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Status of the North America Soil Partnership | David Lee


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Global Soil Partnership Plenary Assembly – Sixth Session
11 – 13 June 2018

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Status of the North America Soil Partnership | David Lee

  1. 1. Presenter name Title presentation Status of the North American Soil Partnership David Lee
  2. 2. Strong Relationships • Canada and the US work closely on a wide range of projects, including the sharing of soils knowledge and data • North American Drought Monitoring (US/Canada/Mexico) • Shared ecosystem management to promote migratory habitats (US/Canada/Mexico) • 2019 Soils Across Latitudes – International Soils Conference- San Diego • Soil Science Society of America • Canadian Society of Soil Science • Mexican Society of Soil Science
  3. 3. • GSP Focal Points: David Lindbo, USA Allan Howard, Canada • ITPS Representatives: Gary Pierzynski, USA Dan Pennock, Canada (David Lobb, Canada) • Pillar 1 Chair: David Lobb, Canada • Pillar 2 Chair: Maja Krzic, Canada • Pillar 3 Chair: Jerry Hatfield, USA • Pillar 4 Chair: Bert Vandenbygaart, Canada • Pillar 5 Chair: Curtis Monger, USA North America Soil Partnership (NSP)
  4. 4. Major Accomplishments – Pillar 1 • Draft of Pillar 1 Implementation Plan completed and under review • David Lobb played key role as chair • Once approved, RIP for pillar 1 will be developed • There are many activities to promote sustainable soil management which are led a variety of agencies at local, state/prov/ and national levels. • Multiplicity of partners and diversity of ongoing activities makes them hard to capture and list • Impacts can be enhanced through the coordination under the GSP.
  5. 5. Major Accomplishments – Pillar 2 Pillar 2 • Representatives actively participated in the Pillar 2 working group to develop the Pillar 2 implementation plan. The final version was completed in December, 2016 and is available at 4-bf37-4de2-8f3d-9361342067ad/
  6. 6. Education and Awareness #SoilYourUndies • Soil Conservation Council of Canada • oilyourundies/2017/so il-your-undies.php
  7. 7. Major Accomplishments – Pillar 3 • Representatives actively participated in the Pillar 3 working group to develop the Pillar 3 implementation plan. • Upon approval development of Regional Implementation Plan will commence • Awaiting approval of implementation plan
  8. 8. Major Accomplishments – Pillar 4 • Canadian Digital Soil Working group established • Federal /Provincial/Academia • Training session in Vancouver, January 2017 • Iteration 1 of Canadian contribution to GSOC completed in Oct 2017 • US Global Soil Map Version 0.1 (STATSGO02) and 0.5 released (SSURGO filled in with STATSGO2) • Includes Organic Carbon and may other attributes • pH, clay, silt, sand, coarse fragments, effective cation exchange capacity, bulk density, available water holding capacity, and soil depth
  9. 9. Canadian GSOC Map
  10. 10. Major Accomplishments – Pillar 5 • Chairperson in place for NSP and is contributing to GSP Pillar 5 implementation plan • Meetings took place on harmonization of soil characterization, classification, and mapping • National Cooperative Soil Survey Conference in June 2017 • Soil Science Society of America meetings in October 2017. • Additional harmonization involving international horizons nomenclature will be presented at World Congress of Soil Science in August 2018. • Canadian pedological sub group of the CSSS meets regularly • The 2017 edition of the USDA Soil Survey Manual was published and distributed to international colleagues for contributing technical material to Pillar 5. • Training webinars and YouTube videos on profile descriptions and soil classification continue to be produced and are available for international viewing.
  11. 11. Thank you