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  1. 1. HANDBALL
  2. 2. ABOUT HANDBALL? - Handball is a fast-paced game involving two teams of seven players who pass, throw, catch and dribble a small ball with their hands while trying to score goals. - The team with the most goals wins the game. A game consists of two 30-minute halves with a 10-minute half-time break.
  3. 3. ABOUT HANDBALL • Handball is one of the most popular sports in Europe (after soccer and basketball) and is one of the fastest growing sports in Northern Asia and Africa. • In the Americas it is becoming organized with national and continental championships and in Oceania it is on the cusp of taking off..
  4. 4. THE FIELD
  5. 5. HANDBALL RULES • Starting Play : All players begin the game in their own half. The team winning the toss starts the game with a pass from the center line. After the start of play, court players are allowed anywhere on the court except for either goal area
  6. 6. • Moving the ball : A player is allowed to run three steps with the ball before it must be bounced, passed or shot. If bounced, a further three steps are allowed but the ball must then be passed or a shot taken at the goal. If a player with the ball is stationary and not dribbling, a three-second rule applies instead of three steps. HANDBALL RULES
  7. 7. • Dribbling : Dribbling is permitted. However, as soon as the ball is held with one or both hands, it must be passed after three steps or three seconds. HANDBALL RULES
  8. 8. HANDBALL RULES • Playing the ball : Players can throw, punch or hit the ball in any direction using hands, arms, head, back thigh or knee. Contact with the ball below the knee is not permitted (goalkeepers are the exception). Passes back to the goalkeeper inside the goal area are also not allowed
  9. 9. • Substitutes : Substitutes are made at any time and without play being stopped. There is no limit to the number that can be made • Contact : is limited to the torso only. Arms or legs may not be used to obstruct an opponent. Holding, pushing, hitting, running or jumping into an opponent are all fouls HANDBALL RULES
  10. 10. • The Goal Area : Except for the goalkeeper, the goal area can not be entered by any other player. Goalkeepers can leave this area without possession of the ball. Offensive players are permitted to jump in the air over the goal's area as long as the ball is released prior to landing. HANDBALL RULES
  11. 11. RULES SUMMARY: 1. Six (6) court players and one goalkeeper are on the court for each team. 2. A player may dribble the ball (although it is discouraged) and is allowed 3 steps before and after the dribble. Only one dribble is allowed per possession. 3. A player may hold the ball for 3 seconds before passing, shooting, or dribbling. After 3 seconds it is a violation.
  12. 12. • 4. Players must only use their hands to pass or shoot the ball. The goalkeeper may use any part of his/her body to block a shot. 5. Goal Area – this area is reserved for the goalkeeper. No other player (offense or defense) may enter this area. RULES SUMMARY:
  13. 13. 6. A player that is fouled inside the offensive zone will be awarded a penalty shot from the 7-meter line. A player that is fouled outside the offensive zone will be awarded a free throw from the point of the foul. The defense cannot guard the fouled player. RULES SUMMARY:
  14. 14. OFFENSIVE PLAYERS •Left and right wingman (LW, RW) •Left and right backcourt (LB, RB) •Center backcourt (CB) •Pivot
  15. 15. DEFENSIVE PLAYERS •Outside defender (OD) •Half Defender(HD) • Back Defender (LD) •Forward Defender (FD) •Goalkeeper (G)
  16. 16. More important HANDBALL EVENTS NATIONAL TEAMS: • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (IHF, international handball federation). Last winner 2011 Francia (4 trophys) • EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP (EHF, European handball federation). Last winner 2012 Denmark • OLIMPIC GAMES. Last winner 2008. France CLUBS TEAMS • ASOBAL (Spain league) Last winner FC Barcelona • Champion League (European league). Last winner FC Barcelona (8 trophys)
  17. 17. LEGENDS OF THE GAME Rolando Urios Cecilio Alonso David Barrufet Talant Dujshebaev " Andrei Lavrov Veselin Vucjovik Olafur Stefansson
  18. 18. THE STARS OF TODAY Nikola Karabatic Ivano Balic Arpad Sterbik Luc Abalo Siarhei Rutenka Juanín García