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Agro ecology in small scale fisheries


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Presentation of Gilbert Rodrigo from WFFP, describing Agroecology in small scale fisheries. The presentation was prepared and delivered in occasion of the Regional Symposium on Agroecology in Asia and the Pacific, held in Bangkok, Senegal on 24-26 November 2015.

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Agro ecology in small scale fisheries

  1. 1. Agro ecology in small scale fisheries Gilbert Rodrigo National Fishworkers’ Forum World Forum of Fisher People (WFFP)
  2. 2. Small Scale Fishers • The actual fishers and the dependents of Marine SSF will amount to about 50 million in Asia. • In South Asian countries it is supposed to be a very crowded community on the coast. • They are traditional people, living and fishing there for hundreds and even thousands of years. • They always used beach landing crafts.
  3. 3. Small Scale Fishers
  4. 4. Some Basic Truth • Fisher men are harvesters. • To be precise: hunters • So they were very conscious to save the resource. • All SSF are subsistence fishers; not profit makers. • Fishes are migratory in nature. • It is largely a family economy.
  5. 5. Small scale fisheries all always been ecological in Asia
  6. 6. Hook and Line: Ecological fishing
  7. 7. The Blue Revolution •Introduced Tralwer •Then Bull trawlers / Pair Trawlers •And Purse siene •Result: resource depletion
  8. 8. Trawling and Purse seine
  9. 9. “Fishermen the most endangered species” Harekrishna Debnath Chairperson National Fishworkers Forum
  10. 10. How to revert back to ecological fishing • Encourage DSF vessels to use only gillnets and Hook and Line. • Encourage trawlers to convert into deep sea camp fishing boats. • Encourage SSF with fuel on cost price. Thank you