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Status of the Latin America Soil Partnership | Carla Pascale Medina


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Global Soil Partnership Plenary Assembly – Sixth Session
11 – 13 June 2018

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Status of the Latin America Soil Partnership | Carla Pascale Medina

  1. 1. Presenter name Title presentation South American Soil Partnership Ing.Agr. Carla Pascale Medina
  2. 2. Achievements since 5th Plenary Assembly 2017 Pillar 1 New proposal Presentation to FONTAGRO fund "Development and validation of health soil indicators: Regional platform for monitoring ". Information will be available to generate early warnings of degradation processes for policy purposes.  This initiative includes: Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and the GSP. The project will be coordinated by Argentina.  The objective of this project is to create a multi-agency platform for indicators and methodologies for tracing and monitoring the health and quality of agricultural soils. Contributes to strengthen the capacities of countries to know the state of soils.
  3. 3. Pillar 2 Soils Doctor Program We began exploring countries interest in the program and identifying those willing to start joining the initiative. Pillar 3 Research We continued exploring ongoing research initiatives on soils, to identify gaps of information.
  4. 4. Pillar 4 Information and data  New SISLAC  FAO Rome will host SISLAC  New design in line with national soil information systems. The updated Argentinian SIS-INTA model will be taken as a starting point.  Support and give visibility of soil data from donor countries, in line with GLOSIS and intellectual property policy approved by GSP Assembly.  Another actions  Training on digital soil mapping.  Joined publication of the digital soil mapping methodology, under review for publication in a peer-reviewed journal 40/  Strengthening and reactivation of SISLAC: TCP / RLA / 3613: DEVELOPMENT OF SOIL INFORMATION CAPABILITIES FOR THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES IN THE COUNTRIES OF SOUTH AMERICA.
  5. 5. HarmonizationPillar 5  Strengthen the performance of laboratories  Harmonization of soil laboratory procedures Main objectives  establishment of national networks of soil laboratories  harmonization of interlaboratory data  comparative rounds between reference laboratories in each country  implementation of harmonized methods  circulation of reference samples in different countries  Regional Manual on harmonized soil laboratory analysis – end 2018 Launch of the Latin American Soil Laboratory Network (LATSOLAN) Presidency: Costa Rica - Vice presidency: Argentina.
  6. 6. • Translation of membership adhesion form into Spanish. • GLINKA Award: Argentina
  7. 7. A New Project - FONTAGRO: "Development and validation of health and quality indicators of agricultural soil: Regional platform for tracing and monitoring methodology". Proposal for a Regional GEF Project focused on: sustainable soil management through soil degradation monitoring implementation of Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management Creation of a Latin American Observatory of soil health and quality to provide elements for decision-making and formulation of public policies  Next initiatives, actions and events
  8. 8.  Next initiatives, actions and events SISLAC Workshop at Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi (IGAC) – Republic of Colombia (july 9, 2018) Fifth Ordinary Meeting of the SSP (july 10, 2018, Bogota - Colombia). Colombia as new SSP President. 21st World Congress of Soil Science (21-WCSS) – 12-17 August 2018 Presentation and Publication of the digital soil methodology. "Towards a regional soil information system for South America: construction of the soil organic carbon map of South America ".
  9. 9. Thanks for your attention Our team!!