Windows azure mobile services and windows phone 8


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  • Windows Azure National ArchitectWindows Azure MVPHelp customers nationwide with their Windows Azure projects. This can include architectural design sessions, training, development, evangelism, etc.Reach me via email, Twitter, or my blog.
  • X-ZUMO-APPLICATION – The application key of the mobile service.X-ZUMO-AUTH - The service-generated authentication token for an authenticated user. You must specify a token for an authenticated user when required to access the table operation.X-ZUMO-MASTER - The service master key. 
  • OAuthRenders the OAuth web interface for the selected provider.
  • OAuthRenders the OAuth web interface for the selected provider.
  • 1 Mobile Service = 1 backend for an app. Each mobile service can utilize multiple features ie a mobile service for to do app can use user auth, multiple types of push, and structured storage and still count as one mobile service.WA free trial DB expires after 90 days. Important to note that BizSpark and MSDN subscriptions provide longer free DB.Reserved offers 100 mobile services and unlimited outbound data (5GB free promotion).Preview: $0.08/hourGA: $0.12/hr
  • Preview: $0.08/hourGA: $0.12/hr
  • Windows azure mobile services and windows phone 8

    1. 1. Store and Access Windows Phone Data In Windows Azure Mobile Services
    2. 2. Karthikeyan Anbarasan Founder, F5debug Inc. Microsoft MVP/ Rockstar Nokia Developer Champion @f5debug
    3. 3. Agenda  Windows Phone 8  Cloud Computing & Windows Azure  Windows Azure Mobile Services  Mobility + Cloud = Perfect Pair  Demo  Q & A
    4. 4. Windows Phone 8  Microsoft new Mobile Platform, successor of Windows Mobile  Based on Windows CE Kernel  Released on November 8, 2010  Supports upto 25 Languages  Offers a new user Interface which is Metro Design  Present SDK Version is Windows Phone SDK 8.0  Visual Studio 2012, C#, XAML, Visual Basic, Silverlight, HTML5  Registration fee 99$ for Developers and free for Students
    5. 5. Cloud Computing
    6. 6. Elastic Scale Near-infinite Capacity Consumption-based Pricing No Long-Term Commitments High Reliability Global Presence Cloud Computing vs
    7. 7. Mobility + Cloud = Perfect Pair Mobility Cloud Limited Compute Limitless Compute Limited Storage Limitless Storage Connect from Anywhere Services via the internet (APIs) Rapidly Growing Market Scale and Elasticity
    8. 8. What needed for Mobile Application Identity StructuredStorage Messaging Media UnstructuredStorage Windows Azure Mobile Services AdditionalServices
    9. 9. Azure Mobile Services
    10. 10. Client Support  Official SDKs  Windows 8, Windows Phone 8  Android and iOS
    11. 11. Application Key  NOT A SECURITY TOKEN/CONTROL  Hint that user is coming from your app (reduce chance of misuse)  Private until you publish the app Master Key  All powerful  Do NOT distribute with your application  Use from server-side logic you control Security
    12. 12. Leverage strengths of Windows Azure SQL Database  New or Existing Database  Reporting, TSQL support, existing tools, etc.  Manage your way (portal, REST API, SSMS, etc.) Partition applications by schema  App1.Users  App2.Users Dynamic Schema Support (on/off) Data Storage
    13. 13.  REST API  OData Interface  GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE https://<service><table_name>/{<item_id>} Authorization X-ZUM0-{APPLICATION | AUTH | MASTER} Send JSON in request body Receive JSON as response Data Access
    14. 14. Microsoft Account – Use the Live SDK Tight integration with Windows Live services Authentication
    15. 15. Microsoft Account, Facebook, Twitter, and Google OAuth Does not use Windows Azure ACS Authentication
    16. 16. Table level authorization for CRUD operations Everyone: any request by anyone is accepted. Anyone with Application Key: app key distributed w/ the app (default) Authenticated Users: users authenticated by Live Connect. Scripts and Admins: registered scripts or requests via the master key Your application can add whatever other authorization is needed. Authorization
    17. 17.  Server script to match against your table (role-based access, specific user, etc.)  Match against user.userId Authorization
    18. 18. PUSH Notification
    19. 19. Execute scripts on a Schedule  by minutes / hours /days /month Execute scripts on demand Examples  Periodic purge of old data  Poll and aggregate from 3rd party (Twitter, RSS, others)  Process/resize images  Schedule sending push notifications for a given time of day Scheduler
    20. 20.  API Calls  CPU Time  Data Out Diagnostics
    21. 21. console object log(formatString, obj, .. .) info(…) warn(…) error(…) Logging
    22. 22. Compute  Scale out number of instances  Scale up the VM size Storage  Dedicated SQL Database  Larger sized SQL Database Scale
    23. 23. Free Offer at Preview Running on shared instances 10 Mobile Services 1GB SQL Database No SLA during Preview. Only small instances available. Can upgrade to a reserved instance at 33% discount from normal Pay-As-You-Go rates during Preview. FromWAFreeTrial
    24. 24. Pricing and SLA Shared Instance Reserved Instance Multitenant Environment Private VM (3 instance max) Small Only (1.6GHz, 1.75 GB, 225 GB Storage) 10 mobile service applications 100 mobile service applications Free Same rate as Windows Azure Web Sites Service Level Agreement Preview – No availability SLA GA – 99.9%
    25. 25.  Windows Azure Mobile Services   SDK and Samples available on GitHub   Inside Windows Azure Mobile Services  Services  F5debug Blog   Windows Azure FREE Trial  Resources