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Hot Desking


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An activity we did in Media Studies to help us improve on our magazine projects.

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Hot Desking

  1. 1. Hot Desking Feedback and my Responses
  2. 2. This is an activity where people walk around the room and look at other’s work.They write comments on what like and what they think could be improved on. In this case, we also had to write four questions for them to answer. This way, we can get constructive criticism from out peers, which can help us with construction.
  3. 3. Which image do you think is the most appealing/fitting in the front cover? Why do you think so? • The masthead is very appealing and stands out very good.As it gets the attention and it shows the type of the magazine you are making.The composition of the image is different which is good because it’s making the magazine more interesting. • I think that the masthead is very catchy to the eye!The image that you have used is to a good standard, as he blends in with the background of the cover. • The one where his shoulder is showing underneath the cover lines, this is a great composition for the magazine, it also shows attitude for the artist and goes with the genre of the magazine. • Love the masthead! Fits the overall design of the magazine very well, I would strongly advise you to continue using the masthead as it would be very eye catching on a shelf.
  4. 4. Most people started talking about the masthead, which is irrelevant to the question. However, two did say that they liked a picture, and after some investigating, I found it was the one on the right. The left one I originally used, but after reading and asking some more questions to one person, I have decided to use the second picture in my final
  5. 5. Do you think the image would look better without one of the filters, or should I enhance it with some stronger filters? • I would say make his face not so light. Like more tanned or to stand out more. However I still think it’s good this way too because it shows contrast between the colours. • No, I think that filters would ruin the contrasts of colours used, and wouldn’t have the same effect that is already shown • No, filters would just ruin the photo, and wouldn’t show the same effect it has now. • Don’t add any filters to the image as it fits the design very well. However if you were to enhance the face ever so slightly it may make him more visible. • I would agree and say that you could darken
  6. 6. The feedback seems to be in a divide. Some people think I could maybe darken his face and make his natural skin colour stand out more, whereas others think that the filters should remain, as it helps create a different contrast with the masthead and cover lines, and adds a stylistic quality to the front cover. I have chosen to agree with the latter, as that was what I was intending. I didn’t want Caleb to be out of the overall colour scheme of the magazine, and I wanted to make sure he looked integrated into it, so I shall keep the filters.
  7. 7. Do you think the overall look of the front cover gives the impression of a punk magazine? What features of it helped you make the decision? • Yes, because of the language that is used and the colours. • Yes, because of the colour scheme that has been chosen, and the language and cover lines • Yes, because of the dark colours and the masthead really helps portray punk. • Yes, the language used with the colour choices clearly tell me that it’s a punk magazine. • Yes, because of how dark and horror like it is and its high contrast. This one was a simple question, as I wanted to make sure what I was doing made the magazine feel like a punk magazine. All of the answers were yes, and they all gave good reasons that reassured me that I was doing a good job with the features of my front cover. This is also one of the reasons why I would keep the filter on the picture, as it helps to convey the sense that it is a punk magazine. A few people commented on the use of language and how it fit into the punk magazine aesthetic, which I was again trying to emulate. The only thing I seeing myself trying to improve is just doing more. Of what I have already done.