Family Business Leadership Protocols


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Few careful steps to help a lot in maintaining the peace and decorum of family business.

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Family Business Leadership Protocols

  2. 2. In family business the set of protocols vary since there is an additional variable - The family members _7835996-happy-business-people-standing-together.jpg
  3. 3. Rules need to be set in order to improve the functioning of the business.
  4. 4. which can be beneficial in the long run for a family business Here are some practical ways
  5. 5. The employment level of each family member needs to be well defined. 1 So the responsibilities are adhered to and the consistency and stability is maintained.
  6. 6. The conditions and expectations are known, Then weight of underachievement and entitlement mentality can be avoided. 1
  7. 7. Position of seniority should be purely on the performance and own merits. 2 Thus the employee must be qualified and efficient enough to carry out their responsibilities and exercise rights.
  8. 8. 3 The standards set for family members should be higher than other employees.  As they have a personal interest in the organization and profit will collective being laurels to the family.
  9. 9. 4 Sensitive family related issues should not surface during business discussion. if they do they should be solved amicably.
  10. 10. Thus a few careful steps will help a lot in maintaining the peace and decorum of family business. Bringing huge rewards to the business as a whole.
  11. 11. Be part of a World Class Social Platform - Handle changes in your Family Business. Surviving and Thriving in your Family Business