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Implementation of the World Soil Day and its celebration in 2018: for information and decision, Isabelle Verbeke, GSP Secretariat


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Global Soil Partnership Plenary Assembly – Sixth Session
11 – 13 June 2018

Published in: Education
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Implementation of the World Soil Day and its celebration in 2018: for information and decision, Isabelle Verbeke, GSP Secretariat

  1. 1. Isabelle Verbeke, Global Soil Partnership, FAO Making World Soil Day a success
  2. 2. Soilcom Isabelle Verbeke Communication Coordinator Matteo Sala Art Director & Graphic Designer Giulia Stankovic Digital Specialist Giusy Emiliano Art curator (part-time) Communication team  Communication materials throughout the year (infographics, videos, press releases, key messages, highlights for GSP website…)  Support to GSP secretariat meetings (ITPS, Reg. workshops, Symposia, trainings, workshops, side events to high level events…etc)  Newsletter, special announcements  Tight collaboration with the FAO corporate communication unit  Update of three major websites (GSP, WSD, FAO soils portal) + Symposia websites  Glinka World Soil prize (nominations, preparation of the dossier and candidatures, survey etc.)
  3. 3. 5thDecember World Soil Day  Focus attention on the importance of healthy soils  Advocating for the sustainable management of soils resources  Raise awareness on soils -> WSD18 will be the 5th celebration
  4. 4. WSD17 Outreach & Digital  Develop key messages, content, web stories, official press release… etc. for various audiences  Launch contest, competitions, soil labs,  Encourage WSD events, propose activities, ideas and exchange continuously with them  Support FAO country offices and GSP partners  Strive to work and engage with new partners (media, private sector, schools, etc. …)  Liaise with corporate communication unit who itself disseminates through its network and audiences  Preparation of digital (and printed) communications products in various languages
  5. 5. Website New multilingual website launched for WSD2017  About: Past WSDs and background information on the year’s theme and key facts about why Caring for the Soil should start from the Ground…  Campaign material: Translated in more than 6 languages / WSD logo translation campaign (44 translation of the logos)  Events: WSD celebrations around the world through a dynamic module where WSD organizers can insert their WSD event themselves  Activities / Contests  Key messages
  6. 6. Theme2017
  7. 7. WSD2017 Soils are essential to improve nutrition Good health starts with nutrition…If we feed the soil, it will feed us Soils are essential to achieve food security and eradicate hunger Soils are the foundation of agriculture, it is where food begins Soils are essential to provide clean water The water we drink is purified by soils. Let’s minimize contamination and give our soils only what they need Soils are essential to preserve biodiversity Soils provide one of the largest reservoirs of biodiversity on earth, hosting a quarter of our planet’s biodiversity Soils are essential to mitigate and adapt to climate change Healthy soils are our silent allies to combat climate change Soils are essential to reduce forced migration Without healthy soils people can’t produce their food and are forced to migrate to feed themselves and their families
  8. 8. Keyproducts
  9. 9. Media More than 700 articles between 7-15 December Including 120 specifically focusing on the GSOC map which was launched on WSD17
  10. 10. Media
  11. 11. Partnership
  12. 12. Target  Social media/ web  SOIL LAB Experiment book  Partnership with Disney  Videocontest: Soil Painting tutorial  Semina Diretta drawings  HeART and Soil art exhibition  WSD events around the world FAO member countries, governments, UN Agencies  Targeted newsletter, highlights  LA Projects, GROW Project  Publication on Plant Protection Products  Capacity building on Digital Soil Mapping  Release of the web service  Photocontest on Black Soils  WSD technical events  Website, other FAO website  Glinka  Social Media  Media & press releases  Official events, UNEA-3 Resolution  New publication and products Technical experts, Researchers, farmers Youth, NGOs and Civil Society
  13. 13. Impressive FAO/GSP social media presence Corporate social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. GSP Facebook Hashtags: o Primary: #WorldSoilDay o Secondary: #Soils o #WSD17#ZeroHunger #FoodSecurity #ClimateChange #SoilOrganicCarbon #GSOCmap #GlobalSoilPartnership #Soils #ILoveSoils Regular postings on Social channels through short engaging content; Videos/animations; Visual content/infographics) Corporate digital team provided support with programmed and agreed tweets and visuals in Spanish/Arabic/French/Russian/Chinese Socialmedia
  14. 14. WSD celebrations reached record high with 35% increase People gathered at over 200 events This year 88 countries celebrated WSD 22 new countries touched by the WSD campaign Inaugurations of soil labs, soil painting competitions, soil experiments 3 official events in New York, Rome, Nairobi a KEY FIGURES: Keyfigures
  15. 15. FAO HQ | Rome | Italy Officialevents UN HQ | New York | US UNEA-3 | Nairobi | Kenya
  16. 16. Painting SOIL PAINTING COMPETITION Cornell University Winners:
  17. 17. Photocontest PHOTO CONTEST ON BLACK SOILS
  18. 18. Soil Experiments for children, Activity book (NEW publication)! Heart and Soil – ART Exhibition! Drawing exhibit HeARTandSoil
  19. 19. Activity book SoilLab
  20. 20. Stats Statistics In those last 9 months over 1.000.000 views
  21. 21. What’snext
  22. 22. Series of video and posters on soil pollution Quiz on soil pollution, contest to engage public to bring solutions ‘Cleaning soils’ campaign and launch of the Soil Doctors toolbox Awareness raising material on how to bring solutions Infographic, tee-shirt, web button, updated WSD18 website WSD18
  23. 23. ActionsbyGSPPA6 • take note of the successful WSD celebration on 5th December 2017 and the programme foreseen for WSD 2018; • encourage member countries, other partners and new stakeholders to organize WSD celebrations using the 2018 and 2019 themes; • endorse the theme proposed for WSD 2019; “Soils: Where nutrition starts”
  24. 24. ActionsbyGSPPA6 Invite resource partners to contribute to the implementation of the sustained communication plan envisaged by the Secretariat.
  25. 25. Thank You