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Founder and Managing Director of Couponstar Jared Kean will cover the rapidly growing field of digital couponing specifically across the European landscape. He will identify the key trends and changing consumer attitudes towards the new phenomenon as well as point out the differences between the European and USA markets. The specific types of digital coupons including print-at-home, Save-2-Card and mobile will be explored along with real world examples of how both retailers and brands are employing these into their web, email, social media and mobile marketing campaigns to reach, motivation and measure customer purchase behaviour.

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Digital Coupons, Jared Kean, Couponstar

  1. 1. Digital Coupons: Enabling retailers and brands toeffectively reach, motivate and measure customerpurchase behaviourCONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY
  2. 2. COUPONS
  3. 3. About Us Recognised leaders in digital couponing with solutions for: print-at-home eCoupon wallet (save-to-card) mobile Founded in 1998 ( & 2002 (Couponstar) 50% holding in Couponstar Offices in San Francisco, London & Sydney (300+ employees) Operational in 14 countries incl. USA, UK, Spain, Belgium & France World’s largest grocery/supermarket/pharmacy digital coupon distributor
  4. 4. Retailer Clients & Partners
  5. 5. FMCG Brand Clients
  6. 6. Enable consumers to find offers in any digital media - from web pages to mobile phones, e-mails to social media and use those offers in-store or online 8
  7. 7. Coupons or Retail Discounts - Which Work Better? Coupons maintain product quality perceptions. Coupons do not damage consumers internal reference price. Coupons do not signal permanent price reductions. Coupons make coupon-users feel like smart, savvy shoppers.
  8. 8. Benefits proposition & Coupons2. Vision, of Digital positioning Offers can be highly targeted Redemption rates (avg. 20%-25%) are 4X higher than Direct Mail Superior cost efficiencies (40%-70%) Build customer databases for remarketing purposes Much quicker to develop and modify post launch Superior transparency and marketing intelligence
  9. 9. What’s Been Happening in Our World?
  10. 10. Life in the UK is Getting Tougher for Most! Consumer price inflation 4-5% fuelled by following YOY increases:  Utility bills = 15%  Airfares = 12.5%  Petrol = 15%
  11. 11. Some People are Responding This Way…
  12. 12. But More People are Responding This Way…
  13. 13. The Digital Coupon Revolution…Digital is the fastest growing coupon distributionmedium in UK and worldwide.In 2010, the UK FMCG internet printable coupon marketsaw redemption grow 50%, which outpaced the growth inthe UK coupon market (17%) by 3X (source: Valassis, 2011).Internet printable coupon users are younger, moreaffluent females than those using traditional papercoupons (source: Nielsen NetView, 2010)
  14. 14. Changes in Shopping Habits (Past 12 Months) 28% adults stated that they are more careful about remembering coupons when going shopping.16
  15. 15. Preferred Method of Receiving Coupons 21% of adults stated that online printable coupons are their preferred method17
  16. 16. Internet Coupon Product Category Preference
  17. 17. Actions More Likely to be Taken by Consumersif They Know There Are Coupons Available
  18. 18. USA Internet Coupon Market Home-printed coupons not only stand a better chance of being redeemed, they also attract more new buyers than traditional coupons.
  19. 19. Although Americans can be a Little Extreme…
  20. 20. The Couponstar (Digital Coupon) Engine Coupon Reporting National Regional Store Category Fraud Brand Delivery Redemption Customer Financial 3.Coupon Distribution Coupon Redemption Mob ile Direct Mail Kiosk / At Till In-store Website ENGINE Online Email  Centrally managed Banner Ad  Multi-channel coupon distribution & Social Media redemption  User friendly Mobile Web  Flexible security  Real-time reporting Mobile App  International ready
  21. 21. Challenges of Distributing Print-at-Home Coupons Controlling distribution & circulation • Restricting access to offers • Print control • Preventing unauthorised circulation (viral sharing, forwarding etc.) • Coupon duplication (scanning & copying) • Manipulation of coupon attributes Compliance in-store • Print quality & scanning at POS • Store acceptance Tracking online performance through to in- store purchase behaviour
  22. 22. The Couponstar Difference – Security & Control Couponstar OthersAccess to print coupon restricted  Printing suppressed at 4 levels: individual, computer,coupon and campaign  Coupon cannot be captured as a file  Anti colour photo-copying controls  Active device blocking program  Integrated Customer Services solutions e.g. Print & Mail  Coupon and barcode print quality optimised  Accurate coupon print tracking and reporting  Accurate and timely individual coupon redemptionreporting  
  23. 23. Solutions for Brand & Retailer Promotions Ad Media & Search Brand Websites Email (adBricks™) (webBricks™) (eBricks™) Social Media Video Coupons Multi-Brand (socialBricks™) (v-coupons) (couponSOLO™)
  24. 24. Case Example: Targeting Based on Registration Data (Dove) Registration or Survey Survey response determines which offer is served Answer A Answer B Answer C gets… gets… gets… Free product £1.00 off coupon 50p off coupon coupon
  25. 25. Case Example: P&G Tried & Tested (trial, ratings & reviews)
  26. 26. Case Example: P&G Spain Multi-brand Coupon Gallery
  27. 27. Case Example: Iceland Bonus Card eDM Initiatives Customer Shopping History Customer Interaction data flows Database back to Customer DBCustomer accesses gallery Offer 2 Offer 1 Offer 4 Offer 3 Offer 8 Offer Pool (Offers setup and hosted Offer 9 Offer 5 by Couponstar) Offer Offer 7 11 Offer Offer 6 Offer Offer 13 10 12 5 offers specific for customer published in gallery
  28. 28. &ting Example: Walmart Coupon Gallery (USA) Case
  29. 29. Do We Really Want to be “Friends” with Brands?
  30. 30. Coupon Enable Your Facebook Fan Page Distribute single or multiple coupon(s) directly within your Facebook Fan Page Use our white label Facebook Coupon App (socialBricks™) Fans can select, print and share coupon directly within your Facebook Fan Page Complete Facebook API access i.e. basic info., email address and post to wall Simple integration Underpinned by Couponstar secure technology & process
  31. 31. Retailer eCoupon Wallet Solution (Overview) 100% paperless access, redemption and processing (closed loop). Consumers electronically download and store coupons directly to their eCoupon wallet from the coupon gallery or their mobile phone. Coupons are verified and automatically applied at in-store checkout and expired. Eliminates coupon printing, cutting, carrying and processing (consumer).
  32. 32. Retailer eCoupon Wallet Solution (Distribution) Coupon creation and setup portal Web and mobile property publishing Behavioural targeting applied (optional) Coupons sorted by product category, brand, face value or expiry date One-click-to-save coupon to card, unique ID or printed securely at home Print, email or view saved coupons on mobile phone as a reminder Coupon stacking prevented
  33. 33. Retailer eCoupon Wallet Solution (Redemption) Data available to use in near real- time. Coupon validation, verification and expiration at till, self-checkout and online (multi-channel) When the correct product is in the basket for a valid coupon the discount is deducted automatically Daily or weekly deduction of redeemed coupons from supplier trading accounts and report provision to all parties
  34. 34. Mobile Solutions for Retailers  Turnkey translation of coupon strategies to mobile environment  Reach your customers– the “on- the-go” mobile consumer  Meaningful consumer engagement
  35. 35. GroceryIQ – Shopping List Builder & Coupon Locator 38
  36. 36. In Conclusion, Use Digital Coupons to… Drive sales, either through brand-led promotions or with your own trade initiatives. Realise incremental revenue streams Create a competitive advantage Deliver savings to your customers Generate new and incremental site traffic Measure the impact that your digital activity has on spend
  37. 37. The Key to Success!
  38. 38. Thank YouJared KeenManaging DirectorPhone: +44 (0) 208 865 1960Email: