applications, services and systems research , targeting the future Internet of Services To give researchers access to a facility which enables large scale experimentation of their systems and applications To evaluate the cross-cutting effects of converged service and network infrastructures www.bonfire-project.eu BonFIRE
  22. 22. Smart Santander Objectives: To build a unique-in-the-world city-scale experimental research facility in support of typical applications and services for a Smart City More than 20,000 sensors based on a real life Internet of Things deployment in an urban setting www.smartsantander.eu
  23. 23. Objectives: To build a multi site cloud o pen platform able to integrate existing and next generation testing and experimental facilities To develop a connector model that enables facilities to be accessed and used in a unified manner using Web services The TEFIS platform integrates 7 complementary experimental facilities, including network and software testing facilities , and user-oriented living labs Testbed for Future Internet Services www.tefisproject.eu TEFIS
  24. 24. Cognitive Radio Experimentation World Objectives: To build an open federated platform for experimentally-driven research on advanced spectrum sensing , cognitive radio and cognitive networking strategies in view of horizontal and vertical spectrum sharing in licensed and unlicensed bands The CREW facility will incorporate 4 individual wireless testbeds incorporating diverse wireless technologies (heterogeneous ISM, heterogeneous licensed, cellular, wireless sensor) augmented with state-of-the-art cognitive sensing platforms www.crew-project.eu CREW