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FCB Partners Course Overview: Process Redesign


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An overview of FCB Partner's 4-day course on Process Redesign. The most hands-on of all the Hammer Certification courses, this course covers mobilization, diagnosis, redesign, and transition to the improved process.

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FCB Partners Course Overview: Process Redesign

  1. 1. Process Redesign Steve Stanton May 12 - 15, 2015
  2. 2. 1©2015 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. Course Overview  Four days (away)  For Process Owners, Process Improvers, Project Team members  Taught via best practices, examples, and cases  Interactive  Practical
  3. 3. 2©2015 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. Our Process for Process Redesign • Develop enterprise process model • Appoint process owners and establish governance • Create Strategic Linkage: process vision and case for action • Select redesign team members • Develop project charter • Develop high-level future-state process design • Assess I/T capabilities and constraints • Build out dimensions and dependencies • Develop metric architecture • Develop business case • Gain necessary approvals • Define and scope the target process • Understand customer requirements • Evaluate the current process • Determine if gap is based on design or execution flaws • Set performance targets for the new design • Develop implementation roadmap • Conduct lab(s) for design and implementation details • Conduct pilot(s) • Develop supporting infrastructure • Rollout • Institutionalize • Re – redesign! Mobilization Redesign TransitionDiagnosis
  4. 4. 3©2015 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. Our Toolset for Process Redesign • Enterprise Process Model • Customer Journey Map • Process Ownership • RACI • Project Chartering • Redesign Patterns • Assess I/T capabilities and constraints • Process Value Drivers • Enterprise Enablers • Process Management Process • Metric Architecture • Roadmap • Sustainment Mobilization Redesign TransitionDiagnosis
  5. 5. 4©2015 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. The Process Management Process Set performance target Develop improvement plan Understand performance gap Measure process performance 1. Understand customer needs (VOC) 2. Benchmark Competitors 3. Translate STRATEGY 4. Assess financial requirements 5. Ensure inter-process linkage 6. Identify technology opportunities Perform process Improve execution (training, tools, personnel, attitudes) Improve design Modify design Redesign Diagnosis Implement change GAP Map process Strategy Identify key measures
  6. 6. 5©2015 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. The Two Faces of Change Process and technology: structured problems envisioning and implementing new ways of working challenges: innovation and complexity clean, neat, utilitarian, elegant creative, logical, disciplined style People: motivational problems helping people through a massive transition challenges: the imponderables of the human psyche messy, personal, emotional, affective empathetic, intuitive, ruthless style On the limitations of traditional change management techniques
  7. 7. 6©2015 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. The Range of Responses  The 20/60/20 distribution – net positive feelings: use – somewhat net negative: enthuse – strongly net negative: lose  Different strategies – engage and encourage to lead – inspire and encourage to participate – marginalize and encourage to leave
  8. 8. 7©2015 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. Upcoming FCB Courses Title Description Accelerated Certification A four-day, extended hours, Hammer Certification class. This immersion program combines course work and individual projects Process Redesign A comprehensive, four-day Hammer Certification class on business process redesign (BPR) Implementing Innovation A three-day, advanced course on building the key processes that can deliver a steady stream of breakthroughs Process Owners in Action A three-day Advanced Certification class on business process management (BPM) for Process Owners and those in similar roles Leading Transformation A three-day Hammer Certification class on process governance and enterprise transformation based on the PEMM™ process maturity model Power of Process A two-day Hammer Certification class on process frameworks and methods
  9. 9. 8©2015 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. Continue the Discussion Online LinkedIn Discussion Groups 1. Process: Business Process Roundtable 2. Enterprise: Continuous Innovation 3. Individuals: Change Agents in Action
  10. 10. 9©2015 FCB Partners. All rights reserved. For More Information FCB Partners Lindsay Field, Program Director 617 245 0265