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Program of Work: 2014-15 FBLA National Officers


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Preview the Program of Work from your 2014-15 FBLA National Officer Team

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Program of Work: 2014-15 FBLA National Officers

  1. 1. 2014-15 FBLA P.O.W. National Program of Work Sam
  2. 2. Meet The Team! Sam
  3. 3. National President Sam Kessler, Pennsylvania
  4. 4. Eastern Region Vice President Sabrena Sabet, New York
  5. 5. Southern Region Vice President Nick Crawford, Georgia
  6. 6. North-Central Region Vice President Madisyn Harris, Missouri
  7. 7. Mountain Plains Region Vice President Sarah Niederee, Kansas
  8. 8. Western Region Vice President Ian Mullane, Arizona
  9. 9. National Parliamentarian Hiral Patel, Washington
  10. 10. National Treasurer Ruben Torres, Illinois
  11. 11. National Secretary Annika Mulaney, Florida
  12. 12. Customer Service Relationships Resources Image and Awareness Goals
  13. 13. Customer Service To be responsive to the needs of students, advisers, and business customers Sam
  14. 14. To increase membership by 2% (4,082) Retain membership Sam
  15. 15. Recruitment Strategy Guide • Located in revamped E-Learning Center • Curated by National Officer Team • Reach out to Big Ten • Includes: – School Background – Key contacts – User-submitted documents Sam
  16. 16. FBLA Middle Level Internships • One shadow per National Office – Upcoming Freshman – Applications and recommendations from local chapter advisers Sarah
  17. 17. Home State Advantage • Each officer is assigned a Host State along with their own – Regional VPs are responsible for following up with chapters in their presiding region – Monthly reports must be sent to the National President (part of monthly report form) Sabrena
  18. 18. Social Media • Promote National Programs through the use of social media – Distribute packet of programs – Utilize State Officer Boardroom on Facebook Ian
  19. 19. FBLA State-opoly • Promote FBLA State-opoly to states – State Officer Boardroom on Facebook – NFLC State Officer Track NIck
  20. 20. Chapter Challenge Categories • Super Sweeps – Membership recruitment • Non Stop November – Membership Involvement • Action Awareness – Publicity Ruben
  21. 21. Chapter Challenge • Chapters will be required to complete tasks for a specific goal (recruitment, involvement, publicity) • Chapters will receive a certificate at NFLC after successfully completing the specific challenge – Ribbons at both the NFLC & NLC • Social media/national website recognition Ruben
  22. 22. Seven Up • Local chapters increase membership by 7 members over last years total – Top 7 states with largest percentage of chapter involvement will be recognized at the NLC – Chapters will receive ribbons at the NLC Sarah
  23. 23. Community Service Award • Individual program which recognizes members for their involvement in community service – Has three levels: Community, Service and Award – Members can record hours from August 1, 2013 (since the program began) – Winners will receive a certificate after completion • Award winners will be awarded a pin at NLC Hiral
  24. 24. BAAttle of the Regions • Each region will compete for highest participation in BAAs – Based on weighted scale of four levels and the total numbers of chapters Sabrena
  25. 25. Good Neighbor • Members are encouraged to recruit/reactivate chapters • Successful members receive “Good Neighbor” Ribbons at NLC Ian
  26. 26. To provide 2+ coupons per TBL issue Sarah
  27. 27. TBL Coupons • Place membership benefit coupons throughout Tomorrow’s Business Leader • Use sponsorships/current benefits to source coupons Sarah
  28. 28. Relationships To have the most effective partnerships of any career and student organization! Madisyn
  29. 29. To promote and help raise funds for the March of Dimes for an 11% increase (total of $500,000) Madisyn
  30. 30. March to the Top • Program recognizing chapters with outstanding contributions to the March of Dimes • Local chapters that donate $5,000 or more will receive a breakfast with the National Officers for all chapter members in attendance at NLC Madisyn
  31. 31. Fundraising Guide • Curate an online guide for chapters to utilize to help fundraise and spread awareness for charities • Found in E-Learning Center, same format as recruitment guide Hiral
  32. 32. Expand internal relationships with positive feedback Sabrena
  33. 33. NFLC State Officer Track • Expand on last year by making things more interactive and hands-on • Pair officer positions together • Host pin-trading exhibition at track kickoff • Give a wrap-up evaluation to all attendees Sabrena
  34. 34. Connect with State Presidents quarterly Sam
  35. 35. Quarterly Google Hangouts • Hangouts for each region moderated by Regional VP – Town hall – State Presidents deliver a 3 minute “State of the State” Report • Follow-up hangout with National Officer Team for discussion/synthesis of the regional hangouts Sam
  36. 36. Expand partnerships with sponsors and learn from real business leaders (1+ sponsor-run workshop at two national conferences) Annika
  37. 37. Sponsor Workshop Pilots • All officers will work towards getting sponsors to deliver pilot workshops at the following national conferences • 1 workshop at D.C. NFLC • 1 workshop at Chicago NLC Annika
  38. 38. Resources To focus on obtaining business and corporate sponsorships for our competitive events, membership, and scholarship programs Nick
  39. 39. To continue scholarship program Nick
  40. 40. Merit-Based Scholarships • Continue a merit-based scholarship program to aid members toward attending conferences Nick
  41. 41. To increase Marketplace sales by 5% Hiral
  42. 42. Marketplace Promotion • Promote merchandise through Twitter account • Post new or sale products with pricing and links Hiral
  43. 43. To secure 10 items for the silent auction Annika
  44. 44. Silent Auction Donations • Contact celebrities and corporate businesses • Ask each state for a state-themed basket • Have a National Officer basket ($5 item from every officer) Annika
  45. 45. To have 2 exhibitors secured by the National Team Sarah
  46. 46. Securing Conference Exhibitors • Secure exhibitors by reaching out to companies with a history of collaborating with CTSOs Sarah
  47. 47. To secure 2 new competitive event sponsorships Ruben
  48. 48. Competitive Event Sponsorships • All officers use personal connections to secure potential competitive event sponsors Ruben
  49. 49. Image & Awareness To be the best known career and student organization in the country! Madisyn
  50. 50. To double followers and likes on our social media Madisyn
  51. 51. Refine & Expand Social Media • Refine and expand social media presence • Facebook – “the story” with logistics, winners, and in-depth news • Twitter – “the headline” with fundraising, interactions, anything short • Instagram – “the window” with pictures of conferences, meetings, community service, social activities Madisyn
  52. 52. To create videos for a variety of purposes Sam
  53. 53. Officer Videos Video topics: • National programs • Get to know your officers • Updates • Program of Work • Presidential Addresses – Semester – Quarterly Sam
  54. 54. “I meant what I said, and I said what I meant” -Dr. Seuss On behalf of the entire team: