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Winter: A Game Development Framework by Alvaro Piorno


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The game development industry is not as big as web applications development, but is growing very fast all over the world.
If you want to be a game developer or just develop some games, you must first decide what language you will use, because there is no solution for every language (at least not up to date or well maintained).
The biggest solutions are Unity (C# , javascript and Boo) and Unreal Engine (C++). Other good solutions are LibGDX (Java) and PyGame (Python). So, if a Smalltalker wants to develop a game , they must select another language and adapt to that environment.
Winter is a simple and fast to learn solution to this problem, so we can develop games using Smalltalk.

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Winter: A Game Development Framework by Alvaro Piorno

  1. 1. Winter A 2D game development framework for Pharo
  2. 2. Winter Alvaro Piorno
  3. 3. Agenda ❆ Which was my motivation? ❆ Looking for a solution ❆ From dead Storm to living Winter ❆ Demo ❆ Future Work
  4. 4. Which was my Motivation? Game industry today ❆ Grown from focused markets to mainstream. ❆ Improvements in technology have contributed to enhancement of game experience. ❆ It excels because it anticipates demand. ❆ It employs traditional developers but also needs specific disciplines to cover.
  5. 5. Which was my Motivation? Game Frameworks vs Game Engines Do more, assists a lotDo not assist Libraries, sub engines and graphic toolsLibraries with unified API Can not become a frameworkCan become an engine Muscles that do all the workSkeleton (Architecture and Program flow)
  6. 6. ❆ Where to start? Looking for a Solution ❆ ❆ Rewriting the wheel? ❆ Was something done about this? ❋ Storm ❋ Woden 2
  7. 7. by Esteban Lorenzano. ❆ Pharo 2 or 3 ❆ AthensCairo Graphics ❆ NativeBoost FFI ❆ Chipmunk2D 6.x C Physics Library Storm
  8. 8. by Ronie Salgado ❆ Pharo ❆ Lowcode VM Modified VM ❆ AbstractGPU Low-Level Graphics API abstraction ❆ AbstractPhysics Physical Simulation Layer abstraction Woden 2
  9. 9. Storm ❆ 2D ❆ Prototype Project ❆ Simple ❆ A lot of work to be done Storm vs Woden 2 Woden 2 ❆ 3D ❆ Complete Project ❆ Complex ❆ Nothing to do here
  10. 10. Storm ❆ Pharo 2 or 3 ❆ AthensCairo ❆ NativeBoost ❆ Chipmunk2D 6.x From dead Storm to Living Winter Winter ❆ Pharo 6.x (64) ❆ AthensCairo ❆ UFFI ❆ Chipmunk2D 7.x “Storm died a long time ago” - Esteban Lorenzano
  11. 11. Problems… and “Solutions” Problems Some Chipmunk calls failing on 64 bits VM VM Crashes on 32 bits (Linux) Failed builds on Windows Solutions Bye Chipmunk , hello physics on Smalltalk Started adding features to the framework
  12. 12. New Features Sound and Music DONE Sprites DONE User Input Management DONE Assets Management DONE Tiles and Tiled Maps In Progress Animations To Do Camera To Do Interactive Feedback To Do Particles Effect To Do
  13. 13. Demo
  14. 14. Future Work ❆ Animations ❆ Camera ❆ Interactive Feedback ❆ Particles Effect ❆ Back to Chipmunk2D (or another physics library) ❆ Network API (Lan & Online)
  15. 15. Winter After the Storm, comes the Winter, and ...
  16. 16. THANKS! SPECIAL THANKS Esteban Lorenzano Julian Maestri