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Case Study: Learning Commons at Lee Wee Nam Library


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Presentation at the 2nd Annual Learning Commons Development and Design Forum, 30-31 March 2011 organized by

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Case Study: Learning Commons at Lee Wee Nam Library

  1. 1. CASE STUDY : LEARNINGCOMMONS AT LEE WEENAM LIBRARYNanyang Technological University. SingaporeChoy Fatt Cheong. University LibrarianGoh Su Nee. Head, Library Facilities Planning Division2nd AnnualLearningCommonsDevelopmentand DesignForum.30th and 31st March2011
  2. 2. OUTLINEDevelopment of libraries and learningcommons in NTUImplementation of Lee Wee Nam(LWN) Learning CommonsAssessment of the impact of LWNLearning Commons on students’behavior & perception
  3. 3. ABOUT NTU (Nanyang Technological University)33,478 students(9,997 graduate students)College ofEngineeringCollege ofScienceCollege ofHumanities &Social ScienceNanyangBusiness SchoolAutonomousinstitutesOther institutes& centresNanyang Technological University- 9 institutes & research centres- National Institute of Education- Rajaratnam School of International Studies- Earth Observatory of Singapore- Lee Kong Chian Medical School5,671 faculty & staff7,336 visits to librariesevery day
  4. 4. Current NTU LibrariesChinese LibraryACRC (WKW SCI)Lee Wee Nam Library(Engineering & Science)ADM LibraryWang Gung Wu LibraryHSS LibraryBusiness LibraryArea : 15,200 m2Seats : 1,7207 LIBRARIES
  6. 6. LEARNING COMMONS IN CONTEXTCollaborative learningHi-Tech supportCreation & publicationLearning assistanceQUIET AREAINSTRUCTIONALCOMMONSEXHIBITION & OUTREACHMEETINGLEARNING COMMONS• Collaborative learning• Hi-Tech support• Creation & publication• Learning assistanceLEARNING COMMONSQUIET AREAEXHIBITION & OUTREACH INSTRUCTIONAL AREA
  7. 7. Library development plan123
  8. 8. Lee Wee Nam Library Learning CommonsBeginnings …..Urgent need to provide newenhanced facilities forcollaborative learningDemonstrate effectivenessof learning commonsExperiment & learn fromimplementationSmall area - 300 m2NEW LEARNING COMMONSExisting computer clusterAdjacent to existing computer cluster
  9. 9. Evolution of learning commons in NTU2007Art, Media & Design(ADM) Library2010Lee Wee Nam LibraryLearning Commons(LWLLLC)2011Business Library LearningCommons (BUSLLC)
  10. 10. IDEAS & IMPLEMENTATIONThree-screen monitorsTwo-screen monitorsTouch screen monitorsProvide equipment thatthe average user has noaccess to1
  11. 11. IDEAS & IMPLEMENTATIONOpen, non-enclosed spaceaDesign layout & furniture that encouragecollaboration2
  12. 12. IDEAS & IMPLEMENTATIONSpace for group workbDesign layout & furniture that encouragecollaboration2Pods with smart boards Pods with LCD screens &writing surface
  13. 13. IDEAS & IMPLEMENTATIONAttention to detailscDesign layout & furniture that encouragecollaboration2Movable seatsEasy connectivityAttractivelydesignedfurniture
  14. 14. IDEAS & IMPLEMENTATIONRecording roomProvide tools for audio-video creation & aidsfor practising presentation3Fixed cameraIntegratedworkstationChroma screenProfessionallightingEditing tools
  15. 15. IDEAS & IMPLEMENTATIONCreate conducive learning environment &ambience4Digital newspapersVideo wall– gathering space, encourage serendipitySound domes
  16. 16. ASSESSMENT OF LWNLC IMPACTUser surveyCarried out over 4 days inearly March 2011521 users participatedTo obtain feedback on useof facilities & services inthe Learning Commonsand assess its impact onlearning, behavior andperception of users
  17. 17. ASSESSMENT OF LWNLC IMPACTHow useful do you find the following facilities in the Learning Commons?Which facility in the Learning Commons do you use most oftenWhile using the Learning Commons, how often do you feel a need for the following?Technical help for using equipmentAssistance on use of softwareAdvice on finding and using informationAdvice from your professors/academic supervisorAdvice on wrting your report or paperFor group work with your fellow students, do you prefer to meet in the LWNLLC rather thanelsewhere. If not, please state the other preferred locationFor individual study and learning, please rank the following locations you most preferDo you think the equipment, facilities and ambience in the LWNLLC has made your group work easierDo you agree that using the LWNLLC has improved the outcome of your assignments and projectwork?How often did you visit LWN Library before you became aware of the LWNLLC?Have you come to LWN Library more often since you became aware of the LWNLLC?Do you agree that our Library plays an important role in providing learning commons on campusHow would you describe the library today?What do you like most about LWNLLCWhat do you like least about LWNLLCWe’re building a new learning commons at Business Library. Are there any equipment, facilities andimprovement you would like to see? QUESTIONS
  18. 18. FINDINGS : UsefulnessHow useful do you find the following facilities?1
  19. 19. FINDINGS : Actual useWhich facility in the LC do you use most often?2
  20. 20. FINDINGS : Learning needsWhile using the LC, how often do you feel a need for … ?3
  21. 21. FINDINGS : Impact on student work & habitsFor group work with fellow students, do you prefer tomeet in the LC rather than elsewhere?4Schools (2.5%)Canteens (1.7%)Benches (1.5%)South Spine Learning pods (1.0%)Reading rooms (0.8%)Other libraries (0.6%)Hall (0.2%)Not stated (2.5%)
  22. 22. FINDINGS : Impact on student work & habitsFor individual study and learning, please rank thelocation you most prefer542.4%13.8%34.6%6.7%5.4%4.4%32.9%25.1%16.1%18.0%
  23. 23. FINDINGS : Impact on student work & habitsDo you think theequipment, facilities &ambience in the LC havemade your group workeasier?6 Do you agree that usingthe LC has improved theoutcome of yourassignments and projectwork?7
  24. 24. FINDINGS : Use of librariesDAILY 28.6%WEEKLY 56.6%MONTHLY9.3%SEMESTER 3.5%NEVER 1.9%YES62.7%NO37.3%How often did you visitLWN Library beforebeing aware of the LC?8 Have you come to LWNLibrary more often since youbecame aware of the LC?9
  25. 25. FINDINGS : Perception of the librarySTRONGLY AGREE42.7%AGREE53.6%NOT SURE3.1%STRONGLYDISAGREE0.6%43.6%40.1%9.5%6.6%0.2%InnovativeResponsive toneedsJust doingtheir jobMuch room forimprovementBackwardsDo you agree thatour Library plays animportant role inproviding LCs oncampus?10 How would you describethe Library today?11
  26. 26. FINDINGS : Likes32.8%17.6%16.7%15.9%11.4%5.5%Comments groups:
  27. 27. FINDINGS : Dislikes46.3%26.4%6.3%5.4%4.5%4.0%3.7%3.4%Comments groups:
  28. 28. SUMMARYLearning pods and multi-screencomputers are considered themost useful and they are usedmore often (88-97% and 87-88%)For group work, the librarylearning commons is preferredover other locations (89%)Build more improvedpods and continue toprovide multi-screenmonitors in LCMeet with relevantparties to discussways to configurelearning servicesDevelop ideas forsupporting groupwork in the LibraryMore than half the LC users needlearning assistance at least someof the time (56-69%)
  29. 29. For individual work, the learning commons is thetop choice (42%), followed by home or dormitory(35%). Only a minority prefer school facilities(7%), other locations on campus (5%) and outsideof campus (4%)SUMMARYThe LC has made group work easier (76%) and hasimproved the outcome of students’ assignmentsand project work (77%)Students visit the Library more often after beingaware of the Learning Commons (63%)
  30. 30. Most students agree that the Library plays animportant role in providing learning commons oncampus (96%)SUMMARYMost students have positive impression of theLibrary and perceived it as innovative andresponsive to needs (84%)Students like the conduciveenvironment, facilities for groupwork and technology in the LCbut find it crowded (46%) andnoisy (26%)Strike a better balancebetween open conceptand need for noiseisolation and privacy
  31. 31. A new learning commons in Business Library
  32. 32. LanguageLearningCornerMinicinemaCareer ResearchCornerA new learning commons in Business LibraryBusiness Lounge Board Room7 discussion pods withsmart boardsDual-screenPCsPhotocopy &printing centreIndividual work stations with single-screen PCsTriple-screenPCsArea: 795 m2
  33. 33. Future of learning commons in NTU LibraryThe learning commons has proven to be a strongattractor in the Library and contributor to betterlearning outcome of studentsLearning commons should not be merely a spaceand facility - need to integrate other functions andservices of the LibraryNeed to explore provision of more on-site servicesat learning commons
  34. 34. THE END