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Stratus logo presentation


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FEED was engaged by an orthopedic surgeon to develop a brand launch for compression socks to be sold at airports.

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Stratus logo presentation

  2. 2. COMPRESSION SOCKS COMPRESSION SKY SOCKS COMPRESSION SOCKS A: ONWARD & UPWARD The bold, linear lines in the typography house a confident “arrow” that points forever upward, marking its territory of safety and confidence with disctinction.
  3. 3. Compression Sky Socks Compression Sky Socks Compression Sky Socks B: FLYING HIGH Both friendly and sleek, the confident blues and progressive angles hold the eye as the “T’s” create a familiar sock shape that frames in the subline of “Compression Sky Socks” in a unique display.
  4. 4. COMPRESSION FLIGHT SOCKS COMPRESSION FLIGHT SOCKS COMPRESSION FLIGHT SOCKS C: DISTINCTIVE TYPE Bringing in the clouds themselves, Stratus Compression Socks can visibly help your next flight be more safe than it was before. Improving blood flow in your legs and able to help prevent leg swelling and even blood clots, Stratus speaks boldly to airline travelers with a sense of confidence in its direction as it helps you travel safely to each destination.
  5. 5. D: UP, UP, AND AWAY Stratus is not only a type of cloud, its a unique experience that flies above them. With typography that confidently rises up into the sky, a new icon has emerged into the compression sock category: An airliner bestowed with a compression of health and safety that’s unlike any other. COMPRESSION SOCKS Stratus S KY S O C K S COMPRESSION SOCKS
  6. 6. E: FIRST COMPRESSION With Stratus, it’s all about first compressions. Because once you’ve experienced the benefits of combating deep vein thrombosis, each flight will be just as enjoyable as the first. The iconically “socked” plane carries a sense of friendliness as it flies across the typography. And the flowing nature of the characters emulate a sense of whirling wind as the plane passes by. COMPRESSION SOCKS COMPRESSION SOCKS COMPRESSION SOCKS
  7. 7. F: STRATUS NATION With its impressive compression, Stratus Compression Socks can help you travel the U.S. more comfortably and safer than ever with their ability to combat deep vein thrombosis. It hasa sense of patriotism with its red and blue on a white background and the Stratus name stretches across the width with the brand mark. COMPRESSION SOCKS f l y s a f e r t h a n e v e r COMPRESSION SOCKS f l y s a f e r t h a n e v e r COMPRESSION SOCKS f l y s a f e r t h a n e v e r
  8. 8. G: THE SOCKATEER Stratus compression socks can help you to literally fly the friendly skies with a clear sense of health as they improve blood flow in your legs. The typography carries a nuance of before/after with its thick/thin pairing, which is divided by a soaring Stratus “Socketeer” cutting through the heavens. COMPRESSION SOCKS COMPRESSION SOCKS COMPRESSION SOCKS