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FBLA-PBL - How to Register Members


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How to register your new or returning members

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FBLA-PBL - How to Register Members

  1. 1. Know your chapter number and password0 If you do not already know your Chapter # please e-mail custserv@fbla.org0 Your password is service0 Go the National web site
  2. 2. Click onMembership
  3. 3. Select the Register now Option
  4. 4. You will be prompted to enteryour chapter # and password
  5. 5. Welcome!
  6. 6. Description of Registration Information Steps 1-7Step 1−School Information: Review current school information. To update contact information click the "Edit School Information" button.Step 2−Adviser and Principal Information: Review and update adviser contact information to receive national mailings. There must be atleast one person designated as a primary adviser.Step 3−Select Prior Year Members or Add New Members: If your school had members last year, select members from last year’s roster tomove to the current year and click "Go To Members Page". (Members are shown 50 at a time.) If you are not selecting members from lastyear, go to the bottom of the page and click "Go To Members Page". If you did not have members last year simply add members for this year.Once all names have been added, click "Post and Continue".Step 4−Professional Members: Add any Professional Division members including address, titles, organization, e-mail, phone, and fax.Step 5−State and National Dues: Review the total amount of state and national dues for the most recent invoice. For details on your state andnational dues. (FBLA-PBL Membership dues are unified. State dues and National dues must be paid to be considered a member.)Step 6−National Scholarships: Contribute to national scholarships (optional)Step 7−Invoice/Receipt or Statement: Once you have completed your registration please review the information. You can print the page asyour invoice/receipt. You may also click on the Statement link for a list of invoices without the student member names. For all dues mailed tothe national center please include either one copy of the invoice/receipt or the statement. Make sure the printout indicates which invoicesyour payment covers.
  7. 7. If you are renewing a member select from the roster, do not re-type the students name0 Select students from a 0 Prior Years Members list of Prior year members HERE
  8. 8. If you are adding a brand newmember select the addition sign0 Select Addition sign 0 Add the members name
  9. 9. Continue through steps 3-7
  10. 10. Finalize Membership0 Feel free to mail a check 0 All checks are payable to with a copy of the FBLA-PBL invoice. 0 FBLA-PBL0 Or, you can pay with P.O. Box 79063 Visa, MasterCard, or Baltimore, MD 21279 American Express 0 Purchase orders are accepted but not as forms of payment
  11. 11. Reminder0 Please register for the Adviser’s Only Area, for full access to everything FBLA, FBLA-ML, and PBL Advisers need to run a successful chapter.
  12. 12. Adviser Only Area 0 If you have never registered for this area select the second option: Need to register for this area. 0 You create your own user name and password
  13. 13. Adviser Area Only Con’t
  14. 14. Contact FBLA-PBL0 If you have any questions in regards to your membership feel free to contact FBLA-PBL:0 1-800-325-29460 membership@fbla.org0