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2012 Welcome Back Webinar - Sept. 12, 2012


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Hosted by FBLA and PBL Presidents, Nikitas Kanelllakopoulos and Donnie Iorio, the Webinar Wednesday series is sure to Ignite Innovation among chapters across the nation. This webinar is designed for both members and advisers, highlighting the importance of membership recruitment and retention, running efficient chapter meetings, planning innovative service projects, and much more.

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2012 Welcome Back Webinar - Sept. 12, 2012

  1. 1. THE WEBINAR WILL BEGIN SHORTLY Lisa Smothers Membership Director Donnie Iorio PBL National President
  3. 3. FBLA-PBL OVERVIEW• Quarter Million Members• 6,000 active local chapters• No dues for advisers• Divisions • FBLA • FBLA-ML • PBL • Professional Division
  4. 4. GREETINGS FROM THE NATIONAL OFFICERTEAMS FBLA National OfficerDonnie Iorio TeamPBL National PresidentSouth CarolinaSouthern Region PBL National Officer Team
  5. 5. PROMOTE OUR MISSIONTo bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.
  6. 6. FOCUS ON RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION• Promote FBLA-PBL • Quarter of a Million Members Strong• Membership Poster• Publications• Pay dues early • October 20 first deadline
  7. 7. PROMOTE BENEFITS • Membership Card • Free Certification Test • Scholarships • Outstanding Leadership Opportunities
  8. 8. PLAN A RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN• A well planned, aggressive recruitment campaign can strengthen a chapter and increase its membership
  9. 9. SET GOALS• Target—Member Increase• Make a Game Plan
  10. 10. PLAN STRATEGIES• Create posters and brochures• Create an exhibit booth or have a table in a high traffic area• Show pictures of past members in fun displays• Create chapter t-shirts• Give away food or candy• Use FBLA-PBL membership poster and membership videos• Attend local and state activities
  12. 12. PROMOTE LOCAL CHAPTER MEETINGS• How often will you meet?• What will you do to encourage students to attend?• How are you going to promote your meetings?
  13. 13. KNOW WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN AT A MEETING• Prepare an agenda and distribute at meeting • Call to Order • Calendar Overview • Guest Speaker • Date of Next Meeting • Ice Cream Social • Adjournment
  14. 14. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA• National Web site •• Social Media • Twitter • LinkedIn • Facebook • FBLA-PBL blog • YouTube • Flickr
  15. 15. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MEMBERSHIPRECOGNITION PROGRAMS• Membership Madness • Recruit 5 members• Membership Mania • Recruit 10 members• Membership Achievement • Equal or beat previous year membership totals• 100% Class Participation • All students in one class join FBLA-PBL
  16. 16. NATIONAL PROGRAMS• Stock Market Game• Virtual Business Finance Challenge• America Saves Week• Job Shadow Day• Brainbench• Junior Tours
  17. 17. PROMOTE NATIONAL CELEBRATIONS• American Enterprise Day • November 15• FBLA-PBL Week • February 10-16• Community Service Day • February 16
  19. 19. GET INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS INVOLVED• Business Achievement Awards (BAA) • 4 Individual Levels • Future • Business • Leader • America• Career and Membership Achievement Awards (CMAP) • 3 Individual Levels • Director • Executive • President
  20. 20. ATTEND THE NFLC2012 National Fall Leadership Conference Indianapolis, IN—November 2-3 Denver, CO—November 9-10 Charlotte, NC—November 16-17
  21. 21. 2013 NATIONAL LEADERSHIPCONFERENCE Anaheim, California June 22-25—PBL June 27-30—FBLA National Recognition Officer Campaigns
  22. 22. QUESTIONS• If we run out of time and are not able to answer your question, you will receive an individual e- mail response.• Contact us anytime at
  23. 23. CONNECT WITH US• FBLA-PBL Social Networks • Facebook • Twitter • FBLA_National • PBL_National • LinkedIn • YouTube • Flickr
  24. 24. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION• 2012-2013 Tentative Webinar Wednesday Schedule• October 3 - Informative NFLCs• November 14- BAA and CMAP• December 5- Professional Division• January 9- Recruitment and Retention• February 6- FBLA-PBL Week• March 6- FBLA Competitive Events• March 13- PBL Competitive Events• May 8- NLC Anaheim