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FIWARE Global Summit - FIWARE's API Management


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Presentation by Álvaro Alonso
FIWARE Security Chapter

FIWARE Global Summit
8-9 May, 2018
Porto, Portugal

Published in: Technology
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FIWARE Global Summit - FIWARE's API Management

  1. 1. FIWARE’s API Management
  2. 2. FIWARE & API Management FIWARE’s API Management has API catalogue API end point details API throttling API documentation API health API usage analytics Integrated with FIWARE Security Modules FIWARE Security Modules has IDM – Identity Manager PEP – Enforcement of policies PDP – Authorization policy decision evaluation & administration
  3. 3. FIWARE’s Security & API Management APInf API Management -API Cataloguing -End Point Info -API Throttling -API Documentation -API Health -API Usage Analytics Elastic Search API Analytics Context Broker Data API Management FIWARE Component Platform users API Proxy & Gateway Biz Ecosystem 1. Discovers API from API Catalogue 3. Acquires offering Identity Manager, PEP & PDM 2. Authenticate Users 4. API Call (with access key) 5. Access key Validation & Permission checking Grant Access/Revoke 6. If 5 ok then return data
  4. 4. Description API Management provides developers with ability to search for APIs and gives the documentation about how to use them API Management also provides rate limiting for API, so that excess usage can be avoided Biz Ecosystem provides the monetization module where users of data can get access to the API IDM, PEP & PDM modules provide authentication, authorization and access rights details and ensures that user gets access to the data which is allowed API call & data analytics are stored in API Management which can be used for billing purposes