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The value of commercial Smalltalk by Suzanne Fortman


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In this talk, we will talk about promotional programs we offer, success stories when promoting Smalltalk usage and how they can become a business, how we connect graduates with companies using Smalltalk for jobs after education and the business side of Smalltalk.

Published in: Technology
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The value of commercial Smalltalk by Suzanne Fortman

  1. 1. Smalltalks 2017 Fundación Argentina de Smalltalk Suzanne M. Fortman Director, Smalltalk Global Operations The Business Side of Smalltalk
  2. 2. Jacob A Cincom Smalltalk User Story
  3. 3. The Academic Personal Use License of Cincom Smalltalk is perfect for CS studies and class projects.
  4. 4. Proprietary & Confidential
  5. 5. Does your class project have real world implications? Have you written a solution you want to promote?
  6. 6. Maybe you’re a citizen developer, consultant, or considering starting a business of your own.
  7. 7. Proprietary & Confidential
  8. 8. Cincom Smalltalk… every step of the way! Whether you are a student, consultant, citizen developer, business owner, executive or anything in-between, Cincom is the right partner for your application development needs.
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  10. 10. Proprietary & Confidential Contact Us @cincomsmalltalk #FAST17 Suzanne Fortman Director of SmalltalkGlobal Operations @SuzCST (Twitter) ArdenThomas Product Manager @ArdenTCST (Twitter) Jeremy Jordan Marketing Manager @cincomsmalltalk (Twitter)
  11. 11. Proprietary & Confidential Questions? @cincomsmalltalk #FAST17
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