Road to Anaheim 2013 - NLC Webinar


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Get the Inside Scoop on All Things #NLC2013!

Discover tips on getting the most out of the FBLA-PBL 2013 National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California

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  • Hello and welcome to Webinar Wednesday! Today ’s session, “Countdown to Anaheim” will offer a preview of the 2013 National Leadership Conference.   My name is Richard Bowen, Conference Director, at FBLA-PBLs National Office. Please note that all information we are sharing today is on our website at
  • All PBL conference activities are at the Anaheim Hilton.
  • Richard: Anaheim Convention Center – Hall D – is the location of the FBLA Opening General Session and Awards of Excellence Program.
  • Richard: FBLA Conference logistics: Hilton Anaheim will have - Competitive Events, Online Testing, Exhibits, MarketPlace, NLC & IFL Registration, Conference & Competitive Events Headquarters, Silent Auction, Tour & Photo Desks. Located across the street from the Hilton is the Anaheim Marriott FBLA - Institute for Leaders, Regional Meetings, Workshops All hotels are within walking distance of each other. Make sure you allow enough time to get from point A to point B. Walking time from the hotel to your competitions or workshops, and don ’t forget elevator delays. The conference attire is Business but, You can wear comfortable shoes while walking to the conference and bring your dress shoes to attend all conference activities.
  • Richard: The conference begins with our Premier program “Institute for Leaders”, an intensive day and a half training program which starts the day before each NLC. It’s where you will find FBLA-PBL’s most dedicated members, outstanding speakers, and powerful business leadership training. More information on this exciting and new IFL program look in the NLC Guide.
  • Barb to cover… We have two new options those departing a little later on July 1. Texting Champ – Practice in advance, and Compete onsite on July for chances to win cash prizes. Members and Advisers Certifications Tests…….
  • RICHARD: Showing now are some deadline dates for the conference. I ’ve Highlighted a few key deadlines. These can also be found in the 2013 NLC Guide on page 4. They include deadlines for: Internship and candidate applications; registration and voting: and Hotel Reservation cutoff. If these dates are not met, your students may not be eligible to vote, run for a national office, or have events prejudged. Now here ’s Marisa to give a quick overview of the NLC dress code.
  • Road to Anaheim 2013 - NLC Webinar

    1. 1. Do you have any questions?  Leave a YouTube Comment  @FBLA_National  @PBL_National Register now at
    2. 2. PBL Conference Dates FBLA Conference Dates IFL June 21-22 IFL June 26-27 NLC June 22-25 NLC June 27-June 30
    3. 3. Anaheim Convention Center Register now at
    4. 4. Anaheim Convention Center Hall D FBLA Opening Session & Awards of Excellence Anaheim Marriott Grand Plaza Hilton AnaheimDoubltree Clarion Hotel Sheraton Park Anaheim Suites Red Lion Maingate Register now at
    5. 5. Institute for Leaders: Innovation Adventure! PBL IFL (Hilton Anaheim)  June 21, 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.  June 22, 8:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. FBLA IFL (Anaheim Marriott)  June 26, 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.  June 27, 8:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. FBLA IFL Registration is located at the Hilton Anaheim Register now at
    6. 6. New, July 1 Events Texting Champ  Time Paid Certification Tests  Time  Tests offered Register now at
    7. 7. DeadlinesMay 7: Receipt Deadline May 20: Receipt Deadline•PBL and FBLA NLC internship applications • NLC and IFL early bird registration and payment May 25: Receipt DeadlineMay 10: Receipt Deadline • Housing forms to the hotel•NLC competitive events program entries including allforms, reports, and resumes (submitted by state chapter) June 1: Postmarked Deadline • Draft copy of national officer candidate speech,May 11 Receipt Deadline campaign materials, and financial statement•National Anthem audition CDs due June 2: Receipt Deadline • PBL local voting delegate registrationMay 15: Receipt Deadline • NLC or IFL registration refund requests•March of Dimes Mission LIFT report June 7: Receipt Deadline•PBL and FBLA national officer candidate applications • FBLA local voting delegate registrationMay 18: Receipt Deadline June 14: Receipt Deadline•NLC school site computer test (submitted by state chapter) • NLC, IFL, and certification exams preregistration Register now at
    8. 8. Dress for Success Business attire is required for all activities except the social event Applies to all students AND advisers National dress code may differ from your state For ladies, open-toe and sling-back shoes are fine Comfortable walking for walking to/from the conference Dress shoes for all conference activities Register now at
    9. 9. Do you have any questions?  Leave a YouTube Comment  @FBLA_National  @PBL_National Register now at