THE PARTNER EQUAL TO YOUR DEMANDS                                                       THE WORLD’S LARGEST MANUFACTURER O...
More than a manufacturer, Hutchinson, will be                 Our 24 hour serviceyour industrial partner putting at yourdi...
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Hutchinson transmission presentationen

  1. 1. THE PARTNER EQUAL TO YOUR DEMANDS THE WORLD’S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OFThe market leader INDUSTRIAL RUBBER PRODUCTSHutchinson Transmission Systems develops andmanufactures complete drives systemsincorporating Poly V®,Flexonic® andConveyxonic™ belts. 29.130 EMPLOYEES 95 MANUFACTURING SITESA partner to the largest OEMs for Motor Vehicles,Household Appliances, Agricultural Machinery, andIndustrial Equipment. 2011 TURNOVER: 21 COUNTRIES 2.9 BILLION € Subsidiary of Worldwide quality Hutchinson Transmission guarantees the same high quality production in all its manufacturing facilities (France, Poland, China, Brazil) • The finest raw materials selected from the world’s best suppliers. • Repeatability achieved from the molding process.Our expertise at your service • International certifications (ISO/TS 16949 – ISO 9001)• R&D : In the group’s R&D center, 150 persons are working to further the process of innovation.• Engineering : high tech tests – test rigs for the measurement of slippage, torque, heat resistance, noise, etc… We are able to meet the most severe engineering specifications. Design your transmission on line with our new software program Hutchinson Poly V Design 2.2.• Experience : Hutchinson was the first to supply a PK Poly V® belt profile and an elastic Flexonic® belt, for the industrial sector. Technical Distribution network in more than 30 countries.
  2. 2. More than a manufacturer, Hutchinson, will be Our 24 hour serviceyour industrial partner putting at yourdisposal : Do not hesitate in visiting our website, or in contactingOur innovational approach : us for precise information, our multi-lingual, commercial and technical team will replyOur belts are able to meet all your technical with answers as soon as possible ensuring aneeds. personalized customer support. Our ability to satisfy any drive requirement. : We have the largest range of ribbed belts in the world allowing us to satisfy all types of drive configurations.5 profiles to equip all types of machines. On demand we are able to propose : - Aramid - Oil resistant - Heat resistantThe first elastic belt for industrial use has been - Special backingsconceived for : Our measuring tools : July 2009 - Non contractual document. Hutchinson reserves the right to change any part of this document without prior notice.• self tensioning – no need for tensioning devices• quick and simple fitting (saving time and money)• securing your after sales service In order to offer you a complete service, we have• reducing your costs. developed : The Hutchinson Tension Meter TM A pack containing a complete kitConveyXonic , the revolution in roller conveyors : TM enabling you to check your belt• Cost Savings drive consisting of :• Ease of Use • A thermocouple K thermometer• Technical Performances • An optical tachometer• Customer Confidence • An easytec tension meter • A set of pulley profile gauges HUTCHINSON TRANSMISSION POLY V ® SERVICE Rue des Martyrs - B.P. 423 - 37304 Joué-les-Tours Cedex - Tel : + 33 2 47 48 39 99 - Fax : + 33 2 47 48 38 34 E-mail :