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La cultura maya


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La cultura maya

  1. 1. The Maya were one of themost brilliant and powerful cultures of Central America known ...
  2. 2. Their civilization lasted for over threethousand years. They dominated a written language, were skilled architects, adventurous traders and gifted artists.
  3. 3. The Mayan civilization extended across the southern Yucatan from Guatemala and Honduras, between IIIand XV centuries. The Maya were not a unified state, but is organized into several independent city- states if they controlled a territory more or lesswide. Neither spoke a single language. During this long time in this territory hundreds ofdialects spoken today generate about 44 different Mayan languages​​.
  4. 4. Maya civilization location map
  5. 5. The first thing that is known of the Maya is the year 600 BC, during which time theyappeared symbols carved in stone. In 300 AC, began the development of the Maya, beings who devote their lives to study and record the galaxy. They cut into the stone your posts.
  6. 6. The word Maya comes from"MAYAB" which means "placeof the planet Earth calledYucatan." Maya alsomeans Mind, Magic andMother. "MAYA, MARIA andMayaa " are the same word.
  7. 7. Contrary to popular belief, the Maya never "disappeared"altogether, as their descendantsstill live in the region and one ofthe languages ​spoken from this culture.
  8. 8. In the Mayan calendar there are three accounts of time:The sacred calendar (260 days)The civil (365 days)Long count.
  9. 9. Long Count is the name of a non-repetitive vigesimal calendar, usedby various cultures in CentralAmerica.
  10. 10. According to the interpretation ofsome artists and theorists, a myth thatsurvived the European conquest wasthe belief that the world wascreated and destroyed on severaloccasions and that the world as weknow it will run the same fate. Insome calendrical inscriptions inthe Long Count system, the date of theconclusion of this era, correspondsto December 20, 2012.
  11. 11. Despite the publicity generated by thisdate "we, the archaeologicalcommunity, we have no record orknowledge that theMaya believed the world would end in2012"“For the ancient Maya, it was a greatcelebration of the end of a full cycle.“"Presenting the December 21, 2012 asthe doomsday or moment of cosmicchange is a total fabrication and a greatopportunity for many people to getmoney”.
  12. 12. They invented thegum resin extracted from atree known as zapote.Children were nobles were crossed. Being cross-eyed was a status symbol.Deformed heads and bodydecoration tying tables. It was apainful technique and wasmore widespread among the elites.
  13. 13. They buried the dead at his homeor the neighbors.After a ball game they killedthe losing team. It is believed thathe could also play in a fun, but thegame was mostly a power strugglebetween the dominant groups.
  14. 14. Most of the pyramids of paintedblue and blood red.When hedied a noble sacrifice also hisservants to be buried with him.They used the same word forthe love and pain.
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