2013 Welcome Back Webinar


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Membership Director Lisa Smothers, FBLA National President Cole Simmons, and PBL National President Donnie Iorio welcome members back to a new FBLA-PBL year.

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  • LISA:Welcome back to an exciting, new membership year and to the first in our series of Webinar Wednesdays.In order to promote FBLA-PBL, it is important that you have a snapshot of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda. We are a non-profit educational association with a quarter million members preparing for careers in business and business-related fields. There are four divisions. The high school is the largest division with 203,000 members, while the middle school division has more than 20,000 members. PBL, the postsecondary division, has approximately 11,000 members and the Professional Division reaches over 3,000 members.FBLA-PBL is recognized by several educational associations as well as the U.S. Department of Education.
  • LISA: Today, we are pleased to have both the FBLA and the PBL National Presidents who will be presenting brief updates about what each of their National Teams are focusing on this year. We will begin Coleour FBLA President. Donnie, our PBL President will follow.Cole update . . . Donnie update . . .
  • Cole: Thank you, Mrs. Smothers.Every year we send chapters a membership poster that advisers can display in their classroom or around campus. It follows the membership theme which is “Excellence in Action”. There is also an online video for each division on the home page of our web site. This recruitment tool, at just over two minutes in length, was designed for advisers to play at the beginning of a class. Students should pay dues right away so they can be submitted by October 20, which is the first membership deadline.Remember, students do not receive membership benefits until dues are paid.
  • Cole: The most important resource that any chapter has is its membership. Many local chapters form a recruitment committee that involves both new and returning members. Get the word out about FBLA-PBL! Remember, people like visuals. Create a chapter display case and keep it up-to-date with pictures, articles, and awards. Design chapter t-shirts for all members to wear on the day of chapter meetings. MarketPlace can make customer chapter t-shirts for your local chapter.Talk it up! Members who are enthusiastic about FBLA-PBL will spark an interest in other prospective members. Now here’s Donnie to talk about planning a recruitment campaign.
  • Donnie: Set a goal for your chapter. How many new members would you like to gain? It’s always good to overshoot on your goals and set high expectations. Next, make a game plan. Create a list of steps you will take in order to recruit your new members. What kind of people are you looking to attract? How will you advertise? What will you say once you have caught the attention of the new members?Don’t forget about those who were members of your chapter last year. You should rely on them for help with your recruiting efforts. Lisa, back to you.
  • LISA: Active, long term members are vital to your chapter’s success. They are your source of leadership and serve as important role models for new members and can carry on the torch into the next year. Get them involved in the recruitment activities. Have them distribute brochures and information packets about your chapter activities to potential members who visit your meetings.Tabling is among the most effective recruitment strategies. Members could take shifts at an informational table in high traffic areas at different sporting events, in the student union or cafeteria, or at an activities fair.An effective table or booth is colorful, interactive, and informative. Try having candy at the table, showing a membership video, or displaying a chapter scrapbook.Members should attend local and state activities and events.
  • LISA: You need to plan to meet on a regular basis--How often will be up to the adviser.With other school organizations and clubs competing for membership, it is important that FBLA-PBL make lasting impression on prospective new members. Publicity is critical in order to communicate to your students what FBLA-PBL does, what it stands for, and the opportunities any person can experience as a member. Remember – food helps!
  • LISA: Developing an agenda is extremely important to allow everyone to stay on track and focused on our mission.Have your officers discuss the different activities that the local chapter will participate in. Photocopy and hand out a recruitment brochure highlighting events and important dates.If your officers utilize an agenda to stay organized and make the meetings informative and fun, you will be well on your way to a successful year.Now here’s Cole with some additional tips for your chapter.
  • COLE: FBLA-PBL members have grown up with technology, so use it to your advantage. When students sign up to become a member of your chapter, record their cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Divide up the list among your local chapter officers so that they can text reminders to all members about meetings, projects, or activitiesHave your members go through the various sections of the National Web site– there is a wealth of information on conferences, scholarships, programs, and activities. In addition, FBLA-PBL has a Facebook page, a twitter account, linked in groups, and a national blog.
  • COLE: FBLA-PBL offers several incentives to local chapters and members to help build membership. Members recruiting either 5 or 10 new members are rewarded with a certificate of recognition through theMembership Madness and Membership Mania programs.Chapters are recognized with certificates of recognition for maintaining or increasing their membership totals from the previous year or signing up all students in one class for FBLA-PBL. Please note: you may only receive 100% class participation for one class each year.April 1 is the deadline for these awards.Donnie – back to you.
  • Donnie: Our curriculum-related programs provide our members with unique opportunities to practice the skills and knowledge that they are learningin the classroom. Let’s focus on two programs that your local chapter can plan for. America Saves is a program of the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) centered around America Saves Week (February 25-March 3), and is national effort aimed teaching and motivating students to save moneythrough financial action—making a commitment that they will spend less than they make and save the difference. CFA provides training to advisers and students, materials, resources, and many events are sponsored by business partners and include cash awards.i-SAFE, a non profit foundation and worldwide leader in Internet Education, offers online training for members to getting involved in service learning activities ranging from conducting student assemblies to speaking to parent groups.Information on these programs and all of our partners can be found on the Chapter Management Handbook or online under Membership Benefits.
  • Donnie: Our organization also encourages local chapters to promote our National Celebrations. November 15 is recognized each year as American Enterprise day and is set aside to salute and promote the American free enterprise system and to teach others about it. FBLA-PBL week is the second week of February. During this time, chapters are encouraged to publicize their success, boost their membership, and gear up for their Spring activities. Many chapters plan special activities for each day of the week. As FBLA-PBL Week coincides each year with National Career and Technical Education Month, this is an excellent time to inform the public about school-to-work activities and programs in general. Now here’s Lisa.
  • LISA: Sponsor high visibility community service activities that will help generate publicity for your local chapter.Get involved with other organizations in your school and their activities, or invite them to join yours. Ask for everyone’s opinions on chapter events. Don’t forget, people work hard for what they are a part of building.
  • LISA: FBLA-PBL offers a program described in the Recognition section of the Chapter Management Handbook called the Business Achievement Awards for FBLA (BAA), and the Career and Membership Achievement Awards (CMAP) for PBL.Everything is online and interactive. There is no paperwork!There is a heavy emphasis on education with integrated classroom projects. Each level builds upon the other with the top level being recognized at the National Leadership Conference. Preview activities for each level are included online under the BAA or CMAP tabs on the national web site.Remember, advisers must register students in the Adviser Area of the Web site before students can log on with a log in and password. Here’s Cole to update you at national conferences.
  • Cole: FBLA-PBL provides students with many different travel opportunities. The National level offers a leadership conference in the Fall that is designed to jump-start your FBLA-PBL year. This conference is offered in three different locations: Grapevine, TX – November 8-9; Cleveland, OH – November 15-16, and Salt Lake City, UT – November 22-23.To register, go to our web site at www.fbla-pbl.org and click on conference.An NFLC promotional video that can be shown at a local chapter meeting is also located in this area of our Web site.
  • Cole: The National Leadership Conference (NLC) concludes the year and sets the stage for the upcoming school year. The best and the brightest of FBLA and PBL convene to compete in leadership events, share their successes, and learn new ideas about shaping their career future through workshops and exhibits. Next year’s NLC will be here before you know it, so make plans now to make sure that your chapter is in attendance. The dates will be:PBL – June 24-27FBLA – June 29 – July 2
  • DONNIE: OK . . . We had a number of questions submitted during the presentation, and we’ll start getting to those now. If we run out of time, wewill e-mail you individually to answer any question that we were not able to get to.The first question . . . . I’d like to thank each of you for your participation today. Don’t miss the next Webinar on the National Fall Leadership Conferences which is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2.This presentation, hosted by Richard Bowen, Conference Director, will offer a sneak peak at three upcoming NFLCs which will be held in Grapevine, Cleveland, and Salt Lake City in November.I hope you have a great week!
  • 2013 Welcome Back Webinar

    1. 1. Welcome Back to FBLA-PBL Excellence in Action
    2. 2. • Quarter million members • 6,000 active local chapters • No dues for advisers • Divisions • FBLA • FBLA-ML • PBL • Professional Division FBLA-PBL Overview
    3. 3. Cole Simmons FBLA National President Georgia Southern Region Donnie Iorio PBL National President South Carolina Southern Region Updates from the FBLA and PBL National Presidents
    4. 4. To bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. Promote our Mission
    5. 5. • Promote FBLA-PBL • Quarter of a million members strong • Membership poster • Publications • Pay dues early • October 20 first deadline Focus on Recruitment and Retention
    6. 6. Promote What Students Can Receive with their Membership • Membership card • Free certification test • Scholarships • Outstanding leadership opportunities
    7. 7. • A well planned, aggressive recruitment campaign can strengthen a chapter and increase its membership Plan a Recruitment Campaign
    8. 8. • Target—member increase • Make a game plan Come Up with Goals Get New Members What to Say Reasons to Join Scholarships, Networ king, Travel, Leaders hip, Fun What to Do Welcome Back Party Invitations Where to Look Business Students Underclassmen
    9. 9. Plan Strategies
    10. 10. • How often will you meet? • What will you do to encourage students to attend? • How are you going to promote your meetings? Promote Local Chapter Meetings
    11. 11. • Prepare an agenda and distribute at meeting • Call to order • Calendar overview • Guest speaker • Date of next meeting • Ice cream social • Adjournment Know What Should Happen at a Meeting
    12. 12. • National website • fbla-pbl.org • Social Media • Twitter • LinkedIn • Facebook • FBLA-PBL blog • YouTube • Flickr Take Advantage of Social Media
    13. 13. • Membership Madness • Recruit 5 members • Membership Mania • Recruit 10 members • Membership Achievement • Equal or beat previous year membership totals • 100% Class Participation • All students in one class join FBLA- PBL Take Advantage of Membership Recognition Programs
    14. 14. • Stock Market Game • Virtual Business Challenge • America Saves Week • Job Shadow Day • Brainbench • i-SAFE • Junior Tours National Programs
    15. 15. • American Enterprise Day • November 15 • FBLA-PBL Week • February 9-15 • Community Service Day • February 15 Promote National Celebrations
    16. 16. Plan Community Service Activities
    17. 17. • Business Achievement Awards (BAA) • 4 Individual Levels • Future • Business • Leader • America • Career and Membership Achievement Awards (CMAP) • 3 Individual Levels • Director • Executive • President Get Individual Members Involved
    18. 18. Offered in 3 different locations in November  Chapter and personal development workshops  Motivating keynote speakers  State Officer Track  New adviser training Attend the NFLC
    19. 19. 2014 National Leadership Conference Nashville, Tennessee June 24-27—PBL June 29-July 2—FBLA National Recognition Officer Campaigns
    20. 20. • If we run out of time and are not able to answer your question, you will receive an individual e-mail response. • Contact us anytime at general@fbla.org Questions
    21. 21. • FBLA-PBL Social Networks • Facebook • Twitter • FBLA_National • PBL_National • LinkedIn • YouTube • Flickr Connect With Us