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Introducing the FBLA-Middle Level High 5 Leadership Achievement Program


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The FBLA-Middle Level High 5 program is a chapter-based leadership achievement program for middle and junior high school students.

The High 5 program covers five leadership areas:

* Chapter
* School
* Business
* Community
* Career

Students receive recognition with each level of completion.

*** FBLA-Middle Level Advisers: Access the program with your Chapter # and Password at ***

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Introducing the FBLA-Middle Level High 5 Leadership Achievement Program

  1. 1. Leadership Achievement Program Preview
  2. 2. 5 Leadership Areas 1. Chapter 2. School 3. Business 4. Community 5. Career
  3. 3. 5 Activities for Each Leadership Area 25 total individual & team activities Drives chapter spirit Promotes FBLA involvement
  4. 4. Youthful Design
  5. 5. Integrate 20 Essential Skills Sets Cross-referenced activities cover: Math Writing Technology Entrepreneurship Computer skills and more…
  6. 6. Map Your Journey
  7. 7. Adviser Guide Full set of resources with: Teaching Tools Tips FAQs
  8. 8. Customizable, Easy-to-Use Customize the program to meet your classroom needs Use outside the classroom (after-school, chapter) Introduce activities with PowerPoint presentations
  9. 9. Track Students’ Progress
  10. 10. Member Recognition When members complete 5 activities in one of the Leadership Areas… Print a Personalized Certificate Sign AWARD!
  11. 11. National Recognition Certificate of Recognition from FBLA-PBL, Inc. for students who achieve all 5 Leadership Areas Future Business Leaders of America Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. is pleased to recognize Hamden Forkner Science Hill Middle School as an outstanding FBLA Middle Level member who has demonstrated superior leadership skills and dedication in completing the High 5 Leadership Achievement Program CONGRATULATIONS! ____________________________ Jean M. Buckley |President & CEO February 2, 2014
  12. 12. Additional Features No additional cost – Included in membership Flexible – Integrate into your classroom or other school setting Freedom – Customize and substitute activities Year-Round program – Deadlines set by advisers
  13. 13. Start Today Visit the Membership Registration area to download your materials and register your students…