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Introducing Open Foris tools


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The presentation provides an overview of the Open Foris tool

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Introducing Open Foris tools

  1. 1. Introducing Open Foris tools CAPITALIZATION ON THE EU LAND GOVERNANCE PROGRAMME FAO HQ - Rome June 28th 2018 Lauri Vesa Forestry Department, FAO
  2. 2. Open Foris initiative Free and open source tools and methods for data collection, analysis and reporting  Collaboration - private and public partners; academic institutions.  Country testing - OF tools have been promoted in many countries, including those receiving support under the UNREDD programme, REDD+/NFM cluster and Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA).  Capacity building - training sessions on all OF tools in all regions of the world.  Implementation - more than 20 countries have integrated OF tools in their forest monitoring systems.  Software development - new and improved versions of the tools are released periodically. KEY Principles
  3. 3. Field Methodology (manual) Collect Desktop Workflow in typical field assessment Data analysis and reportingSurvey definition Survey Designer Data management, validation and cleansing Data Manager Calc & Saiku Collect Earth Visual Data Collection using remote sensing data Collect Mobile Field Data Collection
  4. 4. Open Foris tools work in different environments: Linux, Windows, macOS and Android Create a survey definition file Collect in computer A Collect Mobile Collect in computer B share Transfer data Transfer data 4 Share survey to desktop Share survey to tablets Open Foris Collect
  5. 5. Auto-generated user interface 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. Open Foris Calc Case: Zambia National Forest Inventory (ILUA-II)
  8. 8. 8 OF Calc with SAIKU reporting tool SAIKU is an easy and fast tool to get aggregated result tables. Tables can be exported easily into MS Word, Excel, R, etc.
  9. 9. 160+ training events 800 + Installations / Downloads 15,000 + 5,800 + 1,400 +
  10. 10. Vietnam Full OF implementation Bangladesh NFI SE Survey Ethiopia NFI SAFE prj. Uganda NFI SE Survey SAFE prj. Myanmar NFI Chad, Mongolia Pastoralist communities (AGA)s PNG Full OF implementatio n Ecuador, Peru NFI, SE survey, province level Tanzania, Zambia Full OF implementation Kazakhstan Collect Mobile Dairy farmers Argentina NFI – data mgmt. DRC NFI Featured and most recent OF implementations
  11. 11. 11 Open Foris and FAO Forestry collaboration - capacity building at all stages
  12. 12. 13 Future development: Open Foris Online FAO Forestry (under UN-REDD global project) has started developing Open Foris Online system (2018 – 2020). Current OF tools are integrated and streamlined, and made available to countries in a secure cloud-based environment. This project will focus on requirements set for Forest Reference (Emission) Level reporting, REDD+ results, and the National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS).
  13. 13. Thank you, and please visit 14