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LinkedIn Direct Ads


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This slide shows you how to set up LinkedIn direct ads.

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  • I love linkedin ads. I used themto advertise my air conditioners business. The trick is to find the right demographic and then test, test test.
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  • Beware! Don't get caught out by the LinkedIn Ads promotions. - I recommend avoiding LinkedIn DirectAds.

    Just before Christmas 2010 I got a $100 promotional coupon emailed to me by LinkedIn to try DirectAds. I had to register my credit card with them for a $5 initial charge to open the account. A few weeks later I checked to see how the ad trial was going and found that over $250 had been taken from my credit card account (in four separate transactions) as the $100 coupon amount had been used in just a few days! I had received no notification from LinkedIn of any of these charges to my credit card.

    I have disputed this with LinkedIn and they say that the user agreement says they can charge the registered credit card for any amount at any time !

    LinkedIn refuse to accept that the promotion was unclear about charging and they point blank refuse to refund any of the charges. In fact they took a final $48 more after I asked for my credit card to be removed from their system. I never had any trouble like this with Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing.

    Don't fall for the marketing hype - save your money and avoid LinkedIn Ads.
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LinkedIn Direct Ads

  1. 1. LinkedIn Advertising, How To<br />
  2. 2. Similar to Google Ad, but you can also include 50x50 image.<br />Headline has 25 character limit.<br />Ad Line 1 has 35 character limit<br />Ad Line 2 has 35 character limit<br />You can differentiate the URL you show, and URL destination. This is for the branding purpose, I believe. For instance, we are showing on here, but we are sending people to the company blog page where the campaign happens.<br />There are two clickable links on the advertisement.<br />To your desired URL<br />To either Someone’s profile or the company’s profile page on LinkedIn<br />
  3. 3. You can select up to three categories from the below to target your audience. (why three?<br />Company size<br />Job Function<br />Industry<br />Seniority<br />Gender<br />Age<br />Geography<br />Also the number on the top right shows how many LinkedIn members fall into these categories. Smaller this number is, more effective your campaign is.<br />This screen shows the company size category. Since we are aiming at the large company this category filter was necessary to include. <br />
  4. 4. This screen shows the job function category where you can select up to 10. <br />Some of the examples are<br />Business Dev<br />IT<br />Marketing<br />Operation<br />Support<br />Sales<br />PR<br />Product<br />Legal<br />
  5. 5. This screen shows the industry we can select from up to 10.<br />Some examples are<br />Construction<br />Building Materials<br />Banking<br />Insurance<br />Financial Service<br />Computer Hardware<br />Wireless<br />Automotive<br />Pharmaceuticals<br />The target number has dropped to 1 million now. <br />
  6. 6. This screen shows the seniority category. Notice that I had to deselect industry category since I can only select up to 3 categories. <br />This category also makes sense to us since we only want to target toward the decision makers. ( This is where the buyer persona comes in)<br />Examples are<br />1)Individual contributor<br />2)Manager<br />3)Director<br />4)VP<br />5)CXO<br />6)Owner<br />Notice that the target number has gone up to 2millions since we deselected the industry category<br />
  7. 7. Now that we have specified what we are advertising to whom, we need to figure out how much it costs to run this campaign. <br />Either we can run the CPC model or the CPM model. The minimum daily budget for either model is $10. <br />Minimum CPC bid is at $2. <br />Minimum CPM bid is at $3<br />I suggest first to go with the CPC model. After you find out the best formula for your campaign, there will be time when CPM makes more sense. <br />
  8. 8. This is where you put billing details.<br />Please note: $50.00 will be charged to your new card and credited to your DirectAds account upon submission.<br />
  9. 9. You can run multiple ads at the same time as you see here.<br /><ul><li> This will come handy when we decide to run multiple versions of ads to different target groups.
  10. 10. It is also effective when you have short time period to execute your campaign but not to sure which version of the ads would work the best. This is when you could run two ads with different concepts but targeting the same group of people. ( A/B Testing ) </li></li></ul><li>This page shows the ad details, previews, and statistics. <br />Statistics show<br />Ad Clicks<br />Profile Clicks<br />Total Clicks<br />Ad CTR<br />Avg CPC<br />Avg CPM<br />Total Spent <br />