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Thrintel Market Brief Presentation


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Hi, I am Ezz
CEO of the thrintel market project
We are building a threat intelligence exchange powered by blockchain

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Buying threat intelligence will surely run you into alot of problems
Many suppliers to choose from
Different “sign up” process for each
Data comes in different formats
And after dealing with all of that you still end up with lots of Duplicate, and Bad data
Let alone your supplier up time percentage
And how fast does it take them to update your feed
Other problems include price markups etc.

Slide 4:
If there is data to be bought there are contributors
These lack incentive in the current model
Many of them risk bad PR (think a bank sharing data about a new attack that broke into their systems)
As if that wasnt enough someone would probably steal your data and contribute it themselves (think people stealing your memes)

Slide 5:
All that data needs a place to live off, we call these data centres
They have to build trust as many hacker groups would pose like ones to push false data
They are a single failure point system ( hackers take them down while executing operations)
Target for attacks (hackers want to edit the data in them to lower their detection rates)

Slide 6:
A decentralised big data blockchain.

Slide 7:
On the thrintel market
Buyers would have data flowing from lots of people but linked through one supplier and interface
No “sign up” process, just download the blockchain app
One format, and preprocessors to biggest 5 formats
No duplicate data
Bad data is labeled by the community feedback
Network uptime is virtually 100%
Lag time is 0ns information flows right from the source

Slide 8:
Contributors on the network
Are incentivized by
Comparing Knowledge you want to upload your data to make sure you are not buying it
Money you get into the revenue distribution model when someone buys your data
Branding you get reputation points
Anonymous sharing (no bad PR)
No data hijacks because everybody heard you say it first and spam resubmissions were controlled through a financial model we red teamed on that made this process unprofitable

Slide 9:
On the thrintel market
There is no central authority hence No one to trust
It is fully Decentralized
And Immutable by design

Slide 10:
Through a meticulously developed business process we exchange data with other threat pools for ex they give us 10% of our pool we give them 15% and so on

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Thrintel Market Brief Presentation

  2. 2. I am Ezz I am the CEO of the THRINTEL MARKET project We are building a threat intelligence exchange powered by blockchain 2
  3. 3. PROBLEM ▫ Buying: - Many suppliers - Lengthy “sign up” process - Different formats - Duplicate data - Bad data - Up time - Lag time 3
  4. 4. PROBLEM ▫ Contributing: - No incentive - Risk bad PR - Data hijack/rebranding 4
  5. 5. PROBLEM ▫ Databases: - Have to build trust - Single failure point - Target for attacks 5
  6. 6. SOLUTION 6
  7. 7. SOLUTION ▫ Buying: - One supplier - No “sign up” process - One format - No duplicate data - Bad data is labeled - Network uptime is virtually 100% - Lag time is 0ns 7
  8. 8. SOLUTION ▫ Contributing: - Incentivized by - Comparing Knowledge - Money - Branding - Anonymous sharing (no bad PR) - No data hijacks 8
  9. 9. SOLUTION ▫ Database (THRINTEL MARKET): - No one to trust - Decentralized - Immutable 9
  10. 10. SOLUTION ▫ Databases (Others): - To be fully integrated with through pool ratio exchanges 10
  11. 11. 11 THANK YOU Any questions? You can find more about us ▫ @thrintelmarket ▫