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FGV - most influential Brazilian brand on LinkedIn


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FGV is the most influential brand in Brazil, according to LinkedIn’s Top Global Brands ranking published on 18/06/15.
This infographic highlights FGV’s presence on LinkedIn.

For more information about LinkedIn’s ranking, please visit:

* Data updated May 2015.

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FGV - most influential Brazilian brand on LinkedIn

  1. 1. =1 ELECTED THE MOST IN F L U E N T I A L BRAZILIAN BRAND ON LINKEDIN ‘Ir LINKEDIN RANKING ‘Ir II. _V: ::-i’i'. c._': i'it in I‘IlI)r'T. |.I§'}LIC3S%fj' FGV COMPANY PAGE FOLLOWERS 99 116% increase from 2013 — 2015 48,834 79,518 105,574‘ ‘D0 ta upciateo’ /77 May 20/5 A Content in English FGV BRAZIL COMPANY PAGE E O L L O W E R S 24 0% I increase from I 2013-2015 / _/ 1.670 3,948 5,681’ ‘Data updated in May 2075 NATIONAL VFGV ‘U, 157 PLACE among national public and private competitors FGV UNIVERSITY PAGE FGV COMPANY PAGE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE COMPETITORS D FGV is among the top three —— global University Page competitors. Produced by FGV's Communications and Marketing Division I 2015 I fgv. br/ an -' I I‘I l’| I HARVARD (W