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A4RD Pre-PP Event Abraham Sarfo(ATVET Advisor)- NEPAD

Published in: Education
  • We the management team of PRUDENT GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (NGO) based in Nigeria has about 4,000 fertile hectares of land, we are searching for potential agricultural investors or consultants like your company that will work with us to develop rice, fish, cassava, poultry or wheat farms thus: we are officially soliciting the presence of your organization farm technical crew to provide us with technical advice, feasibility study, business plan, equipment’s supply etc. to ensure effective projects planning , implantation , evaluation, management to enable us achieve our expected result in partnership with your organization The proposed farms will also be used as training centers to engage and encourage youth farming in Nigeria this will enable youth acquire modern farming techniques to create jobs and solve the problem of youth unemployment in NIGER DELTA REGION of NIGERIA, The federal and several States governments are also ready to partner with your organization for funding provision of enabling environment all necessary assistance to ensure full implementation of the projects in Nigeria, We are ready to provide all assistance including visa invitation, accommodation, residence permit, security throughout the staying of your organization team in Nigeria, the market demand of agricultural products is very high here in Nigeria especially now that the government is planning to stop importation of all food commodities into the country this year. Local distributors/buyer are ready to pay in advance before the products ready for distribution, we are looking forward to hear positive response from your organization, MOBILE +2348100249190 WHATSAPP +2348100878093.
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  1. 1. AGRICULTURE TECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION & TRAINING NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency A4RD Pre-PP Event Abraham Sarfo(ATVET Advisor)
  2. 2. Knowledge and knowledge support for public and business stakeholders, including farmer and commodity associations CAADP CAPACITY BULDING FRAMEWORK KIS (Learning networks; expert pools, knowledge networks linking available information and data to policy design; SAKSS; Think-tanks) Agriculture Science Agenda (Research capacity; research issues; link to knowledge networks; facilitating & supporting innovation. Policy and social research in agriculture) Agriculture Education and Training (Vocational training; private-public sector drive in competency development; curricula; tertiary education-research links; internship) ICT in Agricultural Transformation (Information support to farmers and practitioners; information packaging and dissemination on communicating CAADP)
  3. 3. TEAM Africa (Tertiary Education) Vocational and Technical Education and Training (formal & semi-formal) Other complementary skills development initiatives and programmes (e.g. on job training; foreign training and south-south technical exchange) Common Agenda & Guidelines on overarching strategic priorities and targets ” (Overarching principles and guidelines) Tracking progress & performance; Sharing & learning platforms and tools Knowledge and Information Hub including capacity for overarching analytical studies
  4. 4. CAADP ATVET-Objectives Sustainable Agriculture Training and Vocational Education are Embedded in the NPCA/CAADP Structures and Processes in Countries • ATVET systems have improved in Africa • The Technical and Business Skills Farmers / Farm Enterprises is improved • Employability and Self Employment of Graduates of Agricultural trainees is Improved The Preconditions Are Better For Developing And Implementation Strategies For Improving Agricultural Vocational Training And National Actors
  5. 5. Areas Outcome 1 : Knowledge management and survey of approaches, information and best practices sharing of ATVET in Africa Outcome 2: Anchoring of ATVET in the AU structures and in the CAADP- country process promotion programs Outcome 3: Development and assessments of pilot qualifications measures for farmers, youth, employed persons and service providers at national level
  6. 6. • Farming systems and value chains that are attractive for African youth and that create jobs (added value) • Prioritize human capital development through training and access to technology • Ownership-ATVET that responds to the needs the continent and specific needs of specific of countries
  7. 7. ATVET Entrepreneurs Employers Employable B3Es underscores curricula development, technology, knowledge transfer methodologies and value chain targets. An interventions of ATVET resulting in all or at least one of the following outputs where beneficiaries (trainees) Become Entrepreneurs, Employers and or Employable (B3Es ) YOUTH & WOMEN would be interested in ATVET only if one of the above outputs would be met BECOMING
  8. 8. Seite 8 Universities Model farms, Farmer ToT Cooperatives Farmer networks Outputs Extension Officers Graduates Diploma/ Certificate Staff for Companies, NGOs, Farmer Organizations, Farmers Farmer training Farmer support Business services Research Applied Technology Transfer Poly- technics Colleges ATCs Farmers Farm Enterprise Farmer Organization s VC Actors Extension Officers Private Service providers Youth Improved of the Centre of Absorption
  9. 9. Organizational Development HCD Measures for Institutions Competence Training Methodology (CBT) New Curriculum Along the Value Chain Human Resource Development Formal, Informal and Non-Formal Training Measures Technical Skills Vocational and Business Skills Systems Improvements Mainstreaming ATVET in TVET Systems ATVET in NQF for certification Standardization of Modular Training and Apprenticeship Cooperation and Network Development Cooperation among Regional Educational Networks Network Among Training Providers Linking Training Providers to the Private Sector Cooperation Along the Value Chain
  10. 10. Target Groups: Rural Youth Farmers, Farm workers, AEA Short term Upgrading programs Entrepreneurial Skill training Business Advisory Services Income Generating Services, e.g. Production Technology Transfer Certification & Diploma Programs (10+1+2+3) Modularized Non Formal Programs Services provided upon demand of private & public sector Modern ATVET COLLEGE Labor Market Formal and Non Formal Programs Business Services Links to Universities LONG TERM VISION