Membership Retention Recruitment Webinar Presentation25 Feb2010


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Membership Retention and Recruitment webinar by Becky Faslo scheduled for Feb. 25, 2010 from 12 noon to 1pm EDT.

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Membership Retention Recruitment Webinar Presentation25 Feb2010

  1. 1. FEW Membership: Retention and Recruitment Tips Presented by Becky Fasulo Vice President, Membership and Chapter Organization
  2. 2. FEW Membership: Retention and Recruitment Tips  As the VP for Membership & Chapter Organization, – I work with members – Chapter and Region officers – Members that wish to start chapters – Handle membership issues that arise – Apprise the National Board of issues related to Membership.
  3. 3. FEW Membership: Retention and Recruitment Tips  Membership is an important two-prong part of the organization.  Let’s talk about the Retention part first
  4. 4. FEW Membership: Retention Tips  Retention of current members is important on several levels.  First, chapters must retain at least 15 members from year to year to keep their “Chapter in Good Standing” status.
  5. 5. FEW Membership: Retention Tips  Second, returning members continue their path of personal growth within the organization
  6. 6. FEW Membership: Retention Tips  Third, keeping a steady base of membership gives FEW, as an organization, a strong base from which to lobby Congress with issues that are important to women employed in the federal government.
  7. 7. FEW Membership: Retention Tips  To ensure your members retain their membership, – Chapter officers and Membership Chairs should:  Review chapter rosters carefully every month  To see who will be coming up for renewal
  8. 8. FEW Membership: Retention Tips  Membership Chairs or Treasurers should contact individuals coming up for renewal at least a month prior.  A personal note or phone call from a chapter officer encouraging renewal will likely carry more weight with a member than a form letter from the National Office.
  9. 9. FEW Membership: Retention Tips  Advise the member to use FEW’s on-line renewal process early in the month of renewal so that their renewal is processed timely and captured on the chapter roster to ensure continuity.
  10. 10. FEW Membership: Retention Tips  If problems occur, – Notify Israel Shamir at and/or – Myself at – We will get back in touch with you as quickly as possible to resolve the issue(s).
  11. 11. FEW Membership: Retention Tips  Members can mail in their renewal themselves  A member may opt to renew by giving your Chapter Treasurer or Membership Chair a check to be mailed in, if the member is not comfortable with on-line purchasing.
  12. 12. FEW Membership: Retention Tips  Make your chapter a reason to be a member – Regular interesting programs – Include all members in activities – Networking opportunities – Making everyone welcome
  13. 13. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  Let’s move now to Recruiting.  FEW has set up a page on  Members are encouraged to check the site frequently – If there’s someone in your region looking for a chapter, introduce yourself and provide information about your chapter.
  14. 14. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  If you have a page on FaceBook or Twitter – consider starting a blog about FEW and encourage those you talk with to join.  Do internet searches on women’s conferences in your state/area. – See if there is an opportunity to have a table or booth.  Work with your Chapter and Region to set up a display and reach out to federal attendees.
  15. 15. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  Plan routine Recruitment Drives in your agency – Cafeterias, lobbies, and auditoriums will sometimes have meeting space available where a Chapter can set up a table and hold meet-and-greets during lunch periods, break times, before and/or after hours.  Chapter Presidents and Regional Managers can order FEW material ahead of the event to ensure there are enough copies of brochures to hand out.
  16. 16. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  Combine recruitment drives with special emphasis observances – Special remembrance holidays  Veterans Day  Memorial Day  Patriot’s Day  Administrative Professionals Day  Voter registration drives. – Hand out FEW material with any other give-away materials, such as ribbons for 9/11.
  17. 17. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  Combine recruitment with fundraisers.  Sell used books for a fundraiser, – make a FEW bookmark and slip it inside the book covers  Chapter and/or Region contact information, the FEW and FEW NTP web site URLs, and, if appropriate, Chapter and Region URLs  Sell fudge or flowers for Mother’s Day, – Make stickers that says “Complements of FEW”  The name of your Chapter or Region of FEW and adhere it to the bottom of the vase or container.
  18. 18. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  Volunteer to be a speaker for FEW at other agency events, such as new employee orientation  Ensure that FEW is included if an agency holds an employee organization “fair”  Be well-stocked at all times with brochures and flyers to share with interested employees.
  19. 19. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  Post FEW meeting information in prominent places within your agency, as permitted.  Provide a give-away at each meeting for the member who brings in a guest.  All of these techniques work, but…
  20. 20. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips The best recruitment tool is YOU… the active member!
  21. 21. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  Talk about what being a member of FEW means to you – In terms of networking – Skill-building – Career enhancement through chapter, regional, and national training opportunities – Promotions – Friendships that last a lifetime.
  22. 22. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  Nothing speaks to why someone would want to join like hearing a success story from someone they know.  Know your way around the FEW web site so that you can help a potential member join on- line. – Go to the secure FEW web site ( and show the person how to set-up a log-on.
  23. 23. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  National FEW offers an annual Membership Contest with very nice prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.  This year’s contest is under way.  The membership contest runs from – June 1, 2009, to May 31, 2010. – There’s still time to participate!
  24. 24. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  Prizes consist of: – 1st Prize – FEW Lifetime Membership & Bank Gift Card (value NTE $1,000) – 2nd Prize – 5 years FEW membership (value NTE $250) – 3rd Prize – 3 years FEW Membership (value NTE $150)
  25. 25. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips  Ask the people you recruit to add your name to the “Referred by:” segment of the application process.  Be active in your recruiting!  Be creative in your recruiting!
  26. 26. FEW Membership: Recruitment Tips Most of all, just “get out there” and talk about FEW
  27. 27. FEW Membership: Retention and Recruitment Tips     Becky Fasulo, Vice President for Membership and Chapter Organization,
  28. 28. FEW Membership: Retention and Recruitment Tips Questions?