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FCN Charter v1 - Adopted 10-12-2011


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This is the official charter of the Federal Communicators Network (FCN), adopted October 12, 2011 by the members of the FCN Leadership Task Force, now known as its Board of Directors.

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FCN Charter v1 - Adopted 10-12-2011

  1. 1. Federal Communicators Network (FCN) Charter and Bylaws Version 1.0, Adopted October 12, 2011 By the FCN Leadership Task Force*Article I: OrganizationSection 1: NameThe name of this organization shall be “Federal Communicators Network” hereinafter referred toas FCN.Article II: Program JustificationSection 1: MissionThe mission of FCN is to help federal communicators achieve excellence by providing freetraining and opportunities for professional networking, sharing resources and ideas, andadvancing the profession.Section 2: PurposeFCN was established in recognition that communication is an essential function for governmentactivities at all organizational levels.Our members are dedicated to the goals of improving communication and understanding amongall people, and helping make government more effective.To achieve these goals, FCN seeks to accomplish the following: • Provide a resource for sharing best practices in communication in a changing media environment. • Improve communication within government and between government and the public by fostering the dissemination of accurate information regarding federal programs and projects. • Promote compliance with the Plain Language Act and other laws related to communication that affect how federal employees must carry out their work. • Reduce redundancy and improve government effectiveness by sharing successful existing templates, presentations, fact sheets, and other information products. • Promote the professional advancement of communicators in federal jobs through training opportunities. • Establish a network of mentors and colleagues willing to offer advice and expertise to their peers.Article III: MembershipSection 1. Eligibility
  2. 2. Membership is open to all federal employees and is free of charge.Prospective members must provide a federal e-mail address so as to receive communicationsfrom FCN and for the purpose of validating their employment with the federal government.Prospective members may join FCN by contacting the Chairperson and requesting that their e-mail address be added to the contact (e-mail) list for the FCN newsletter. (Subscription to thenewsletter is free and open to the public.)Section 2: PrivilegesMembers in good standing shall access to all FCN online forums as well as any other benefitsdetermined by the current Board of Directors.Article IV: LeadershipSection 1. Board of DirectorsA Board of Directors, comprised of Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, and six task force membersshall be elected by the membership at the beginning of each calendar year.All members of the Board must be members of FCN.No member of the Board of Directors shall be considered an official representative of theirrespective agency.Section 2. DutiesChairperson: The Chairperson shall lead, manage and participate in FCN activities and willmake decisions regarding the operation of FCN where the Board elects not to vote or isdeadlocked.Co-Chairperson: The Co-Chairperson shall act in the absence of the Chairperson and assist theChairperson in FCN activities.Task Force Members: Task Force Members shall be given titles of their own choosingaccording to their leadership of specific FCN activities.All Board of Directors Members shall: • Vote on major decisions pertaining to FCN • Participate in meetings (primarily by phone) regarding FCN governance • Volunteer 2-4 hours per month to FCN activities, as neededSection 3. Term of OfficeBoard members shall serve for a term of one (1) year or until their successors take office. Federal Communicators Network Charter and Bylaws v. 1.0, 10/12/11 Page 2
  3. 3. Terms shall begin January 1 and run until December 31.The Chair and Co-Chair may, with their consent and through re-election by the membership,serve up to three (3) consecutive one-year terms.Section 4. Nominations and ElectionsThe Board of Directors of FCN shall be nominated and elected as follows: • Nominations for all offices will be accepted from the general membership. Members at large may nominate themselves for elective office, or nominate a colleague. • Election of Officers and Committee Directors shall take place no later than December of each year. Candidates with a plurality of the votes are elected. • Vacancies for the remainder of a term may be filled by Board appointment.Article V. MeetingsSection 1: Board MeetingsThe Board of Directors shall meet a minimum of four (4) times per year.The meetings will be arranged by consent of those attending, and a written record will bemaintained.Time-sensitive issues may be decided by the Board by phone or e-mail.Section 2. Educational Meetings (Training Seminars)Educational meetings of the membership shall be held at least six (6) times per year or at thediscretion of the Board of Directors.These meetings can be either in-person events or online events.Meetings shall be open to all members of FCN.__________CreditsDrafted by Rachel White and Kathleen Taylor.Edited by Dannielle Blumenthal.Approved by FCN Leadership Task Force (Board of Directors) 10/12/2011Chair: Dannielle BlumenthalApproving Task Force Members: Terra Moody, Todd Solomon, Jeff Brooke, Kathleen Taylor,David Starck, John Verrico. Federal Communicators Network Charter and Bylaws v. 1.0, 10/12/11 Page 3