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Pharo: a booming ecosystem by Esteban Lorenzano


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Pharo has a yearly release cycle that brings each time interesting changes and does small steps to prepare the future. Pharo 6 was release in June 2017 and we are already preparing Pharo 7.
In this talk, I will give an overview of current evolution of Pharo, where we are going and
how we are working to construct a sustainable environment and an ever-growing community.

Published in: Technology
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Pharo: a booming ecosystem by Esteban Lorenzano

  1. 1. Pharo A booming ecosystem
  2. 2. About me Pharo architect since 2012 Owned a company to develop in Pharo back in 2008 Java senior architect for 7 years (and 15 years overall Java experience) Web, microprocessors, etc., etc., etc. JavaScript, C++, ObjC, C#, Delphi, ASM and lots of languages no longer exist or have been long-time forgotten 24 years (!) programming experience (yes… I’m becoming old)
  3. 3. Why Pharo?
  4. 4. A powerful engine to invent (y)our future
  5. 5. An ecosystem where innovation/business bloom
  6. 6. Pharo goals … that **you** can make money with Pharo. … to be able to invent solutions to existing problems. … a powerful innovative dynamic language where we can build (y)our future.
  7. 7. Young yet mature It stands in giants shoulders in active development since 2007 the work of hundreds of contributors
  8. 8. 10 years of constant evolution
  9. 9. Is all about build infrastructure Small steps that will prepare the next small step that will prepare the next… there is no small change! Sometimes is like fixing your car while in movement, but still exciting
  10. 10. Stable version: Pharo 6.1 In 12 months, over 1400 closed issues by more than 80 contributors. Highlighted changes: - Smooth git integration: Iceberg - New changelog model: Epicea - 64bit VM (preview) for linux and macOS (thanks to Eliot Miranda and the vm-dev crew) - IDE improvements: improved inspector, debugger, quality assistance, etc., etc., etc.
  11. 11. Pharo 7.0 What can we do now?
  12. 12. Bootstrap for REAL Pharo 7.0a starts from nothing :) There is an EMPTY Image Creates a bootstrapped kernel Loads the compiler! Loads Metacello! Loads the rest
  13. 13. Iceberg New tool suite to handle modern VCS (Git for now) in Pharo Central to the development of projects The key and first enhancements: - Cherry picking - Multiple directories support - Better new development process support New file format (file-per-class), extensible and portable: Tonel
  14. 14. Calypso browser Basis for Remote Browsing Fully extensible Developed by D. Kudriashov for TelePharo (PharmIDE) Thanks A. Plantec for giving us the name
  15. 15. Refactor Streams Make sure that the system does not use the old streams but the FileStream and ZincDecorator Split Stream package
  16. 16. Refactoring 2 Refactoring 2 is an improved version of Refactorings developed by Gustavos Santos Should used to replace the existing one
  17. 17. Better scripting Clap new command line library Real headless (Thanks to Ronie Salgado) :)
  18. 18. Cleaning Nautilus retirement Remove old text editor Remove Komitter: Iceberg already supports cherrypicking Remove system categorizer: old system categorizer is not used anymore Old compiler Old inspector
  19. 19. … and more for the future Bloc/Brick SISTA adaptive recompilation VM: Threaded FFI, Event driven VM, Embeddable VM, New Android VM …
  20. 20. More external libraries TelePharo Voyage Garage PolyMath pharo-snap Willow Pharo-Chrome PharoLambda Teapot Bugzilla-REST Blockchain OpenPonk Seaside Glorp docker-pharo PharoThings zeroMQ taskit salesforce AWS SDK Elasticsearch DiscordSt Roassal2 mustache PharoJS msgpack SCouchDB MaterialDesignLite smsc Stomp SMPP SOAP
  21. 21. More documentation
  22. 22. More than 2k participants last year and more than 2k participants this year too! Profs Stephan Ducasse, Luc Fabresse and Damien Cassout In french with subtitles on english (spanish subtitles are almost done)
  23. 23. More users
  24. 24. A vibrant community Discord: ~250 users, a place where experienced and new programmers talk everyday. pharo-users and pharo-dev: more than 1k users. but most important is the constant process of discussion, fix, repeat we have.
  25. 25. How to maintain all that? A question about sustainability
  26. 26. The Pharo consortium
  27. 27. More and more members
  28. 28. Income means engineers Until 2017, the consortium paid the salary of one engineer: Esteban Lorenzano (that’s me). Also, the consortium invested money in specific tasks (Glorp, Iceberg, OSSubprocess, etc.) Starting on 2018, the consortium will pay a second engineer: Clement Bera.
  29. 29. Consortium FAQ Pharo will stay free! No negative impact: just a better Pharo Companies participate to the consortium Individuals participate to the association
  30. 30. Pharo is yours! You can get an impact, join the fun.