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FCB Partners Webinar: 10 Ways to Get Buy-In


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Join Walter Popper, Managing Director of FCB Partners as he discusses 10 tried and true methods for obtaining the buy-in you need to get your process project off the ground.

This 30-minute webinar is a prelude to the new, 2-day course Change Leaders and Catalysts, to premiere in Washington D.C. on April 4-5, 2016.

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FCB Partners Webinar: 10 Ways to Get Buy-In

  1. 1. 10  Ways  to  Get  Buy-­‐In   Walter  Popper,  Managing  Director   Webinar     January  13,  2016   For  more  informa6on,  go  to  or  call  Lindsay  Field  617.245.0265  
  2. 2. 1  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   Your  Organiza,on  Is  Changing  and   You’re  the  Designated  Leader   You’ve  accepted  the  role  and  now  you’re  facing  the  reality   —  Sponsor  6me,  aNen6on  …  engagement   —  Ambiguous  mission  –  broad  goals,  narrow  scope   —  Inadequate  resources  –  team,  budget,  and  informa6on   —  Mixed  messages,  conflic6ng  priori6es   —  And  everyone  has  their  day  job   How  will  you  get  the  buy-­‐in  you  need?  
  3. 3. 2  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   Persuasion  Is  Never  Enough  
  4. 4. 3  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   1.  Quan,fy  the  Problem   —  Scan:    Look  at  your  stakeholder’s   objec6ves  and  scorecard   —  Focus:    Select  a  measure.   Highlight  the  gap  –  current  vs.   poten6al   —  Act:    Explain,  discuss  and  engage  
  5. 5. 4  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   2.  Write  a  Headline   —  Scan:    Review  the  problem  and   the  benefits  your  solu6on   provides   —  Focus:    Create  a  catchy  6tle   –  Fast-­‐to-­‐Market   –  Perfect  Order   –  First  Time  Final   —  Act:    Use  it  everywhere  
  6. 6. 5  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   3.  Start  Small   —  Scan:    Regarding  a  known   problem,  ask  ‘What  would  help?’   —  Focus:    Pick  a  few  ideas  –  small   scale,  low  risk,  inexpensive,  near   term   —  Act:    Complete  them  and  repeat  
  7. 7. 6  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   4.  When  An,cipa,ng  Push  Back,  Address   the  Cause     —  Scan:    As  each  stakeholder   responds  to  your  request,   listen  for  their  mo6va6on   —  Focus:    Select  one  concern   you  could  alleviate  or   expecta6on  you  meet   —  Act:    Nego6ate  a  trade  –   I’ll  give  you  X  if  you  give   me  Y  
  8. 8. 7  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   5.  Recruit  Opinion  Leaders   Advisors  your  audience  trusts.  People  who  understand  what  you’re   asking  for  and  will  state  your  case.  Provide  them  informa6on  and   ask  them  for  feedback.    
  9. 9. 8  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   6.  Show  up  in  Mul,ple  Venues   —  Board  Room  and  front  line   —  Business  unit  and  home  office   —  Opera6ons  and  strategic  plan   —  Staff  mee6ng  and  town  hall   If you support their agenda, they’re more likely to support yours.
  10. 10. 9  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   7.  Model  the  Behavior  You  Seek     —  If  it’s  advocacy,  be  the  first   to  speak  out   —  If  it’s  resources,  commit   your  own  best  players   —  If  it’s  budget,  put  your  own   variable  comp  at  risk  
  11. 11. 10  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   8.  Demonstrate  What’s  Possible   —  Proof  of  concept  in  a  safe  lab   environment   —  Concrete  examples  of  what   others  have  done   —  Posi6ve  outliers  among   internal  associates   —  Best  prac6ces  from  the   industry  and  beyond   Disprove  the  asser6on,  “It  will  never  work!’’  
  12. 12. 11  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   9.  Build  Momentum   —  At  every  opportunity  make  a   request   —  Follow  up  systema6cally  –   issues,  ac6ons,  results   —  Take  ground  with  each  interim   accomplishment   —  Report  progress  and  raise  the   bar  for  the  next  round   Build  trust  un6l  buy-­‐in  becomes  the  default  response.  
  13. 13. 12  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   10.  When  You  Get  Buy  In,  Reinforce  It   —  Communicate  progress   both  privately  and  in   public   —  Acknowledge  support   and  contribu6ons   —  Recognize  concerns  and   challenges   —  Return  favors   —  Celebrate  success  
  14. 14. 13  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   FCB  2016  Public  Courses   Event   Dates  and  Loca,on   Process  Redesign   Hammer  Cer5fica5on  Course   Coconut  Grove,  Miami  FL,  February  2-­‐5   Change  Leaders  and  Catalysts*   Advanced  Cer5fica5on  Course   Arlington,  VA,  April  4-­‐5   Implementa,on  and  Execu,on   Advanced  Cer5fica5on  Course   Arlington,  VA,  April  6-­‐7   Process  Redesign   Hammer  Cer5fica5on  Course   Arlington,  VA,  April  5-­‐8   Power  of  Process   Hammer  Cer5fica5on  Course   New  Orleans,  LA,  October  24-­‐25   Leading  Transforma,on   Hammer  Cer5fica5on  Course   New  Orleans,  LA,  October  26-­‐28   *  See  next  page  for  more  informa6on  
  15. 15. 14  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   Change  Leaders  and  Catalysts   A  course  on  advocacy,  sponsorship,  and  influence  for  business  process  change  management   When  you  change  what  people  do – how  they  work,  tools  they  use,  performance  measures,  and  who’s   in  charge  –  you  need  a  change  strategy:    Why,  what,  where,  and  how  things  will  change.   What  we  cover:    Early-­‐stage  change  management   •  Establishing  ‘why’  –  the  case  for  ac6on   •  Nego6a6ng  ‘what’  –  project  sponsor,  process  owner,  and  func6on  managers   •  Targe6ng  ‘where’  –  project  gates,  process  steps,  and  performer  roles   •  Techniques  for  ‘how’  –  stakeholder  mapping,  communica6ons,  and  influence   Who  should  take  this  course:    Early  stage  process  and  project  leaders   •  Business  Process  Managers   •  Business  and  IT  Project  Managers   •  Lean,  Six  Sigma  and  IT  specialists     What  you  will  learn   •  Create  and  communicate  a  compelling  narra6ve   •  Recruit  a  network  of  decision  makers,  opinion  leaders,  and  doers   •  Build  momentum  through  words,  ac6ons,  and  events   •  Accelerate  buy-­‐in  and  set  the  stage  for  improvement  
  16. 16. 15  ©2016  FCB  Partners.  All  rights  reserved.   For  More  Informa,on   FCB  Partners     Lindsay  Field,  Program  Director   617  245  0265