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Orion Context Broker Webminar


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This webinar is a practical session on Orion Context Broker. We start describing where to find the Orion information in the FI-WARE Catalogue, then how a FI-LAB user can create her/his out-of-the-box ready-to-use Orion instance. Finally, we will walk-through the main operations to manage context in Orion Context Broker. Webinar taught by Fermín Galán.

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Orion Context Broker Webminar

  1. 1. Orion Context Broker webminar Fermín Galán Márquez ( Telefónica I+D January 22nd, 2014 Open APIs for Open Minds
  2. 2. Context management  Context Management in FI-WARE is about management of Context data (aka Context Information)  Context Information is always relevant to “entities”, although entities can be anything (applications, users, things, …)  Orion Context Broker intermediates between context producers and context consumers Orion Context Broker 1 Applications
  3. 3. The NGSI information model (We are not fully supporting metadata right now) Context Element • EntityId • EntityType “has” 1 n Meta-data Context Element attributes • Name • Type • Value • Name • Type • Value “has” 1 n Electrical Regulator severity Issues presence Technicians Node Lamps Vans 2 batteryCharge location electricPotential TimeInstant illuminance
  4. 4. Orion Context Broker in a nutshell Orion Context Broker Context Consumers subscriptions Context Producers query 1026 update notify update 1026 notify update 3 DB
  5. 5. NGSI API  REST API (XML & JSON rendering)  NGS10 • • • updateContext queryContext subscribeContext / updateContextSubacription / unsusbribeContext  NGS9 • • • registerContext discoverContextAvailability subscribeContext Availability/ updateContextAvailabilitySubacription / unsusbribeContextAvailability  Additional “convenience” operations to easy some operations 4
  6. 6. Resources for developers Single entry point: the FI-WARE Catalogue • • “Enablers” tab • “Data/Context management chapter” • Search for “Publish/Subscribe Context Broker - Orion Context Broker” Direct URL: The core manuals are linked from “Documentation” tab 5
  7. 7. Thanks !    Follow @Fiware on Twitter ! 6