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FIWARE Tech Summit - Publishing Context Info As Open Data


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Presentation by Francisco de la Vega
Senior Research Engineer, UPM

FIWARE Tech Summit
28-29 November, 2017
Malaga, Spain

Published in: Technology
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FIWARE Tech Summit - Publishing Context Info As Open Data

  1. 1. Publishing Context Information as Right- time Open Data Francisco de la Vega UPM Researcher. CKAN Extensions and BAE GE Owner
  2. 2. 2 FIWARE Extended CKAN
  3. 3. FIWARE Extended CKAN 3 CKAN is a data management platform that makes data accessible by enabling the publication, search, and usage of the data
  4. 4. FIWARE Extended CKAN ▪ De facto standard platform for Open Data in Europe and beyond ▪ Plenty of extensions: harvesting, geographical information, data visualization… ▪ Search & Discover Data: • Search by keywords • Browse by facets • Explore data with previews & visualization • REST/JSON APIs to access data and metadata ▪ Data Management for publishers • Easy store & update of metadata 4
  5. 5. FIWARE Extended CKAN ▪ Integrated with FIWARE Lab IdM (OAuth2) • Users do not need to have different accounts • Same user than in the rest of FIWARE Portals • Users can access the portal without log in to read open data ▪ Ability to publish NGSI queries as dataset resources
 ▪ Ability to create private datasets • Accessible only by certain users
 ▪ Ability to publish datasets in the Business API Ecosystem • Manage the users that can access private datasets • Charge users for accessing your data • Ensure that users only access your data under some legal terms • ... 5
  6. 6. 6 Demo – Publishing Right-time Open Data
  7. 7. Demo 7
  8. 8. Demo 8 ▪ Create a new dataset in CKAN ▪ Fill basic fields (name, description, tags) ▪ Choose visibility • Public: Open to all users • Private: Open to a selected set of users □ Searchable: Whether it can be found by non-owners
  9. 9. Demo 9 ▪ Provide NGSI Query as a resource • Format: fiware-ngsi • URL: NGSIv2 query • Tenant: Fiware-Service of the query • Service Path: Fiware-ServicePath of the query • OAuth Token: Whether CKAN should inject user 
 access token for making the query (secured 
 Context Brokers).
  10. 10. Demo 10
  11. 11. Demo 11 ▪ Create a new view of WireCloud type for visualizing
 context information ▪ Provide a name and a description for the
 view ▪ Select the proper WireCloud dashboard
  12. 12. Demo 12
  13. 13. Thank you! Follow @FIWARE on Twitter 13