FBA Ukrainian IT services for Finnish Companies


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  • Great presentation. There are lots of opportunities. I enroll to a skype ukrainian school at http://preply.com/en/ukrainian-by-skype and they also agree about the strong relationship of Ukraine and Finland in business
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  • Interesting opportunities for Finnish IT-companies and software developers.
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FBA Ukrainian IT services for Finnish Companies

  1. 1. Ukrainian IT services and outsourcing Finnish Business Association Ukraine 30.11.2012
  2. 2. CEE’s Most attractive IT-outsourcing destination• According to A.T. Kearney, Ukraine is currently the most attractive IT outsourcing destination in Central and Eastern Europe• The high quality of services is due to the advanced mathematical and quantitative education, like in many other former Soviet republics. This background provides a solid foundation for algorithm-heavy programming and R&D software development.
  3. 3. Ukraine boasts 16,000 IT graduates each year• 16,000 IT specialists graduate each year from Ukraine’s universities• Almost 1,000 outsourcing companies are registered in the country. In addition, Ukraine has several independent software developers and small teams.
  4. 4. 700 Ukrainian IT specialists at Microsoft HQ• Ukraine’s IT services market is bigger than those of Poland and Hungary combined.• Some 700 Ukrainians work at Microsoft’s Seattle office
  5. 5. CEE’s Largest Pool of Engineering Resources• Ukraine boasts the largest pool of engineering resources in Central and Eastern Europe with around 25 percent of the region’s IT offshoring market• Ukraine’s software market possesses the highest ratio of research and development (R&D) to IT services in the region
  6. 6. Hint: take a closer look at Western Ukraine• In addition to Kyiv, take a closer look at Western Ukraine, especially the regional capital Lviv.• It’s only 1,300 km from Helsinki along the Via Baltica
  7. 7. Hint: take a closer look at Lviv• Besides being the largest city in Western Ukraine with over 800,000 people, Lviv is widely regarded as Ukraine’s most livable city• With its lower cost of living, the salaries of IT specialists in Lviv are also lower than those in Kyiv
  8. 8. Lviv: one of Ukraine’s most important IT hubs• Lviv is one of the most important IT services hubs in Ukraine• Each year almost 1,000 IT students graduate from Lviv’s universities. In addition, the city’s vibrant cultural life and livability attract IT graduates from all over Ukraine.
  9. 9. Leading Technology Companies Choose Ukraine• Ukraine’s largest IT companies employ more than 1,000 programmers and serve world class clients• Skype, Facebook and eBay, among others, use Ukraine a software development location for R&D and especially challenging IT projects
  10. 10. Find the right IT experts and service providers• Despite offering large opportunities for IT services, Ukraine can be a challenging business environment, especially for companies entering its market• It’s important to find the right experts and service providers to help you get a realistic picture of your company’s chances for success in Ukraine’s IT services market.
  11. 11. About Finnish Business Association Ukraine• The first Finnish Business Association (FBA Ukraine) in Ukraine• FBA Ukraine helps Finnish companies – Study the potential of the Ukrainian market – Find reliable service providers – Develop the right market entry strategy for Ukraine• Visit us at http://www.fbaukraine.com
  12. 12. For More Information Tim Louzonis Co-founder, FBA Ukrainetim.louzonis@fbaukraine.com http://www.fbaukraine.com