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Highcharts wrapper for Seaside by Mariano Martinez Peck


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Highcharts is one the best and most used javascript charting libraries. The library provides a nice API with thousands of settings (options) at many different levels of the chart building. With the presence of that amount of flexibility, the needed javascript code is frequently too complex and painful to write and maintain from Seaside. In addition, when your chart is represented as a plain string, it is hard to use the tools we are used to: search for implementors, senders, reusability of components, etc etc. Furthermore, we also need to check their website all the time to see what each setting does. In this presentation, you will see a Smalltalk wrapper that solves the above issues. This wrapper, which is automatically generated from their API, provide us a much richer way of developing and maintaining charts. Aside from some real-case uses of the tool, this presentation also includes some interesting extensions worth showing.

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Highcharts wrapper for Seaside by Mariano Martinez Peck

  1. 1. Highcharts wrapper for Seaside PhD. Ing. Mariano Martinez Peck
  2. 2. Mariano Martinez Peck Academics Software Engineer at UTN-FRBA, Argentina. PhD in Computer Science at the Université de Lille. Open-Source Fuel, DBXSuite (OpenDBX and Glorp), OSSubprocess, HighchartsSt, many others. Industry Previously, many years at different companies developing in different languages. Currently, Independent Software Consultant
  3. 3. Highmaps Highcharts Highstock
  4. 4. allow us … Reusable Components
  5. 5. We do not want to come back to “String Oriented Programming”, do we?
  6. 6. allow us … A powerful IDE
  7. 7. We do not want to come back to use text editors for developing, do we?
  8. 8. HighchartsSt
  9. 9. Basic Usage Demo
  10. 10. Code Generation 99% automatic code generation process. Supports Highcharts and Highstock (Highmaps not tested). Self-documented generated code. Auto-generated tests.
  11. 11. Quuve is the world’s first fully extensible and customizable web-based investment management ecosystem for professional investors and financial software developers. Quuve empowers individual and institutional investors to tailor research and portfolio management tools around their unique needs. Quuve also provides developers a rich framework upon which they can build financial apps.
  12. 12. Chart Examples
  13. 13. Advanced custom features
  14. 14. Looks like paradise….
  15. 15. Future work Be able to auto-generate Smalltalk code from JS. Support Highcharts modules. CI to quickly find API website changes. Generate code and test Highmaps.
  16. 16. Thanks! PhD. Ing. Mariano Martinez Peck Independent Software Consultant Questions?