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14. 3D Mapping


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14. 3D Mapping

  1. 1. GSP - Asian Soil Partnership Training Workshop on Soil Organic Carbon Mapping Bangkok, Thailand, 24-29 April 2017 Yusuf YIGINI, PhD - FAO, Land and Water Division (CBL)
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 3D soil property mapping using the GSIF package
  4. 4. ISRIC - GSIF package Global Soil Information Facilities is an initiative of the ISRIC - World Soil Information Institute and Africa Soil Information Service ( team.
  5. 5. ISRIC - GSIF package Tutorial Purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate major processing steps used within the GSIF framework for generating soil property and soil class maps from point data, and with the help of multi-scale covariates.
  6. 6. ISRIC - GSIF package Tutorial