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Periscope – now everybody can have their own TV (FENOMEM)


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Periscope is the next app with a social character. How does it work? How can you use its marketing capabilities?

We have prepared a guide with answers to these questions. Read it and share with others! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message!

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Periscope – now everybody can have their own TV (FENOMEM)

  1. 1. Periscope Now everyone can have their own TV
  2. 2. Trend word image VIDEO
  3. 3. Technology touches every part of our lives
  4. 4. User generated content Blurring the boundaries between author and recipient
  5. 5. is accompanying social change Periscope We want to create our own stories, to be true creators. Periscope is a platform that can make this happen, where we can become a journalist or even a celebrity!
  6. 6. Periscope what, how and why?
  7. 7. A Mobile App with a social nature Periscope Enables us to broadcast our own reality and create our own content. Presented materials are available for viewers to see for a 24 hour period. On Periscope, viewers are both followers and participants at the same time.
  8. 8. Periscope was introduced onto the market in  2015 App was purchased by Twitter for 100 milion dolarów dollars after only a few months Presently, Periscope has 10 milion registered users Most frequently used by people aged 16-34 years old (80% of users) 71% materials are broadcasted by men Average time of materials made by users of Periscope is 350 hours per day App is available in 25 different languages Periscope in numbers
  9. 9. Periscope ROŚNIE W SIŁĘ Źródło: Socialbakers
  10. 10. What does the Interface look like? Access to own broadcasts and materials promoted by Periscope (in both cases there are materials which where made during last 24 hours) Button leading to list of most popular and favourite broadcasters Start of video broadcastingLive broadcasts
  11. 11. What does the Interface look like? Current comments by participants of event/discussion Number of people who are actually viewing the broadcast
  12. 12. Access to mobile technology is becoming more common More than 60% of people in Poland have at least one smartphone 10 million Poles are using social media via smartphone Instant communication is changing the world – the here and now is important! We need to share our life with others and we want to be the authors of this content Periscope What is the source of growing popularity of live-streaming?
  13. 13. Who is using Periscope?
  14. 14. also develops Periscope in Poland
  15. 15. Regular users are becoming reporters
  16. 16. They also create their own channels
  17. 17. Periscope shortens the distance between sender and receiver
  18. 18. Periscope marketing use and some effective case studies
  19. 19. What can brands do thanks to Periscope? Periscope Present their products – video content is much more attractive than traditional photos Share the latest information and live broadcasts from events Inform fans about special offers and promotions Lead interactive customer service Lead PR in critical situations - Periscope is built for a quick and effective response
  20. 20. Free flight search, one of the first, decided to prepare an action with the help of Periscope The action was carried out on 5 continents and the material was broadcasted for 24 hours The campaign involved 21 travel bloggers who prepared the live broadcast from the various places they visited during their trip A new broadcast from each city started every hour – in total there were 24 “episodes” Each material was watched by 500 spectators and the prepared films generated 16,000 “hearts” from customers action with influencers
  21. 21. Skyscanner action with influencers
  22. 22. transatlantic flights promotion Turkish Airlines prepared an action aimed at promoting transatlantic connections and to improve the image of their company, as a brand associated with the highest travel standards and customer service. The video was filmed during a flight from Istanbul - New York The presented material enabled viewers to see the various stages of flight from the eyes of the crew members The action earned Turkish Airlines more than 5000 followers and generated 300 000 likes.
  23. 23. Turkish Airlines live-stream from transatlantic flight
  24. 24. also does it well The manufacturer of liqueur decided on an action that was aimed at promoting their flagship product The entire material was prepared in connection with existing brand image, which the company has built on the basis of references to French culture and history The action had a direct relationship with the slogan “La Vie Parisienne dans la Bouteille„ The brand prepared 6 types of material, which together generated more than 55 000 likes
  25. 25. St-Germain also does it well
  26. 26. The brand prepared its action on Periscope in connection with the first day of summer The campaign was designed to promote the Nestlé Drumstick ice cream The programs were broadcast from places associated with leisure time Nestlé employed 100 people for the campaign, that supported the action on Twitter - through tweets using the hashtag #FIRSTDAYOFSUMMER Prepared films have generated 5,000 views
  27. 27. We invite you to contact us. We will be happy to tell you more ;) Daniel Biegaj Business Development Director +48 602 129 230