Presentacio 4t eso etwinning (3)


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Presentacio 4t eso etwinning (3)

  1. 1. FEDAC Sant Andreu BARCELONA“SHARING OUR LIFESTYLES” Introduce yourselves
  2. 2. Our schoolOur school is called FEDAC Sant Andreu, because it’s situated in Sant Andreu neighborhood, Barcelona. In our area we have a lot of big stores, cafés, restaurants, parks, and a lot of funny and interesting things.
  3. 3. Our school is around 150 years old. In this school there are between 650 and 700 students, we have a lotof friends here. We have 60 classrooms plus the technology room, the laboratory, the classrooms for 3 to 5 year-olds, Pare Coll hall, the main hall, the chapel and the changing rooms. We also have 2 dining rooms, for teachers and for students. And thekitchen, of course!
  4. 4. Hi !! We are Karoleth and Roger We live in Barcelona, Sant Andreu. We both go to school at “Dominiques”. Roger is catalan. He doesn’t have brothers. Roger is a veryKaroleth was born in Colombia, cheerful and handsome boy. Heshe has a brother who is ten plays football at Sant Andreu’syears old. She is very funny and team. He has brown eyes andcheerful. She loves being with black hair and is tall.her ​friends and dancing. She has an oval face, brown eyesand brown hair. She isn’t very tall.
  5. 5. Hi!! We are Sergi and MarcosHello, we study at the school Mare de Déu de la Mercè, in Barcelona. We aregood students.Sergi has black hair and blue eyes. Sergi is generous, friendly and a bit lazy. Heplays football since he was 5 years old. He has been playing in RCDE Espanyolteam since two years ago.He likes watching tv and playing play station 3. His favourite hobby is playingfootball. He wants to be football player in Barcelonas team Marcos has brown hair and brown eyes. Marcos is friendly and lazy, he likes disturbing his brother. He likes reading books. His hobbies are playing pou and chatting on the computer. He wants to be a teacher.
  6. 6. Hi !! We are Jenny and LaiaWe are 15 years old. We live inBarcelona, which is a big city with a lotmonuments, for example, SagradaFamília, Parc Güell, la rambla, theCathedral, etc...Our hobbies are swimming, listening tomusic, laughing, having fun…Jenifer is charming, cheerful and verylazy. Her hobbies are meeting friends, Laia is a bit crazy, cheerful, kind, lazy,going to the village and singing. and sensitive.She likes travelling, shoping, watching She likes pizza, shopping, and helpingfilms etc... people. She speaks Catalan, SpanishShe speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and and English.a bit of Arabian.I would like travelling to Ethiopy andIndia.
  7. 7. We are Manuel and Sergio Manu is 16 years old and he has dark and short hair and oval face. Manu is shy and he is always very happy. Manu likes watching tv and drawing. His favorite music is reggaeton.Sergio is 15 years old. He likesdrawing (realist draws), playing playstation 3 and playing pou (which is atamagochi). We both like playing Pcgames.We are Barças fans and we think thatBarça is the best team of the world.Visca Catalunya!
  8. 8. Hi !! We are Sofia and Ariadna Sofia is 16 years old. She is a very cute and polite person. Also, she is very impatient, funny and positive. She hasn’t any brothers or sisters. Her hobbies are swimming, dancing and singing.Ariadna is 15 years old, she is shy, nice, and sometimesshe is very impatient. She has one brother. Her hobbiesare reading romantic books, writing stories, drawingmanga, making creative objects, playing theatre andscary games.
  9. 9. We are Paula and Laia. We were born in 1997 and we live in Sant Andreu, Barcelona. We study at a nun’s school. We both like dancing. We love shopping in “La Maquinista” that is the biggest shopping center of Sant Andreu.Paula is 14 years old, and her birthday is on 26th of December.She was born in Cadiz. She is slender and normal height . Shehas a long, straight and brown hair. She has green and smalleyes and her skin is tanned. She is very lazy and very friendly.She doesn’t like getting up early.
  10. 10. Hi !! We are Jaume and SarelyThis year we study the last course, at thisschool (Mare de Déu de la Mercè).Sarely is from Peru, she arrived toBarcelona four years ago.She likes listening to music and meeting herfriends. She doesnt have any hobbies. She isfriendly and she has got one brother calledSchnayder. Jaume is from Spain, he is fifteen years old. He is tall and strong. He is brave, and friendly. His hobbies are playing football and playing computer games, he doesnt have brothers or sisters.