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The real life is on Snapchat_Fenomem


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The real life is on Snapchat. It’s here, where you find teenagers, it’s here, where the true involvement is.

We have prepared a guide on the platform and we have collected the best examples of the campaigns of both Polish and global brands.

Read it and share it with others.

Snapchat for everyone!

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The real life is on Snapchat_Fenomem

  2. 2. powered by: ‘No fuss’ Speed Flexibilty Mobility
  3. 3. powered by: I live = I broadcast a „live” program from my life
  4. 4. Snapchat powered by: 04 Why do we talk about it?
  5. 5. Snapchat powered by: 05 Instant messaging platforms
  6. 6. SNAPCHAT ME powered by:
  7. 7. Nearly two million users in Poland Fourfold increase of sent Sanps over a year 200 million users over the globe Most often used by people aged 13-34 70% of users are women
  8. 8. Discover – a modern television on Snapchat
  9. 9. Discover – a new feature which allows the chosen publishers to provide the “curated” content daily on Snapchat The platform is based on the cooperation with eleven stations which are i.a.: CNN, National Geographic, Yahoo News, Comedy Central or ESPN Each of the partners daily transmits video materials, music videos and articles, which are then available for 24 hours. It’s the partners, who decide what kind of content the individual recipients will see. Users can not enter just a part of the supplied story or skip a part. They can only choose the content provider. Distribution of the materials is carried out with a pattern of a traditional television model. Discover
  10. 10. The number of received Snaps User name and the amount of sent measured from the account activation The number of updates in the “Story„ section measured from the last activity “Story” section and “Livesection„ An icon saying that the profile is a company, not a private one Information on the expiry date of a Snap How does an interface look? powered by:
  11. 11. Communication “backstage“ Broadcasting the “instant” life Where Snapchat is = there is a party powered by:
  12. 12. Snapchat powered by: 12 Snaps … they show life and everyday situations
  13. 13. Snapchat powered by: 13 „Backstage” type stories
  14. 14. Snapchat powered by: 14 Humor & occasional jokes
  15. 15. Snapchat powered by: 15 Uncropped, blurred, or even „messy”
  16. 16. Snapchat powered by: 16 They tell stories, that happen to us everyday
  17. 17. Snapchat powered by: 17 Brands can also do that (and they even should)
  18. 18. Snapchat powered by: 18 Snapchat in Poland, who and for whom? According to the statement prepared by , MAFFASHION, a fashion blogger obtained the best results in May. Snapchat in Poland is the domain of young people. In the top ten, only one person exceeded the 30th year of age. Snapchat has a very high potential to start effective cooperation with influencers. Actions carried out by the companies show that Snapchat gives the ability to communicate in a completely different way.
  19. 19. Building up the tension before launching a new product Presentation of the materials showing to scenes from the backstage work Giving out discounts and vouchers Preparing a social campaign Engaging users and brands’ clients Live broadcast from parties and events Organizing competitions Real Time Marketing Brands’ activities on Snapchat
  20. 20. Snapchat powered by: 20 H&M Poland
  21. 21. Snapchat powered by: 21 H&M Poland Terrain game H&M Poland prepared an action for shops. People who observe the profile of the brand on Snapchat received movies with hints, which made it possible to find the hidden passes. 200 people attended the action and the profile of the brand on Snapchat gathered 1,000 new observers. The idea was to show the Brand as a company which follows the modern music trends and supports the events signed by Boiler Room.
  22. 22. Snapchat powered by: 22 Plush
  23. 23. Snapchat powered by: 23 Plush City game As a result, the brand gained 2 500 subscribers on Snapchat. The brand also decide to organize the second edition of the game. The idea was to show the products of the brand and to present the company itself in an innovative way according to the latest trends Plush organized a city game which took place in six cities in Poland. Channel Subscribers received tips that enabled them to locate the places where the prizes were hidden .
  24. 24. Snapchat powered by: 24 16 Handles 16 Handles
  25. 25. Snapchat powered by: 25 16 Handles Giving out action As a result, 1,400 Snaps were generated in the game. In addition, the brand received an award for the best digital campaign 2013. The idea was to award the brand’s loyal customers who liked the company’s profile on an unpopular social networking channel. 16 Handles has prepared an action that was carried out in 16 shops. Users send snaps picutring the products and in return they received discount vouchers of different value (10, 20, 50%)
  26. 26. Snapchat powered by: 26 The Co-Operative Electrical
  27. 27. Snapchat powered by: 27 The Co-Operative Electrical Giving out action The campaign contributed to perception of the company as an innovative and utilizing the latest tools of promotion. The goal of the organizers of the event was to create pre-sales activities and to build the image of the brand. The of the campain it was to prepare a discount voucher for a laptop, for every person who subscribes to a channel on Snapchat. The action correlated with the start of the academic year.
  28. 28. Snapchat powered by: 28 World Wide Fund For Nature
  29. 29. Snapchat powered by: 29 World Wide Fund For Nature Social campaign Action gained a lot of publicity and reminded about the problem in a strong way. The idea of the campaign was to raise the issue of the threat of extinction of many species. During the campaign, users Snapchata received photos that pictured most endangered species. All photos were marked with the hashtag: ‘Do not let this be my #LastSelfie.’
  30. 30. Snapchat powered by: 30 Dove
  31. 31. Snapchat powered by: 31 Dove Social campaign The campaign gained a lot of publicity. “Stories,” which arose in the action were viewed up to 130 000 times. The idea of the action was to start an intraction with fans and a debate about women beauty. The aim was also building the image of the brand. Dove asked their channel subscribers to describe how women perceive themselves. Then company employees responded to the snaps of the girls and jointly discussed on this subject.
  32. 32. Snapchat powered by: 32 Nars Cosmetics
  33. 33. Snapchat powered by: 33 Nars Cosmetics Launch of a new product NARS Cosmetics treats its customers in a unique way and rewards their loyalty to the brand. The idea of the campaign was to use Snapchat to launch new line of products. The subscribers of the Nars brand profile on Snapchat received snaps with information on new products. These people got these information three weeks before the actual appearance of cosmetics on sale.
  34. 34. Snapchat powered by: 34 Samsung
  35. 35. Snapchat powered by: 35 Samsung Live broadcast of the event The campaign reaffirmed Samsung brand image which is associated with advanced technology, and active participation in events connected with the American show business. The action was aimed at carrying out a broadcast from the American Music Awards and familiarizing fans with the stars from the red carpet. Samsung has decided to use the “Live section of Snapchat’s” and to do a regular streaming from the event. Published snaps depicted idols of the TV screen during one of the most important brand events.
  36. 36. Snapchat powered by: 36 HBO
  37. 37. Snapchat powered by: 37 HBO Product promotion The campaign helped to build a direct relation between the fans of the series and the actresses who played the main roles. The action also promote the product during the “dead season” The action was aimed at promoting the TV series “Girls” and the image-building activities. The idea was to build a direct relation between the fans and the actresses who played the main roles. Subscribers of the channel, thanks to the application, received snaps, which presented the stars of the series. The campaign was carried out during the break between the seasons.
  38. 38. Snapchat powered by: 38 Mcdonald’s
  39. 39. Snapchat powered by: 39 Mcdonald’s McDonald’s uses the latest option on Snapchat The brand is the first to use filters based on geolocation. The motto of the action is “Lovin’ Summer Fun“ Filters promote specific products. Use of the filters is possible for people who are in the area of the restaurant. Users will be able to take photos and enrich them with humorous graphics, which would show the specific products