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Agri-Shipping Initiative


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Presentación (inglés) de George Alcee (OECS Commission) en el marco del Eleventh regional planners forum on agriculture and Symposium on innovation systems for sustainable agriculture and rural development, realizado en Barbados del 13 al 15 de septiembre de 2017.

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Agri-Shipping Initiative

  1. 1. AGRI- SHIPPING INITIATIVE George Alcee OECS Commission
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES • Reduce the food import bill and revitalize agricultural sector in the Eastern Caribbean • Open new trading routes and create a sub-regional market for agricultural products • Promote food and nutrition security • Reinforce links between stakeholders in the agricultural sector in the sub region
  3. 3. From Farm to Market
  5. 5. 3 Refrigerated Ships traversing the OECS and the wider Caribbean with agricultural produce and livestock
  6. 6. IMPROVED STANDARDS:  Phytosanitary compliance  Improved packaging  Consolidated purchasing  Easier, higher payments to farmers  Mobile app/Platform linking buyers and sellers of agric commodities
  8. 8. 100 Head of cattle EC$300,000
  9. 9. St. Vincent & the Grenadines has been the pilot for the initiative configuring the product mix, packaging and marketing; market penetration and shipping arrangements. Cabbage, Lettuce Carrots, Turnips Mangoes Coconuts Pineapple Limes, Lemons Cassava Oranges Breadfruit Onions Pumpkins, Butternut Squash Tomatoes Sweet Potatoes Ginger Passionfruit Hot Pepper Mixed Herbs Avocado Plantain Yams Soursop Fish PRODUCTS IDENTIFIED FOR TRADE
  10. 10. Cabbage, Lettuce Carrots, Turnips Mangoes Coconuts Pineapple Limes, Lemons Cassava Oranges Breadfruit Onions Pumpkins, Butternut Squash Tomatoes Sweet Potatoes Ginger Passionfruit Hot Pepper Mixed Herbs Avoca Plantain Yams Soursop Fish Antigua St. Kitts St. Vincent Grenada Onions Onions Breadfruit Mango Sweet Potatoes Cabbage Butternut Squash Soursop Carrots Sweet Potato Mango Coconut Fish and Fish products Tomatoes Coconut Papaya Pumpkin Dasheen Guava Squash Yam Carambola Breadfruit Mixed Herbs Mixed herbs Ginger Golden apple Sweet Potato Sorrel Arugula Fish and Fish Products Cattle Fish and Fish Cattle
  11. 11. INCREASED TRADE Forging new purchasing links with Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique, the United States and Canada
  12. 12. Next Steps Priorities: Conducting market analysis for the OECS and the southern Caribbean to include Barbados, Trinidad and the French territories of Martinique and Guadeloupe  Improving producer supply capacity and competitiveness erm contracts and expand export product range  Improving producer supply capacity and competitiveness  Developing and implementing a joint marine policy for the OECS, which should: - harmonise transport policies, legislation and procedures
  13. 13. NEXT STEPS PRIORITIES - facilitate the creation of the envisaged OECS and Caricom integrated markets; - remove internal trade barriers; - provide conditions for “fair” trade between States; and - promote a proper balance between the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development • Establishing a Regional Ship Owners Association/Shipping Pool that should: - Establish an information platform: for ship owners, consignees, shippers, shipping and forwarding agents and to help to implement shipping policy from the ship owners’ perspective
  14. 14. NEXT STEPS PRIORITIES - Arrange for pooling of transport - Assist in securing financing of fleet modernization and development: through agreements with State Guarantors and international lending agencies - Arrange practical and theoretical training of ratings and crew members in close cooperation with existing organisations such as Maritime Academies, International Marine Organisation, IMO, International Labour Organisation ILO and UNDP trainmar; • Develop a Business Support Organization for the OECS Shipping sector which will aid in the development of increased shipping activity utilizing all available resources to allow for the participation of all shippers, manufacturers, producers, suppliers and buyers
  15. 15. IMPLEMENTATION FRAMEWORK (PHASE 1: 0-3 MONTHS) • Establishment of NGO to govern the process and implement the system • Set up representatives in each region under this model to act as part of the NGO for distribution of information and implementation of all the activities that this model requires • Review all previous and existing projects (OECS funded) to reduce duplication of activities • Identify and Consolidate Strategic linkages: FAO, CARICOM, CARDI, IICA and IDB (technical support and development funding access)