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Report on the African Soil Partnership


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This presentation was presented during the 4th Plenary Assembly of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) that took place at FAO headquarters 23-25 May 2016. The presentation was made by Victor Chude and presents a Report on the African Soil Partnership.

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Report on the African Soil Partnership

  1. 1. Report on the African Soil Partnership Prof. Victor Chude
  2. 2. Outline • AfSP governance • Achievements since 3rd Plenary Assembly 2015 • Summary of future AfSP activities
  3. 3. AfSP Steering Committee • West Africa: Mr. Victor Chude, Nigeria (Chair) Mr. Igue A. Mouinou, Benin • East Africa: Mr. Hami Said, Djibouti Mr. Vinod B. Lalljee, Mauritius • Central Africa: Mr. Michel Naitormbaide, Chad Mr. Yves Bagafou, Gabon • Southern Africa: Ms. Laurinda Nobela, Mozambique Mr. Chebukani Fanani, Botswana • Other Partners: Mr. Martin Yemefack, ASSS Mr. E. Jeroen Huising, IITA
  4. 4. Pillar Chairs and Focal Points • Pillar 1: Zakayo Muyaka, Uganda • Pillar 2: Botle Mapeshoane, Lesotho • Pillar 3: Martin Yemefack, Cameroon • Pillar 4: Christian Thine, Kenya • Pillar 5: Vinod Laljee, Mauritius
  5. 5. National Focal Points • 35 out of 45 countries • Outstanding countries: • Angola, Benin, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Mali, Mauritius, Somalia
  6. 6. SSM Priorities in Member Countries • Address soil degradation as a factor of food security. • Implement sustainable soil management with focus on soil health/fertility. • Develop update and disseminate harmonized regional soil information. • Address climate change and build resilience. • Capacity building and development in all the soil related applications. • Establish linkages and networks for soil information.
  7. 7. Achievements since 3rd Plenary Assembly 2015 • Prof Victor Chude elected as Vice Chairperson for the 4th Plenary Assembly. • Final AfSP Implementation Plan (Mar 2016). • 2015 Special edition of Nature and Faune.
  8. 8. Achievements since 3rd Plenary Assembly 2015 • Seminars, workshops and conferences to celebrate IYS and WSD. • FAO Africa Regional Conference 2016 • Side event on High Level Discussion for follow-up on the 2006 Abuja Declaration “From fertilizers to sustainable soil management”.
  9. 9. Decisions from the Side Event 1. Discuss outcomes of a comprehensive review of successes, lessons learned, challenges and new opportunities to feed into post-2015 strategies, which will be carried out and disseminated by relevant interest partners 2. Update the 2006 Abuja Declaration by widening it to exploit its link with sustainable soil management and propose strategies to be in place in Africa by 2030 in line with the SDGs and Malabo Implementation Strategy and Road Map. Proposed that a high level meeting be convened by interested partners to:
  10. 10. African Implementation Plan • Pillar 1 (USD 23,845,000) • Soil degradation and restoration hotspots mapped. • Monitoring system for degradation and SSM implementation. • SSM practices implemented (soil management, soil conservation, soil restoration/rehabilitation). • Pillar 2 (USD 2,750,000) • SSM Partner platforms, awareness and investment promoted • Regional tertiary soil science training exchange • Information package for soil extension • Region-specific policy recommendations
  11. 11. • Pillar 3 (USD 615,000) • African Soil Research for Development Platform • List of soil-related research gaps • Regional research working groups established • Pillar 4 (USD 2,840,000) • Compilation of soil data sources and soil mapping covariates • African soil database developed and maintained • Online interaction platform and training package for DSM • Soil texture map for Africa • Soil status monitoring system African Implementation Plan
  12. 12. • Pillar 5 (USD 2,560,000) • Harmonization procedure for soil description. • Regional soil correlation events held. • List of national, regional and international reference laboratories. African Implementation Plan
  13. 13. Future planning • AfSP members to participate in 7th International Conference of the African Soil Science Society • AfSP Side event • High Level Meeting on follow-up to 2006 Abuja Declaration. • Regional training on the Soil Doctors Programme (2016).
  14. 14. Challenges • Consolidate the African Partnership by executing the African Implementation Plan: advocacy and awareness raising is important. • Resource mobilization for full implementation of activities. I make a plea to resource partners to support us as the momentum and needs are evident.
  15. 15. Thank you! AfSP Committed to achieving Zero Hunger in Africa through sustainable soil management