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  • The presenter of our newscast spoke in a clear and friendly manner to engage with the audience. Our newscast challenged the conventions of a normal news report, through the language and style of our newscast. Also the jingle of our newscast is urban, with a youth beat to attract our target audience and ensure that they listen to it. The theme tune was again selected carefully to represent our radio station in the best way possible ensuring that it would be easily recognized.
  • Within our newscast we represented different social groups. For example through the interview which I conducted, I able to represent aspiring youth and struggles they may face. As this topic relates to many young individuals, we have been able to represent them within our newscast. Also, as individuals within this category have been shown as hardworking and ambitious they have been represented in a positive way.
  • Here is a brief example of the many groups which are represented in our newscast. The outside broadcasting, includes how the students and teachers have been working together to build their relationship and the community in which they live in. So by using this broadcast, we was able to represent students. Although students and teachers are seen to have a difficult relationship, within our newscast we have shown both sides of students ,which is a fair representation of them. Also, both genders have be taken into consideration and represented equally within our newscast. This is because there are various stories which may relate to them and represent certain aspects of their lives and interests. This has been achieved through the story of the Olympics, which represents both genders and the opportunities they may both gain from this big effect and how it has affected them. All ethnic groups have been represented equally as our newscast Is not particularly aimed at one ethnic group. Young individuals with different talent have also been represented by providing competition which looks at various talents which people may have and celebrates it. In addition, music lovers are also represented with use of a variety of music.
  • Choice FM is a brand used by the biggest radio company in the UK, Global Radio for its network of black music. It is anchored by an FM operation in London, and also broadcasted via DAB. The radio station also runs various projects where they try to create awareness about gun and knife crime. They recently raised many issues including gun and knife crime to the Home of Secretary in hope of helping both the victims and parents of gun and knife crime.
  • As there are many similarities between Choice FM and our radio station, this indicates to me that they might distribute our media product. This is because, as their target audience is similar to ours, the language used is informal as this is the type of language which the younger generation use and so they are more likely to understand the information that are presented. Also, the tone is very friendly in both radio station, which shows that their target audience is the same and the products they produce may also be the same. The presenters in Choice FM, are confident and easy to understand, which is the same in our radio station as within our newscast, our presenter speaks in a friendly and clear manner. Also, as the target audience of both radio station is similar this shows that they may be both interested in music and gossip. This is because included things which the audience wants to listen makes sure that they remained interested and engaged all the way through. For these reasons, Choice FM may distribute some of the products in which Ferm FM produce.
  • Choice Fm also runs many competitions and programmes which are similar to the ones that Ferm Fm also produces. One in particular is the VIP club which Choice FM runs that allows the audiences to gain control over what they listen to and also, by being a member of the VIP club you are able to access exclusive news and activities which take place. This is similar to the kind of activities which Ferm FM also runs. For example, in our radio station we have a competition called ‘ Spot The Talent’ which included various young people presenting their talents and in the end , the best one is selected and given a prize and exclusive access to the programmes Ferm FM runs.
  • The stories that are presented in our newscast aims to attract our target audience who are teenagers between the ages of 12-19 who are currently studying. As we have a range of stories, our newscast engages with a wide variety of audiences. Also as the stories presented in our newscast are of local interest, people living the local area are kept up-to date with current affairs. For example, they story which reveals the opening of the new Westfield in East London affects people living in that particular area as revealed through the use of the outside broadcasting. Also, the Olympics which is also held at East London provides job opportunities for young individuals living in the area also provides entertainment for the whole family.
  • From this survey it is evident that the majority of people like listening to music as a response of 91.7% was calculated. This shows that to engage with our target audience we must include this type of genre so they are entertained and keep listening to our newscast. Music was then followed by gossip which had 41.7% responses. As this is the second genre which individuals like listening to, we included a gossip story to keep them entertained and up to date on what they enjoy listening to the most.
  • From the results presented, we can gain a clear picture of when to do our newscast from looking at what time people prefer listening to it. The majority of people like listening to the radio in the evening which shows that we should do our newscast at that time. This is may be the time when teenagers come back from college or university and want to relax.
  • Whilst constructing our newscast, there were many elements that we needed to consider as, attracting and addressing our target audience is very important. As our target audience ranges from the ages of 12-19, we had to make sure that the language which was used was informal allowing them to understand what was being said. This is because, some teenagers are unable to relate with other news due to the language that is used. Also, the tone that was used within our newscast was friendly , clear and relevant to audiences listening to it. The methods we used to present our newscasts included different features which keeps the audiences entertained. For example, we used a phone call in the newscast as part of the interview. Also, after looking at the surveys we conducted, it was evident that most of our target audience was interested in music and gossip, and for this reason we included a music competition called ‘ Spot the Talent’ and many gossip stories.
  • We included a spot-the-talent competition for our audience to encourage interactivity. This is quite a unique feature and is not to be found in mainstream news. This format could be described as an X-Factor meets hard news style.
  • These software were very helpful whilst constructing our product as they were easy to use, portable and also relatively easily to manage. Also through the process of technology advancing, these software's allowed us as a group to work effectively in producing our final product.
  • .
  • As digital technology is continuously developing, we are now able to access text, audio and video material over the same wired connection. It occurs when multiple products come together to produce one product! … This includes mobile phones which allows you to access the internet, take pictures and even record videos! The laptop is another example of convergence as it enables you to access your files and many other sources within the same application. Also, social networks such as FB and My Space are all examples of convergence as they allow you to communicate with people all around the world. The radio is a great example of a parallel medium as it allows you to interact with the world whilst being able to do anything. For example you can be driving and still be able to listen to the radio As technology continues to develop, the process of accessing our files has been simplified. Mobile phones, laptops and mp3 are examples of portable items which allow you to access the things you want whilst on the go! They allow you to access anything you want, whenever you want!
  • In the process of making our newscast it was vital that we conducted research in order to find out what our target audience what to listen to, so that we include it in our newscast. Also, whilst carrying out research , it was clear that the news values must always be followed and the ethics behind media as this allowed us to understand what we can and cant do when producing our product. Before I began the preliminary ask, I was not fully aware of how technology had developed and why it was important to use it in a correct way. However, after completing the task, I was now able to understand the different aspects of technology and how to use the different software's that are present. Also, I gained knowledge about news values, media ethics and how to engage with a range of audiences by asking open questions.
  • This is our final product. Keep it real Ferm.
  • Final final pres

    1. 1. Najah Abdigani 5220
    2. 2. Question 1. In what ways does your media product usedeveloped or challenge forms of conventions of realmedia products? What we used: The stories were presented in a friendly and informal manner which allowed us to engage with our target audience. The headlines were short, bold and dramatic. Included Sports Report Range of story formats: Phone Interviews, Outside broadcast, Vox-pops Development : Gossip Report The theme tune was upbeat and youthful – a Modernised theme tune
    3. 3. Question 2. How does your media represent a particular social group ?With our newscast, there are different types of social groups that represented. These include; Students Ethnic minority Aspiring youth Gender Music lovers
    4. 4. Groups That Are Represented
    5. 5. Question 3. What media institution might distribute your media product and why?Choice FM-Its a well known radio station that produces high quality Urban music .-Its target audience ranges from 15-24 ( which is similar to the agerange of our target audience)-It allows the audiences to interact with the radio station by runningvarious competition and programmes which also try to tackle theproblems in which individuals of that age group face ( gun and knifecrime ).
    6. 6. How our radio station is similar to Choice FM? The target audience of Choice Fm , is similar to the target audience of our radio station The language used in Choice FM is also informal and has a friendly tone which is similar to that of our radio station The stories presented are mainly related to the younger generation, which is the same in our radio station The presenters are clear, confident and have a conversional tone. Also they present the stories in a brief manner.
    7. 7. to ience th e aud e llows oi c VIP club a re able to v at take FM ya s th hoice as the n the eventThe c e involved o or viewsget m inions and uding : thei r op e nt incl treatm pl ace ! ds of VIP all kin d offe rs lso gives nt s an played It a VI P discou h ich Is usive usic w - Excl rate t he m nd nc e t o ssip a cha en es g o - The the sc b ehind lusive - Exc endations! m recom
    8. 8. Question 4. Who would be the audience for your media product?Youth Aged Between 13 – 20Gender – Both Male and FemaleWorking-ClassLocation- Local News
    9. 9. FERM FM From this survey it is clearly evident that the majority of people like listening to music then gossip second.
    10. 10. Survey results What time do you prefer to listen to the From this data is radio? evident that the 42% of people prefer listening to the radio 29% in the evening, 29% Morning in the morning and42% Afternoon 29% in the Evening afternoon. 29%
    11. 11. Survey results These results show that most of the responses of people were aged between ages of 16-20, which is similar to our target audience. In addition, this allows us to recognise what type of language to use and they style that is should be presented in.
    12. 12. Survey results How do you listen to the radio? From these results, it90.00% is evident that the80.00% majority of people70.00% who took part in the60.00% survey listen to the50.00% radio using their40.00% phones.30.00%20.00%10.00% 0.00% Mobile Car Internet TV Radio Phone Technology Type
    13. 13. Survey results From the pie-chart it is evident that the majority of people prefer listening to the news by interviews. 25% of the rest
    14. 14. Question 5. How did you attract & address your target audience Convergence and Portabilitywhilst conducting our newscast, there were many ways in which we attracted our target audience. These include: Informal, friendly and conversational language was to engage a younger audience The news presented was relevant to youths, clear and easy to understand. The presenter had a conversional tone. There was a variety of methods used to convey the stories; interview, outside broadcasting and interview. Most of the four sound codes were used: Music, Speech and Sound Effect The presenter and reporters were young and therefore the audience could identify with them.
    15. 15. CompetitionWithin ournewscast weincluded acompetitioncalled ‘Spot TheTalent’, whichrecognizesvarious talents! These talents may include; singing, dancing, photography, news- reports and much more !
    16. 16. Question 6. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product Through the process of constructing my product, I used various softwares. They Include ; Audacity I-Mac Laptops MP3 Voice Recorders Garage Band Microphones
    17. 17. Advantages and Disadvantages of DAB Advantages: Digital equipment saves time and is more user-friendly. Equipment is cheaper. Equipment is more accessible It is easier to share media products. Disadvantages: In certain conditions, still able to •Typically only one-way conversions can communicate in areas where a received signal is already weak, occur at a time where a digital signal has cut off. •Transmitters are designed to fit the particular transmission •Analogue devices can be upgraded but with features
    18. 18. Convergence and Portability •Technology has now become more portable•Its easier to carry and transfer work without the need of numerous wires•Technology has also now merged meaning you are able to carry various needs on your phone.•Your also able to take pictures, listen to music, access your work and much, much more!
    19. 19. Question 7. What have You learnt In theProgression From the Preliminary task to the main task How to ask open question The importance of research News values Media ethics Types of technologies used
    20. 20. Our Final Product These pictures show two members of my group which are in the studio recording and preparing our final product for our newscast.