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Revised ppt

  1. 1. CREATIVE SUCCESS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Leverage your best creative ideas into heartfelt, prosperous work and a fulfilled lifeGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  2. 2. INSPIRED PRODUCTS “Gail McMeekin is such a gift. Her 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women gets right to the loving heart of how women are redefining success and building lives that are wildly creative and creatively successful! I’ll beGail McMeekin recommending this book for many years to come.”Creative Success, LLC –SARK, Succulent Wild Woman,
  3. 3. Creativity = New Connections • Making new connections between ideas or things to produce something original and useful • Combines divergent thinking and convergent thinking • Designing a new puzzle to solveGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  4. 4. Creativity is a Synthesis of our Right & Left Brains In this new Conceptual Age, we need to develop our skills in: • Design • Story • Symphony • Empathy • Play • Making Meaning • Daniel Pink, A Whole New MindGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  5. 5. The Value of Creativity • 1500 CEOs identified creativity as the number one leadership competency of the future • Creativity scores in the US have been dropping dramatically since 1990Gail McMeekinCreative Success,
  6. 6. First Product Positive Choices: From Stress to Serenity Workshop on TapeGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  7. 7. The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: A Portable Mentor “For every woman who has ever wished for an accomplished, wise mentor who would share her most valuable creative secrets, I have good news: Gail McMeekin’s new book- The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women makes that wish come true. Gail has gathered an amazing team of gutsy, smart, innovative women who freely share their creative ups & downs so that others may have the courage & inspiration to bring their own creative dreams to life.” - Cheryl Richardson, Hay House author & coachGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  8. 8. Issues for Women • omen devalue and are insecure about their creative ideas and accomplishments • If it comes easily to us, then it must not be valuable • Our job is to take care of other people first and we will be judged harshly if we do not • We need skills, confidence, and support to reach our potentialGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  9. 9. Creative Success: Secret #1 • Committing to self-focus • Fear of rupturing relationships • Renegotiate your power • Keep your promises to yourself • Honor your inspirationsGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  10. 10. Creative Success: Secret #2 Transcending the fear of stepping into your own self-expressionGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  11. 11. Key Creative Pitfalls for Women • Listening to negative unenlightened people • Not being able to handle rejection or criticism • Not committing the time and/or the capital to your creative project or processGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  12. 12. Your Biggest Fear • What fear is holding you back from making your next leap? Write it down. • If you are ready to let go of it, bring it to me at the end of this talk, I will burn it for you.Gail McMeekinCreative Success,
  13. 13. Invitation: Creative Success Focus Signature Program F= FASCINATION O= ORIGINALITY C= COURAGE U= ULTIMATE S= SHAREGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  14. 14. TestimonialThis group served as a mini-think-tank & a focus group -the benefits included:• There was a place to speak your truth to total strangers• There was a place to set 3 month goals with the intention of being accountable to others• On-going homework assignments & teleseminars kept us focused on dealing with the dimensions of psychological growth such as addressing limiting beliefs, the identification of role models & re-examining the saboteurs that could hold us back• Renewed appreciation for giving & receiving feedback from a group of committed, intelligent, passionate women• Learning to trust the flow of business & networking that brought unexpected opportunities that allowed me to open to new possibilities while holding firm to the vision I developed in the group. – Deborah Knoxhttp://www.lifeworktransitions.comGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  15. 15. Testimonial “Gail helped me to release my best and oldest friend who was draining all my self- esteem and energy. It turned the corner for me.” – Gillian Drake – Medical IntuitiveGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  16. 16. The Essential Ingredient …when women are out in the cold, they tend to live on fantasies instead of action.” - Clarissa Pinkola Estes from Women Who Run with the WolvesGail McMeekinCreative Success,
  17. 17. Follow Your Fascinations and Let’s Change the World! Creative Success, LLC Become a Fan on Facebook Follow me on Twitter @ GMcMeekin Connect with me on LinkedIn McMeekinCreative Success,