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Who Wants to be an FBLA-PBL National Officer?


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Looking for the leadership experience of a lifetime? This presentation details the opportunities and responsibilities of an FBLA-PBL National Officer.

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Who Wants to be an FBLA-PBL National Officer?

  1. 1. Who Wants To Be an Officer?How to Prepare for Local, State, and National Office
  2. 2. Three Different Officer Levels Local State National
  3. 3. FBLA-PBL Builds LeadersBefore you can leadothers, you must be able tolead yourself.
  4. 4. Understand Our MissionTo bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.
  5. 5. Knowledge is Key
  6. 6. Attend the NLC and IFL in San Antonio, Texas
  7. 7. Learn How to Score a Campaign Win Look over the duties of your local, state, or national officer positions Talk with your local/state adviser to get more information on running for an office Get a copy of the FBLA-PBL National Officer Candidate Guide Talk to current officers for the level and/or position for which you want to run
  8. 8. Duties of the Regional Vice Presidents Assist the president in the promotion and development of their respective regions Preside at the Regional Meetings at the NLC Manage Regional Web Sites Manage Regional Action Councils
  9. 9. National Parliamentarian• Advise the President of the orderly conduct of business in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and the bylaws• Promote parliamentary knowledge and awareness• Point person for the March of Dimes
  10. 10. National Treasurer Assist the National Office in keeping a record of all national officer travel Manage the National Treasurer’s Council Spearhead getting sponsorships, exhibitors, scholarships Secure items for the NLC silent auction
  11. 11. National Secretary Prepare the National Officer Team Program of Work and updates Prepare minutes of meetings Prepare a spreadsheet of State Officer and Key State Contacts Monthly Team Summary Report Develop content/post on Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc. Prepare National Officer Team electronic scrapbook
  12. 12. National President Preside over National Officer Team meetings and business meetings of FBLA or PBL Serve as a member of the National Board of Directors E-blasts to State Officers/State Advisers National Officer Mid-Year and Annual Report
  13. 13. Candidate Check List Turn in your application – receipt date – May 15 Start making a plan, select a campaign manager Set dates of when you want things done, pace yourself Set a budget for your campaign Make a contact sheet for campaign staff In the late stages of your campaign, make a schedule for the national conference
  14. 14. Other Tips Find a balance between professionalism and fun in your speech Make sure you tie your platform/theme into it Make your ideas easy to understand, don’t be wordy Get input from others and practice in front of them Think of questions that you think delegates might ask you and create answers on note cards
  15. 15. More Tips• Create a reasonable/attainable platform• Come up with a catchy theme that ties into your platform • Try to include your name within your theme • Come up with something that is catchy or rhymes (e.g. Earn High Marx for FBLA – Vote Drew Marx for National Treasurer)• Tie your theme into every aspect of your campaign
  16. 16. Additional Ideas Try to find a way to incorporate your chapter(s) and its members into your campaign Always plan for more materials than you will need, but don’t be too excessive Practice your speech – make sure to adhere to the time limit. Remember to always smile whenever you are in public, NO MATTER WHAT! Have a positive relationship with your opponent(s), you will most likely have to work with them in the future
  17. 17. Have an Elevator Speech• Both voting delegates and conference delegates will ask candidates questions in the campaign hall• Make sure to have an elevator speech ready that includes your unique platform goals
  18. 18. Brochures
  19. 19. Campaign Booths Have give-always: candy, theme items, stickers Include platform on brochures Ask for donations from businesses
  20. 20. Reminders Application Candidate Briefings Interviews at NLC Campaign Booth Speech No rehearsal for installation New Officer Orientation/Breakfast
  21. 21. Questions If we run out of time and are not able to answer your question, you will receive an individual e-mail response. Contact us anytime at
  22. 22. Connect With
  23. 23. Webinar Wednesday “Road to San Antonio”  Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 4:00 pm EDT Archived Webinars on YouTube  Going for the Win: Preparing for Competition  Involving the Pros  Navigating Your Way Through the BAA  Involving Your Elected Officials