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FAKT Exhibitions (PVT) Ltd welcomes leading players in the food industry to the 10th Food + Technology Pakistan 2014 exhibition event and conference. The international event provides exhibitors the perfect opportunity to showcase their specialized technical products to Pakistani food professionals.

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Food + Technology Pakistan 2014

  1. 1. Food+Technology Pakistan 10th International Exhibition & Conference L/O/G/O
  2. 2. Contents 1. Pakistan Industry’s Overview 2. Food + Technology Exhibition 3. Food + Technology Conference 4. Exhibitor & Visitor Profiles 5. Glimpse of Food + Technology Exhibition 6. Organizer, Co- Organizer, Strategic Partners, Supporting Bodies & Media Partners
  4. 4. Food Equipment & Technology Industry Essentially, the food industry involves the commercial movement of food from field to fork. The modern food industry is the result of technological and cultural changes that have occurred over the last 150 years. Traditionally, over thousands of years, food production was centered on two activities:. • Labor-intensive agricultural activities, the farming of grain, produce and livestock, Personal food preparation, where individuals and families acquire raw and minimally processed ingredients, and prepare them for their own consumption. • A significant percentage of the population was directly involved in farming, and in the process, many people actually fed themselves, from field to table. By contrast, the modern food industry relies far more on technology, particularly on mechanization and biochemistry, than on human and animal labor. In this way, food is raised, manipulated, preserved and moved around, resulting in a food industry that is to a great degree global in nature, with food and related resources travelling great distances. • This modern food system relies heavily on technology, transportation, management and logistics for physical fulfillment, and on marketing and government regulation for maintaining an efficient consumer market. An incredibly wide range of businesses and individuals are employed by and profit from all aspects of this huge and complex system. A tremendous amount of governmental regulation and administration is also involved in this continual flow of materials, food products, and related information.
  5. 5. SECTARIAN DISTRIBUTION The sectarian distribution of Pakistani Food Industry Agriculture Machinery Lab & Pharmaceutical Machinery Fertilizers and Pesticides Kitchen Equipment & Accessories Food Processing Machinery HVAC, Inspection Bodies & Halal Food. Food Packaging Machinery Poultry/Meat Processors
  6. 6. SECTARIAN CLASSIFICATION Food Machinery HVAC & Kitchen Acc. Agriculture Pharma & Lab • Food Processing • HVAC Machinery • Agri Machinery • Pharmaceutical Machinery • Lab Equipments • Halal Food • Fertilizer Manufacturers • Kitchen Equipments • Pesticide Manufacturers • Inspection Bodies • Meat Processing • Grain Processing • Poultry Processing • Food Packaging • Dairy Processing Classification of Major Targeted Sectors of Industries
  7. 7. AGRICULTURE IN PAKISTAN Agriculture has an important direct and indirect role in generating economic growth. The importance of agriculture to the economy is seen in three ways: first, it provides food to consumers and fibers for domestic industry; second, it is a source of scarce foreign exchange earnings; and third, it provides a market for industrial goods. The Agriculture sector is the second largest sector, accounting for over 21 percent of GDP, and remains by far the largest employer, absorbing 45 percent of the country’s total labor force. Nearly 62 percent of the country’s population resides in rural areas, and is directly or indirectly linked with agriculture for their livelihood.
  8. 8. Fruit, Vegetables and Condiments in Pakistan Pakistan’s diverse climatic condition provides an opportunity of growing fruit, vegetables and condiments including spices in all seasons around the year in all provinces. Fruits and vegetables play a significant role in Pakistan’s agriculture. During 2002-03 to 2006-07, the area under fruits, vegetables and condiments increased by 27.8, 9.3 and 8.9% respectively while production for the said items increased by 4.7, 8.9 and 22.3%. During 200607, the area under fruits was 0.83 million hectares and 0.44 million hectares for vegetables and condiments. Fruits and vegetables including juices have a contributory share in exports. During 2002-03 to 2006-07, the volume of exports rose from 6696.0 to 11292.3 million rupees showing an increase of 68.6%. This export was made to Asian, European and African countries. A number of new countries have been increasing with the passage of time for export of fruit and vegetables.
  9. 9. HIGHLIGHTED SECTORS Agriculture Sector Food Processing Pharma & Lab Instruments Pakistan economy as it provides Employment to 45 percent population And provides input for agro-based industry. Food Processing Industry is moving with a good pace because of the supply of qualified food technologist and exports. Pharma Machinery and Lab equipments is also one of the most potential industry as it is developed and a lot of Local Companies representing Foreign Principals.
  10. 10. E+V+O = SUCCESS… E Exhibitor ‘s interest is to generate business… V Visitor ‘s interest is to experience latest technology… O Organizer’s interest is to provide both of them a platform where they can materializes…
  11. 11. EXHIBITORS • Food + Technology Exhibition Pakistan is always been an ideal platform for the leading players of the food industry to showcase their diverse range of specialized products and widen their business scope by networking with the Pakistani food professionals who are eager to acquire the latest technology. It will also provide an opportunity to the new entrants to exchange new developments and showcase the future of the food processing industry. There is nothing more reassuring to customers than doing business face-toface. • Food + Technology trade exhibitions are highly effective in uniting suppliers with buyers in fast-developing growth markets. Even in today's technologydriven world, face-to-face contact continues to be recognized as the most powerful medium for building business relationships. Each contact you make reinforces your company's commitment to quality and customer care, which are essential attributes in the competitive marketplace.
  12. 12. VISITORS Visitors plays a very vital role in the success of any Exhibition because they are the only reason for whom Organizer and Exhibitors have put in all the efforts. • Cost effective way of sourcing the product purchasing information. • An opportunity to watch live operation of complete technological lines. • Enhancement in value and standard of food products for both local consumers and international market. • Acquisition of latest technology in food processing & packaging. • Discovering new business opportunities. • The most time efficient forum to keep up to date with new to market technology, state of the art products, innovations and developments in your market.
  13. 13. VISITOR’S PROFILE Decision Makers, CEO, MD, GM, Managers, Food Technologist, Owners from the below industries, • Airlines • Bakeries • Bakery & Confectionery Manufacturers • Catering Management • Chefs • Clubs and Resorts • Common public • Convenience Retailers • Decision and policy makers of the industry • Departmental Stores • Departmental Stores Managers • Dieticians • Electronic and print media • Exporter • F & B Importers & Distributors • Fast Food Chains • Fast Food Outlets • Food Beverage services providers • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Food Catering Food marts Food Manufacturers Food Technologists Foodservice Equipment High rank officers from government sector, etc... Hotel & Resort Management Hotel Supplies Dealers Hypermarkets Importers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers Leisure & Entertainment Staff Manufacturer Merchants Nutritionists Packaging and Distribution Centers Policy makers Restaurant Management Sales and marketing department of the food industry Grocery and Convenience Stores Supply Chain Distributors
  17. 17. CONCURENT EXHIBITION FOOD PLAS FOOD EQUIPMENT PRINT FOOD TECHNOLOGY PACK 3P- Plas Print Pack is the concurrent Exhibition with F+TFood +Technology Pakistan
  18. 18. EVENT TARIFF Rate of Shell Scheme Stalls USD$ 280 per Sqm (min. 9 Sqm) Includes: Fascia Board with company name & stand no., White laminated plywood partitions, 1 Round Table, Needle-punched carpeting, Single phase electrical socket (220V/50Hz), 3 Spot lights, 3 Chairs, 1 Information counter, 1 waste paper basket.(Extra facilities & requirement on charge) Rate of Bare Space Stalls USD$ 230 per Sqm (min. 18 Sqm) Includes: Marked space only Exhibitors are required to build their own stands through the official stand contractors only Outdoor Space USD$ 150 per Sqm (min. 54 Sqm)
  19. 19. FOR BOOKING & DETAILS FAKT EXHIBITIONS (PVT) LTD. Karachi: 304, 3rd Floor , Clifton Centre, Block-5, Clifton, Karachi 75600, Pakistan Phone: (+92) 21 3581 0637 - 38 - 39 Fax: (+92) 21 3581 0636 E-mail:, Website: Lahore: Bungalow No. 218, Block ‘J-III’, Johar Town, Phase – II Lahore 54000 Pakistan. Phone: (+92) 42 35313124-5 Fax: (+92) 021 35810636
  20. 20. Strategic Partners China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation Pakistan Food Association Media Partners Pakistan Food Journal Ringier Trade Media International Plastics News Pakistan Observer
  21. 21. Supporting Bodies Board of Investment Engineering Development Board Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Halal Food Authority Halal Industry Research Centre Pakistan Pakistan Society of Food Scientist & Technologist Islamic Food & Nutrition Council Of America Livestock & Dairy Development Board Pakistan Dairy Association Pakistan Standards
  22. 22. F+T 2014 Projections 1. Number Of Exhibitors - More then 250 1 2 3 2. Number Of Visitors - More then 15,000 3. Build Up Area - 11,000 Sqm 4 4. Number Of Countries - More then 25
  23. 23. FORECASTING F+T PAKISTAN F+T PAKISTAN 45 Food Packaging 40 35 30 Description 30 25 We are looking forward to increase the Food Packaging Exhibitors in next FOOD+TECHNOLOGY PAKISTAN exhibition. Food Processing 2012 2013 Food Processing Food Packaging Lab & Pharma Machinery F+T PAKISTAN FORECAST New entrants are expected to join FOOD+TECHNOLOGY PAKISTAN 2012 as we have a very good response of the last Exhibition. Lab & Pharma Machinery These are the sectors which have been opened in F+T PAKISTAN 2011 and we have a good response . SECTOR DESCRIPTION
  24. 24. FOOD + TECHNOLOGY PAKISTAN OVERVIEW 2014 • Number of Exhibitors Participated till 9th Edition As per the data till 9th edition of Food+Technology Pakistan , it has gathered 1500 Exhibitors. • Number of Visitors visited till 9th Edition Food + Technology Pakistan has always introduced latest equipments, machineries and technology. Till now it has been visited by more than 128,000 visitors. • Number of Countries Exhibited till 9th Edition 2004 F+T Pakistan has always been recognized by the foreign companies as F+T Pakistan provide them the platform to enhance their business. Every edition of the event has witnessed participation from all across the Globe. • Area Covered by Exhibitors till 9th Edition Food + Technology Pakistan till now has been able to cover 72,000 square meter of Exhibit area.
  25. 25. TIME LINE FOOD+TECHNOLOGY PAKISTAN… Food + Technology Pakistan is growing rapidly with the passage of time and FAKT EXHIBITIONS (PVT) LTD is anticipating a much enhanced and massive Exhibition in 2014. 2008 2010 2011 2012 2013
  26. 26. Countries Participated 2008 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 15 Countries Participated 18 Countries Participated 18 Countries Participated 20 Countries Participated 22 Countries Participated Participation expected 25 Countries (Austria, China, India, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Netherland, UAE, Taiwan, Malaysia, Italy, France, Singapore and others)
  27. 27. EVENT VENUE Karachi Expo Centre Expo Centre Karachi
  28. 28. FAKT EXHIBITIONS (PVT) LTD. holds the stature of an initiator of Corporate Event Management and is considered as one of the leading B2B event organizers of Pakistan, with its head office in Karachi and regional office in Lahore FAKT EXHIBITIONS (PVT) LTD. (Formerly known as CEMS Pakistan) is the only company in Pakistan’s Event Management Industry which has International Partners in China, Singapore, Taiwan & Turkey FAKT EXHIBITIONS (PVT) LTD. is founded with the principal objective of building bridges among Pakistan and International Countries by promoting commerce, trade and business through its corporate Exhibitions and Conferences FAKT is an international exhibition management company with a global perspective and has a visionary approach of finding new ways to promote trade through exhibitions and conferences
  30. 30. Contact Details FAKT EXHIBITIONS (PVT) LTD. Karachi (Head Office): 304, 3rd Floor , Clifton Centre, Block-5, Clifton, Karachi-75600, Pakistan Phone: (+92) 21 3581 0637 - 38 - 39 Fax: (+92) 21 3581 0636 Lahore(Regional Office): Bungalow No. 218, Block J-III, Johar Town, Phase – II Lahore – 54000 Pakistan. Phone: (+92) 42 35313124-5 Fax: (+92) 21 3581 0636 Contact Us Here: E-mail:, Website:
  31. 31. Thank You! L/O/G/O