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Newspaper and magazine pubishers – a special breed


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Newspaper and magazine pubishers – a special breed

  1. 1. Newspaper and magazine pubishers – a special breedNewspaper and magazine publishers are a special breed of people. They tend to be activelyengaged in their local or niche community and ready to facilitate the community’s growth. Yourcommunity might be a local bunch of suburbs, an industry in which you run abusiness/organisation, or particular group of like-minded people who share a particular set ofinterests, from Star Wars through to golf!Publishing a newspaper or magazine for your community was once a very big deal, mostly theprivilege of generational publishing families and rarely a success story from an individual orsmall group starting from scratch. Even as recently as 2004, when I launched my ownnewspaper, all I had to sell were print ads. Later I had a basic website which ran a few ads, butstill that was a very narrow revenue base.With the revolution in media software, hardware and business models, the doors are wide opennow to anyone with a sense of commitment and a mind for business. I learned the hard wayinitially through trial and error. When I had the printed publication (35,000 copies, written entirelyby its local readers well before ‘citizen journalism’ was even coined!) running under its ownsteam a couple of years later, I took 6-months away from the business to meet other publishers.I travelled across Australia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Europe and the USA and met 214publishers!In 2008 I launched EzyMedia, with the idea that other publishers could learn from not only myown experiences, but the notes I took from publishers around the world. How they dealt withcommon challenges, creative solutions they had introduced to get ahead of their competitors.Along the way I have recruited some very smart programmers and talented graphic designers.Concurrently the marketplace has exploded with technology and new ways of producing andreceiving media. What an exciting time to be in the heart of one of the most vibrant and rapidlyevolving industries in the world!At EzyMedia we know publishing. Our clients include individuals, small teams and very largemedia companies with 100’s of publications and millions of unique visitors per month. You see,we come at the publishing challenge from an obvious yet seemingly not-so ‘common’-senseapproach – leveraging relationships.Traditional media serves up content to an audience in what has historically been a one-waystreet; “Here, we know you’ll like this, so read it!” Of course more recently everyone is on theban-wagon for social media, audience dialogue and the really innovative with ‘online-first’. Butwhen was the last time you were invited to submit a full article with images, captions etc., notjust a comment, on any newspaper or magazine website? When did a friend or colleague lasttell you they uploaded an article to their local news site and saw it in print the following week?EzyMedia has been approaching publishing in this way for 8 years now. And believe me, whenyou open that door to your readers, be ready for the tidal wave of content and goodwill you willreceive. 1/3
  2. 2. With our experience and know-how, you don’t need to be the expert. When you buy a car youare not expected to know how to pull the engine apart and put it together, you go to a mechanicfor that… or you learn on the fly and risk breaking down on the highway. If you are serious aboutentering the publishing business, why wouldn’t you go straight to the guys who have done itand who help publishers every day achieve their own success stories, be they about fame,fortune, lifestyle or simply independence.EzyMedia offers franchise newspaper or magazine publishing packages for publishers whohave their own vision but wish to take advantage of Ezymedia’s publishing tools and services,or for publishers who want an end-to-end publication business model that is based on ourbranding and collateral.The franchise model brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, services and software based onour own real-life experience and the ever evolving wisdom of our customers who deploy ourrecommended strategies. We can either support you with a pre-branded end-to-end newspaperor magazine franchise, or bundle our products and services to support your own unique vision.The EzyMedia Newspaper or Magazine franchise provides you with: A complete brand A library of in-house ads to build awareness and loyalty for your publication Publishing Manual – how to start the business, the first 6-weeks, sales training and more Sales Kit – no, not a boring old media kit full left on the advertiser’s shelf, but a proven sales tool and process that leads prospects to your purchase form Sleek professional newspaper website or magazine website Automated newsletter export from your website, driving traffic back to your site Subscription-only content areas Pageflipper for digital reproduction of your publication’s PDF Amazing page layout that grabs your audience Compelling ad design Sophisticated sales and ad management tools with full reporting capability Backend publisher administration system which manages everything from HR to invoicing Connection to media buyers around the world One-on-one support from experienced publishers, designers and programmers A turnkey business model that truly offers you a work-from-home lifestyleSee also our PACKAGES.You will not find another publishing franchise opportunity like EzyMedia. Most offer‘know-how’. Some offer a few services, some offer a website. EzyMedia delivers the besttechnologies with the full suite of publishing services, at an extremely affordable franchise price.I love a great deal, from garage sales to free tickets, and that’s why I have packed ourfranchise opportunity with at least double anything else on the market. Google “newspaperfranchise” or “magazine franchise” and see what you come up with – I guarantee you will agree 2/3
  3. 3. me. This is not a “How to Publish” book with a ridiculous price tag, or a cookie-cut widget with a ridiculous license fee. Your buy-in price covers a whole lot of real work by real people to bring together a world-first publishing franchise for you. With an EzyMedia newspaper or magazine franchise you have an instant publishing team behind you. If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful opportunity, please contact We wish you the very best in your publishing endeavours. 3/3Powered by TCPDF (